Grand Jury, 6th Day “Eugenics + closing arguments and outlook” on February 26th, 2022

Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples´ Court of Public Opinion
Empowering Public Conscience through Natural Law
‘Injustice to One is an Injustice to All’

Vera Sharav

in conversation with Viviane Fischer and Reiner Fuellmich

(Original language: English)

[Transkript vom Team Ed+]

[This transcription is for the “polished” video, which omits delays and glitches of the live program.]

Reiner Fuellmich: [03:13:05]
Let’s turn that magnifying glass or the binoculars around to get a bird’s eyes view of history and talk to Vera Sharav. Vera, I know you’ve been listening, and we’ve spoken about this. It’s very hard to say anything to this, but you have a different perspective because you know where it all comes from, not just from reading history books, but from having experienced it in real life.

Vera Sharav: [03:13:35]VeraSharav-Grandjury-6
Yes, but I’ll tell you, it’s extremely upsetting to hear the details of the Cabal in Israel. I mean, it really is, because essentially, Israel has lost its raison d’être. The government… is doing what Mengele didn’t finish. I mean, this is what’s going on. It’s unbelievable. And people all over the world are gasping: “Why Israel? Why Israel?” Well, my explanation is that, damn it you know, Israelis, Jews, no different from others. And so, when you have corrupt government, you’re going to have all the corrupt elements showing up. It doesn’t matter that it’s Israel.

The other thing is that, yes, I keep talking about history, well, because, of course, I was in that history, but this is really – it shouldn’t be that only a witness takes history seriously. History is really how you can discern patterns, similarities. And one of the things that people come really – I’m being besieged, I can tell you, for interviews and things, I mean, really, it’s… too much – but part of it is because nobody else who touches it, to make the comparison, is left standing.

I mean, there’s a businessman who has three breweries in Brooklyn. And he put on, whatever, Twitter or something, made a comparison and, my God, they’re ready to lynch him. He may lose his business. Well, he’s going to be okay. I met with him and…. But the point is, his whole family were either victims or survivors – it doesn’t matter. So, this tells me, of course, that… is kind of a real… how should I say, that’s “the hotspot”. They are terrified of people starting to see the parallels between the prelude and what’s happening now. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be this intensity, from all kinds of both individuals and institutions.

But that’s not what I’m going to talk to you about today. Today I’m going to talk about something else.

But first I want to just bring out that, you know, Albert Camus, the French philosopher, he said: “The only means to fight the plague is honesty.” Well, guess what? As we know, honesty is nowhere to be found within the corporate-dominated government and public health agencies. So, for two years, we’ve all been subjected to the psychological weapons that the Nazis used to maintain a state of anxiety.

I’m not so sure about, you know, the marching exactly and who it is. Because one of the things that Avital mentioned, which is very true, is that the people who are most unthinking really, or shielding themselves as ignorant, are the educated. This is very apparent, I think, all over, which ought to give us a signal that the system of education is a huge failure in terms of what we thought education should be. Because the more years you spent at an educational institution, particularly universities, somehow the less you are willing to trust your own thinking, your own critical thinking and instead, are looking for authority to tell you what you should do next. That’s a very big condemnation of the educational process.

What I am looking for now, what I want to talk about, is, look, I mean, we’ve been deluged with fear-mongering propaganda now for the two years. And the horrific scenes of police in black uniforms brutally attacking demonstrators in European cities, in Ottawa, in Australia, and in Israel. These scenes are absolute painful reminders of the Holocaust. The objective under the Nazis, and now, is actually exactly the same. It is to gain control over people’s lives by conditioning them to obey government directives no matter what.

Now, I want to address the pivotal role that eugenics – as a hierarchical, authoritarian ideology – is and it leads to genocide. That’s… its endgame. Eugenics was crafted and appeals to the elite segments of society. But… it also appeals to the corporate oligarchs and selected government officials, and that’s more important. The British eugenicists provided the theoretical foundation which has then been used to justify social and economic inequality, to legitimise discrimination and apartheid, as well as violence against dissenters. But it was the American robber barons who provided the financial, the practical, means that set in motion public policies and population control legislation.

If someone can show picture one… which is the cover of Edwin Black’s book _War Against the Weak_. And he puts it this way. He says:

Eugenics “was conceived at the outset of the twentieth century and implemented by America’s wealthiest, most powerful and most learned men against the nation’s most vulnerable and helpless.” [_War Against the Weak, page 39_]

And that’s exactly right.

The American titans of industry used their influence to enact laws and discriminatory public policies that swept aside moral principles and stripped segments of the population of their civil rights and their human rights.

In 1915, a joint eugenics venture was brokered by John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone, and Mrs. E. H. Harriman, mother of the future statesman Avril Harriman. They had already consolidated their monopolies in oil, railway, steel, and the banking industries. So, at this point, they sought to preserve their vast wealth and advance their interest by investing in methods to control and reduce populations.

The goal of eugenics was and is to eliminate people whom the elite deemed inferior genetic material. They funded a massive lobbying campaign for the enactment of laws to sterilise those whom they deemed unfit. Sterilisation laws were first enacted in 28 states in the United States. Their objective was to sterilise 10 percent of the American population. That was 15 million Americans. This was to be accomplished under the guise of improving public health and the human race.

Number two…

US sterilisation laws served as, you know, the model for the Nazi racial hygiene laws. “For over a century, the Rockefellers have continued to be the largest financial backers and drivers of eugenics and the depopulation agenda.”

Number three…

It’s all right. If it doesn’t work, we’ll– I’m used to technology.

Reiner Fuellmich:
We have six pictures, Vera.

Vera Sharav:
I know. Whatever, okay.

Reiner Fuellmich:
Let’s start with the first one, then the second one, then the third one.

Vera Sharav:
Okay. The third one should be the 1918 Spanish influenza.

Feiner Fuellmich:

Vera Sharav:
Okay. Now–

Reiner Fuellmich:
There it is.

Vera Sharav:
Okay, so this is what mostly I want to talk about, the 1918 Spanish influenza.

It’s estimated that it killed between 50 and 100 million people worldwide. This catastrophic pandemic has been encased in a false narrative for over a century. An examination of the facts reveals a plethora of similarities between that false narrative of the pandemic in 1918 and the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

The 1918 pandemic was not– it did not emanate from Spain. It was not a flu, nor was it caused by a virus. By misidentifying it as influenza from Spain helped to conceal the true nature and origin.

In 1918, as the United States entered World War I, the military was expanded to 6 million men, of whom 2 million were sent to the battlefields of Europe. Scientists at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, now the Rockefeller University, seized the opportunity to test an experimental vaccine on this now new available pool of human guinea pigs. Few people realise that disease killed far more soldiers, on all sides, than machine guns and mustard gas or anything else associated with World War I.

In January 1918, an experimental meningitis vaccine made from the pus of horses was tested on soldiers. Dr. Frederick Gates, board President of the Rockefeller Institute and trustee of Rockefeller Foundation, began the experiment at Fort Riley, Kansas, in January 1918. In his 1918 published report, he notes that the vaccine was given in three random “spitball” doses – not exactly accurate. 4792 men received the first dose, 4257 got the second dose, and only 3702 received all three doses. That’s a reduction of close to 23%. Dr. Gates doesn’t report what happened to 1019 men who did not show up for the third dose.

Gates wrote that shortly after being injected, soldiers exhibited flu-like symptoms, including cough, vomiting, and diarrhoea. The reactions, he said, “simulated” the onset of epidemic meningitis. But Dr. Gates brushed it aside and declared it was not actual meningitis. One wonders what science Dr. Gates relied on.

Influenza outbreaks were reported at 14 of the biggest armed force training camps. Recovered troops carried and transmitted the infection to healthy soldiers in the battlefields of Europe.

A 2008 report surveyed worldwide fatality and mortality rates during the pandemic. They described how bacteria rapidly spread from infected people to others – particularly in crowded settings such as hospital wards, military camp barracks, troops ships, and mines.

Now further evidence was obtained from something like 9000 autopsies worldwide. The autopsies proved that the 1918 flu was not a flu. According to the autopsy lung cultures, bacterial pneumonia killed at least 92.7%.

When World War I ended on November 11, 1918, soldiers returned to their home, spreading the killer bacterial pneumonia worldwide.

One of the most important eyewitnesses was Dr. Eleanor McBean. She witnessed the human carnage at the age of 13. She and her African American family did not get vaccinated. They remained healthy throughout the pandemic. She became a doctor and authored several books including: _The Poisoned Needle_ (1957), _Vaccination, the Silent Killer_ (1977) and _Swine Flu Exposé_ (1977).

She provided very vivid descriptions. I’ll read a little bit:

“When the flu was at its peak, all the stores were closed, as well as the schools, businesses, even the hospital as the doctors and nurses had been vaccinated and were down with the flu.”

Number five…

“No one was on the streets. It was like a ghost town. We seemed to be the only family which didn’t get the flu. So, my parents went from house to house doing what they could to look after the sick, as it was impossible to get a doctor. If it were possible for germs, bacteria, virus or bacilli to cause disease, they had plenty of opportunity to attack my parents when they were spending so many hours a day in the sick rooms.

“But they didn’t get the flu and they didn’t bring home germs to attack us children. None of our family had the flu, not even a sniffle. And it was in the winter, with deep snow on the ground. Dr. McBean identified the experimental bacterial meningitis vaccine as the primary culprit.”

She wrote that only those who were vaccinated perished. Sound familiar? Yes.

Reiner Fuellmich:
It does.

Vera Sharav: [03:31:01]
Can such a vaccine-generated catastrophe happen again? I think it needs to be really, really – this example is, I believe, extremely important given the players.

Okay, number seven…

In 2018, PBS – that’s Public Broadcasting – aired a documentary, “The First Wave”. The documentary fills in some of the gaps that Dr. Gates failed to disclose.

We learned that by March 11, the Fort Riley camp surgeon was confronted with the first wave of the pandemic – 100 men a day were entering the infirmary with the same malady. Some two million US soldiers were injected with the Rockefeller experimental vaccine. It sickened them and weakened their immune system before they were shipped to Europe.

Number eight is the hospital. You’ve seen these, I’m sure.

Now, when the war ended, the Rockefeller Institute sent the deadly meningitis concoction for use in civilians in England, France, Belgium, Italy and other Western European countries, thereby spreading the epidemic worldwide. I assume that they didn’t send it to Germany because that’s who they were all fighting. So maybe Germany was spared the Spanish flu.

But what I want to ask, and I think it needs to be asked, is: was the decision to ship the deadly vaccine abroad – once they already knew what it was doing – was it just for profit über alles, or was it part of a eugenics genocide playbook?

Now, Anthony Fauci continues to cite the 1918 pandemic to generate public fear and panic of viruses. He resorts to frightening people into getting vaccinated. So, in 2007 Fauci was on a fear-mongering campaign about the H5N1 avian influenza viruses. And he warned, I quote, “Heightened international alarm that an influenza pandemic may be imminent. Concern has been raised that the new pandemic, as fatal as the pandemic of 1918 – or more so, could be developing.”

The same year, he authored an article claiming that the genetic sequencing of the entire genome of the 1918 virus has been accomplished. Dr. Fauci lied. There was no virus genome to be sequenced.

In 2020, in December, 2020, Fauci again raised the spectre of the 1918 Spanish Flu. And I read, “Coronavirus is a pandemic of historic proportions that has the potential to be as serious as the 1918 Spanish flu, in which 50 million people probably died. I think we can’t deny that fact.”

So, my question is, if a vaccine has likely killed 50 to 100 million people, the loss of those lives far outweighs any vaccination benefits, n’est-ce pas?

Now the goal of today’s globalists and their planned Great Reset remains the same as it was in the 1930s. Their objective is world domination and total control of the world’s natural resources, financial resources, and human resources. The global oligarchs seek to overthrow democracies and to replace them with the corporatist global model. This time, their most effective weapon is today’s high-tech surveillance capabilities. The author and historian Anton Chaitkin points out that, and I quote:

“I.G. Farben was not only responsible for Hitler’s rise to power in concert with the Rockefeller family, they became part of the elite’s plan to take over the world. The current corporate takeover is the culmination of that plan and is a continuation of the eugenics program begun in the 1920s. The goal remains the same – world domination by the elites and the culling of the herd.”

After World War II, the global pharmaceutical colossus was a reincarnation of the IG Farben cartel pattern – which is profit before safety and the use of drugs and vaccines as a means of control. The Rockefellers continue to be the most instrumental in the globalist plan for world domination. It’s a century that they have been at the forefront. They have controlled medicine since the early 20th century. They essentially created the modern pharmaceutical empire to dispose of petrochemical waste products left over from their refining process.

In the 1920s and 1930s, they financed eugenics research at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany. And the Foundation remains one of the most influential institutions financing radical genocidal eugenics globally, including vaccines that are meant to end fertility. Their strategy is to impose global medical tyranny managed by Big Pharma and Big Tech.

Now, a Covid-19 pandemic was first outlined by the Rockefeller Foundation publication in 2010. The chapter “Lock Step” laid out the scenario of the global pandemic quite perfectly, concluding that the only… way to mitigate the global pandemic was to follow the Chinese authoritarian police state. Lockdowns was the recommended method. Now, the Rockefeller lockdown recommendation, unimaginably, was actually implemented by governments across all of Western Europe, United States, Canada and Australia. That was, I think, a big shock to all of us: that people actually did it and complied.

In April 2020, the Foundation issued a blueprint for the creation of a nationwide DNA database for the entire United States population.

Bill Gates, a lifelong eugenicist and a major shareholder in the business of vaccines, declared that Covid vaccine will be the final solution. Now you can imagine, as a survivor. I… take that very seriously.

One of the things that we can learn from all of this is that, really, they have… put out in documents that anyone can read what their plans are. And most will say, “oh, that’s conspiracy theory.” No, it’s not. They’re laying out and they’re going according to plan.

We are really– we are living at a very critical juncture in human history. We are on the brink of a totalitarian dictatorship, and this time it’s global. This time there will be no rescuers. It’s for us. If we don’t reverse the trajectory of obediently following government dictates, we will either be annihilated or revert to the status of slaves.

You can ask me anything you want, but I thought I’d throw the 1918, because I don’t know that you’ve heard of it before. As far as the– there are so many similarities, really, I didn’t have time to, you know… I’m sure you’ve heard from scientists and doctors the various hazards of the vaccines that I didn’t have to do that.

But… this is now much more in plain sight, as I say, and I think somehow or other we have to get it across. I think that one of the things that were said previously is, you know, absolutely true. We see it with the truckers in Canada. We see it with people… working-class people have not been bamboozled. They recognise, you know, that they’re trying to bamboozle them, and so they’re not buying it. And even if they have to wear masks to maintain their jobs, they wink, and whatever, and say this is all nonsense.

The problem really is the educated class, the ones that are… bombarded by the… upper-echelon media, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and all that. That is the worst because they really, really trust those publications.

I think… that we are making headroad. I think that people – you know, there will be a big demonstration tomorrow in Vienna. I don’t know what it will take, I just hope that there won’t be again the sights that we saw, for example, in Ottawa where a woman was trampled by a policeman’s horse. But it’s– violence is really just beneath the surface, and I’m not sure I would really want to hear what is the best way to avert the violence from exploding.

Reiner Fuellmich: [03:43:05]
I think that’s what you’re doing, Vera, exposing this, and what we are all trying to do. I think we have to… follow suit. We, all of us have to expose these things and have to make it clear that it’s all out there in the open. Anyone can read it.

Vera Sharav:

Reiner Fuellmich:
Anyone can read it. And it’s a matter of time, I suppose, until this whole house of cards implodes. Unfortunately, however, many people will fall victim to this, one way or another, and there’s nothing we can do about it. I think that is the only… way out, exposing them, trying to get as many as possible from that 40-percent group who are sitting on the fence to come over to our side. Not to save ourselves. We can save ourselves. But to save some of them.

Vera Sharav: [03:44:02]
The problem that, you know, many of us, I think, have bumped into with friends, with family, I know family in Israel, is to pull them over to read the other stuff. Don’t listen to me. The answer that I got from my sister-in-law was, “I trust the Department of Health.” End of story. Now, I call this wilful ignorance.

And from Avital was saying, I mean, they’re kind of really shielding themselves from the inevitable, you know. As Israel was the first to jump on the bandwagon and they’re now doing the worst. But… what will it take to get… because really, I don’t know what it is that caused this kind of like a freezing, people freeze and “No, I don’t want to look at that. I don’t want to–” What do you mean you don’t want to look? Why not look and talk and argue? That’s okay. “No.” That tells you that there is, beneath that shield of, you know, “Oh, I’m trusting authority”, there is this unease, I think, because why wouldn’t you want to get information, whatever it is?

Reiner Fuellmich: [03:45:34]
Because it will destroy your whole–, I think that’s what people are afraid of. It’ll destroy your whole view of the world as you have learnt it over the last 70 or 80 years. This is what Michael Swinwood, one of the attorneys who we co-operate with from Canada, says. He says, “I’ve been lied to for 73 years.” That’s how old he is.

And I’ve spoken to one of the experts today. She’s a biologist, and her– she understands everything, of course. And she has a sister who is a lawyer. She says, “My sister understands everything as well. But that one step that she will not take [is to see that it’s all a] conspiracy, because that is just too much.”

Vera Sharav:
Yeah, I know they don’t want to– but you know. Look, in the 30s, people didn’t believe Hitler either. It’s the same thing. They just thought he was ranting lunatic – you know, the people outside of Germany. But that’s just it. I mean, a lot of it is actually foretold, but people don’t believe it.

Okay. The… problem that they have, you know, these psychopaths, is that they cannot control individuals – such as us. And that’s– this– I’m sure, this is something– they need to crack that nut, because they can control, we see how they can control groups, they can control whole countries, and they certainly can control heads of state, you know, with nice thick checks, but they don’t– they can’t predict who the individuals, you know, will be who will not go along, and then they don’t know how to intimidate us to do– to go along anyway.

But this is… part of, I feel, you know, the whole eugenics model is based on really a hierarchical, you know, division, and it’s of course, totally arbitrary. The ones deciding are the elites who… don’t want– you know, don’t like some– either an ethnic group or racial group, or whatever, working class. And they decide to put them at the bottom of the heap. But individuals, really, when biology is free to do its natural selection and all that, then you can’t predict.

They have been trying– and you know, German psychiatry and American psychiatry, have been trying for all these decades, since the 20s, to find a genetic cause for all kinds of social ailments which they categorise in various psychological disorders. And they’ve never found one. That’s all they’re tinkering with, is genetic, genetic, genetic. And it ain’t there. But that’s because they want… to, in other words, find that which they want to find. They don’t really do real science.

By the way, it was Rockefeller who funded genetic psychiatry at the Institute. Yeah. They want that as, I guess, as a validation that eugenics is a science. Well, it’s not.

Patrick Wood: [03:49:26]
I would like to make a shoutout, for Vera having mentioned Edwin Black. And I’d like to just elaborate for 30 seconds on that.

His research, and the books he has written over a period of years, is possibly one of the most important collections of information that we’ve ever had on the role of technology in the Holocaust and everything that built up to what happened in Germany.

And interestingly, the original Hollerith Computer was assembled, designed and assembled, in the basement at Columbia University in New York City. The basement at Hamilton Hall was given to temporary projects. They happen to like IBM and they gave them half the basement in Hamilton Hall. And that’s where they got all the brainiacs together and came up with the Hollerith Computer that made its way straight into Nazi Germany, ultimately, and took care of all of the statistics, statistical analysis, all of the train scheduling, and just, you name it, IBM was there.

His work was damning. Still is. His books are all available anywhere you can find books.

But the other half of Hamilton Hall, just interestingly enough, was occupied by the technocracy group that happened to be at Columbia University in 1932. And they rubbed shoulders with these people. And I’m sure one scientist speaks to another scientist and says, like Martin Luther King said, “I have a dream, I have a vision for the future.” And here we are today talking about it, about 90, 100 years later. It’s absolutely incredible. Thank you, Vera, for your testimony. I just– Edwin Black’s, any of Edwin Black’s books are worth reading for historical perspective.

Vera Sharav: [03:51:27]
That’s right. Yeah. He lays out the IBM in detail.

Patrick Wood:
Yes, he does.

Dexter L-J. Ryneveldt:
Thank you so much for your evidence, Mrs. Sharav. I’ve got the following question for you. Thank you that you’ve actually set time aside so you can give evidence in this Grand Jury, very much appreciated. You have mentioned in your evidence that the Nazis have used exactly the same state of anxiety. And is it possible that you can actually draw some specific similarities between what you have seen and experienced during the Holocaust and what is currently happening with this covid-19 pandemic?

Vera Sharav:
Well– you know, I was a little girl at the time. I was three and a half. What I… experienced was the fear that was just palpable, everybody all the time under a state of fear. And in the camp, the fear was to be put on a list. Because the list was either that people were sent for slave labour or they were sent to the death camp. So, this hung over, you know, all the time. I was too young to have heard, you know, the… propaganda, the radio, because at that time it was essentially radio. But I can tell you that the– certainly the Jewish population, wherever they were, you know, were in total terror. But I think that they also had the German people in fear as well, because if you… didn’t follow exactly what you were supposed to, someone would report you, and people disappeared.

There were, you know, concentration camps in… Germany, and some Germans wound up there if they said something that somebody told that they said, you know, that sort of thing. Same thing went on in the Soviet Union. So, you know, when you are in, under a totalitarian regime, you are always in a state of fear because they may change the rules all of a sudden.

Just– we had that in the lockdowns, where the curfews were different. You know, one week it was 09:00 o’clock, another week it was 10:00 o’clock, that sort of thing. All of that is very calibrated and calculated–

Reiner Fuellmich:

Vera Sharav:
to create anxiety and fear. It’s… to destabilise your, you know, ability to feel secure.

Dexter L-J. Ryneveldt: [03:54:44]
So, from what you’ve just mentioned now, it is clear for the jury that we are actually talking about fear. They’re using exactly the same kind of methods. During the Holocaust, you’ve mentioned in your evidence, that we’re talking about the propaganda that the people actually heard from the news, radio more specifically. And then you’ve mentioned also something very interesting where you’ve mentioned a list. So, the people were fearful. And I mean, I can see exactly the same kind of similarity when it comes, in the evidence that we’ve heard today, that if you do not have a Greenpass in Israel, and that basically goes almost like for each and every other country that is following in lockstep, to me, that seems to be exactly the same. Will you agree with that, Mrs. Sharav?

Vera Sharav:
Yes, I do. I think that, you know, there’s always the matter of degree and… that sort of thing. But I think that what has been done now in the 21st century takes into account– they have perfected the psychological weapons all these years. So, they don’t have to really be brutal. They don’t have to be physical, really. And we see it because, imagine, they really have been able to impose their will on the entire Western globe, at least the Western.

This is because they’ve perfected the method, the… psychology. Look, they– psychologists are the ones that conducted the torture at Guantanamo Bay and in Iraq. Okay? Psychologists – that’s really part of their business. And someone asked before, who are the ones who, you know, can we really blame? Who caused this? Psychologists have– psychologists and psychiatrists have a huge contribution, if you will, to this kind of evil, because it is manipulating emotions, and thoughts, and… for ill. It’s always– it’s like for a poison. They are trying to undermine our self-assurance, our self-image and our trust in our own judgment.

Dexter L-J. Ryneveldt:
So, having regarded you are a Holocaust survivor, what is the main thing that basically stands out for you when you look at the covid-19 landscape? And also, from the stories that you’ve actually heard from the people who survived? Because obviously you can give us a first-hand narrative.

Vera Sharav: [03:58:01]
I– look, I… do remember quite a bit, quite a few things. And the…– first of all, immediately when we were chased out of our home, right? Made to wear a yellow star as a sign of shame and then deported and herded it into a concentration camp and starved and all that. When I see, now, they’ve– in different countries, they’ve prepared… camps – which they call quarantine camps, but they’re concentration camps. The Nazis demonised Jews as spreaders of disease, it was– also. So, spreaders of disease then and now spreaders of, you know, infection now. This is … they’re using, really, even verbatim – it’s amazing.

And, as I mentioned before and in other venues, one of the things that I am trying to fight against is the attempt by – I call them vigilantes – who pounce on people, if they even mention the possibility that there are some parallels and that we ought to, you know, be aware of them and not go in that direction. Now, what they are doing is making the Holocaust irrelevant to history, now. And that, I believe, is a far worse sin than Holocaust denial. Because they know what they’re doing. They’re protecting– it’s as if they’re protecting a victim. They’re putting it away in a safe deposit box, not allowed to touch the Holocaust when you’re studying history. Why?

I realised that “the why” is because if more people actually looked at it, they would recognise the similarities of the stages, the years _before_ the gas chambers. Now, the fact that the gas chambers happened, as, you know, an Auschwitz survivor – Primo Levi an Italian, had said “it happened, therefore it can happen again. It can happen everywhere.”

That’s a lesson. That’s an important lesson. We are still– you know, uuman beings didn’t really change. And human beings of all groups are capable of being, you know, leaders and saints and devils. We… really have to understand: human nature has the capacity for both, for good and for evil, and we have to make the choices. And when we… are confronted by evil, we need to recognise it, you know, and do something about it, rather than close our eyes and… not see. That’s the worst thing.

Dexter L-J. Ryneveldt: [4:01:23]
Mrs. Sharav, my last question to you, and seeing that you’ve actually drawn the parallels, now. I would like to find out from you: when this pandemic started to roll out – which we actually say is a “PLANdemic” – when was the first time you actually started to see the similarities and say,

“No, no, no. To me, it seems eerily… similar to what I experienced as a child and what the Jewish people experienced. And it seems like this is exactly the same trajectory that– or the pathway that this covid-19 is steering, not just now in Germany but, on a global scale.”

Where did you start to actually see the similarities?

Vera Sharav: [4:02:09]
I think– Well, first of all, I didn’t– you know, I looked into the idea of lockdowns and all that, and I saw that actually science said the exact opposite – never do that. You know, really, there’s evidence. So, I realised there’s something really wrong.

Then the other thing: the lockdowns, what they actually did, there were a couple of things that the lockdowns did. Yes, they made people, you know, prisoners in their home, isolate them. Isolation is the worst thing. And of course, a lot of elderly really, really suffered – they died. But they also demolished local businesses. Well, that’s the transfer of wealth. So, everybody has to now use Zoom, technology… Amazon, you know, only the big… box stores, and do everything digitally.

At that time, there wasn’t the digital and all that, but there certainly was house arrest and things like that where you couldn’t go out and there were curfews.

But once they really started to push the vaccine, and before it was even launched, before it was… let out of the bag, because I think it must have been already in… some warehouse before, because it was talked about so much, you know, as the, Gates called it, “the final solution” – that and of course, it got linked right away to a Green Passport … I mean, that’s it. That was… yeah. That… parallel is definite.

You know, right now, I think it was France that took back passports of people who didn’t have the third shot. Well, you know, that’s what Hitler did. I think it was ’38 or ’39 when he eliminated the passports of Jews, because, like, that was the time that the gates were closed. Before ’38, he actually encouraged Jews to leave. They just had to leave all their property. But many didn’t go. Many did.

Dexter L-J. Ryneveldt: [4:04:35]
Thank you very much for your evidence, Mrs. Sharav.

Vera Sharav:
Thank you.

Reiner Fuellmich: [4:04:43]
Well, Vera, I want to say… I’m sure glad that someone like you is still sitting in the saddle, because that is really, really encouraging. So, we’re not all alone here, but we have someone at our side who keeps reminding us of what this all comes from. And I think if we don’t see history, history will _will_ repeat itself. That’s why it’s so important to see the parallels. And I think– I’m wondering, would you agree with that? Those who chose, and choose, to ignore the parallels, aren’t they the true Holocaust deniers?

Vera Sharav: [4:05:24]
Yes, that’s what… I’m saying. But especially those who pounce on people who do make the connection. This has been, you know, this is a constant. I mean, Bobby Kennedy had that happen to him, you know. And in fact, I began to really take on whatever interviews I’m asked, after an interview with Bobby in which I raised it or something. And he said, “Well, you can talk about that, but I can’t.” And I thought to myself, why not? I mean, talk clarifies, talk is how we communicate. I mean, I don’t believe in having subjects _verbotene_, youknow? If… somebody forbids me, then that’s what I want to go and look up. Because yeah, I realised, I finally realised that this is very important. They… are doing that with the venom, and a lot of Jewish institutions are doing it, trying to prevent people from seeing the connection. Well, I’m doing that.

Virginie de Araujo Recchia: [4:06:33]
Mrs. Sharav,

Vera Sharav:

Virginie de Araujo Recchia:
…thank you so much. You remember the Albert Einstein quote: “If I were to remain silent,

Vera Sharav:

Virginie de Araujo Recchia:
…I would be guilty of omplicity.”

Vera Sharav:
That’s right. That’s right, yeah. Yes, it’s– look, that is what we have to remember – not, right, not to be complicit by silence, because silence means we don’t _want_ to see what’s happening. But it’s happening, and it only gets escalated.

Reiner Fuellmich: [4:07:11]
Well, thank you again, Vera. I think this is very powerful, and I think this will, at least for many people, make a big difference. It’s a difference between someone who has heard stories and someone who has been there, who has seen it. That’s why it’s so… powerful. And I think we have to continue doing this kind of work, all of us. And that’s what I hope will inspire many more people to speak out and not to be silenced, because that’s what makes the difference. That is what Professor Desmet says: we, all of us, have to keep on talking about what’s really going on. We have to bring out the truth, because once we’re silenced, it’s all over. This will never happen. Thank you again.

Vera Sharav:
Thanks for having me.

Reiner Fuellmich:
Thank you for being with us. This was extremely–

Vera Sharav: [4:08:06]
Do another round. I think you ought to do this as a travelling show, you know? Because– no, really, you want to reach more and more people, because that’s the point. I mean, I think that anybody who plugs in, you know, it opens up–

Reiner Fuellmich:

Vera Sharav:
…avenues of information and obviously it’s credible people, and that’s… important. You know, there’s a lot going on, really, many are doing things. But I think this kind of format… is very important. And I think it does– probably should do more of it.

Reiner Fuellmich:
Thank you. We’ll… this will probably be only the first step. We have decided that there’s going to be more to come. And… again, if you’re going to be with us, it’s very… encouraging and I think it’ll… turn a lot of people around and make a lot of people decide to get on the right side of the fence, of those 40 percent. Thanks again.

Vera Sharav: [4:09:13]
Okay. Thank you. Good luck… to all of us.

Reiner Fuellmich:
Thank you very much. To all of us, yes. Have a great weekend.

Vera Sharav:
Thank you. You, too. Bye bye.

Reiner Fuellmich: [4:09:22]


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