Corona Investigative Committee, 134th Session on December 9th, 2022

Viviane and Wolfgang: Opening

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Viviane Fscher:
Well hello. Welcome to another session of the Corona Committee. It’s our 134th meeting, and it’s called “Concomitants” this time. We’ll soon hear from Wolfgang Wodarg what it’s all about. Well today, our guests are, we have a former Jetstar pilot, who will speak about a recent court case against an international airline by employees who were fired for failing to comply with vaccination requirements, and the current high level of sick leave among airlines. That’s a topic that has been quite topical, and it keeps us busy as well, of course. I’m wondering, because when you board a plane, you don’t want the pilot struggling with thrombosis just then.

Then we have a doctor for naturopathy and homeopathy. She speaks about their situation as an example of persecution of doctors and scientists in Germany. Then we have a gynecologist and prominent voice against the corona regime. He’s a further example of the prosecution of just, of physicians who are critical of corona measures in Germany. And he speaks about proceedings against him for which a judgment has been issued. But he’s not happy with it and he appeals against it.

Then we have a forensic pathologist and university professor from Austria. And he speaks about his criminal complaint against a politician for acutely endangering human lives by recommending vaccination of children age six months to five years against SARS-CoV-2 by mRNA injection. And we might have a very interesting analysis later on– I hope it’s going to work out– of this PCR study recently published that has found that the PCR test can’t really prove any infection. It’s coming from the working environment of Mr Drosten, so that will be interesting.

Now it has been possible to support us due to our recognition as a charitable association after the incorporation of our new foundation. And now which will soon publish all its account movements, so its bank statements, so that you can follow up on what’s happening to have maximum transparency. So thank you very much for supporting us, and now you can also get receipts for your donnations as well.

Now why, Wolfgang, why is this meeting called “Concomitants”? You’re still muted. Wolfgang, we can’t hear you. You’re muted.

Wolfgang Wodarg:
Can you hear me now?

Viviane Fscher:
Yes, we can. Now you’re muted again.

Wolfgang Wodarg:
Now. Now it’s working.

Viviane Fscher:

Wolfgang Wodarg:
OK. Well, speaking term, and it’s a lot of it connected to, with the virus spread and the so-called pandemic. Now we find out that there’s so many political issues connected to it. We see people doing their career. Scientists get a lot of money if they cooperate. And we see what’s attached to it: it’s a whole industry. And this industry doesn’t stop with those who die with it. There’s people who make money with that, as well. And that’s what we _don’t_ want. And you get irritated at times, if you’ve got these people just come along and maintain it. Without the people who maintain it in science and politics, we wouldn’t be so bad, and the damage wouldn’t be as big as we see it now.

And I came across a little poem, or I remembered a poem which I heard, made by, written by Wolf Biermann. He is one person who protested in the GDR, the former German eastern republic, who was kicked out there, who carried on in Germany and Western Germany. And he never, he changed his direction at times, but I don’t want to say that he was a turncoat. But he kept on learning, and in the last three years, I haven’t heard of him. And this would be something for him critical enough to speak out.

And I’ll read out a song text from old times, and I’d be interested to hear what he thinks about it now, with all the people who go along, who benefit and who make good careers, who are stupid but who are needed. For me, it’s… very drastic, as his, most of his poems are. Let me just read it out. It’s a ballad about the circumstances on the death of despots, from which one can see how not only the despots, but also their lackeys, can be disposed of in a simple and effective way.

“When finally a despot is slain and dead,
then one must also immediately
in the same place with needle and thread
tie his asshole tight.
Sew it up and lock it.
Stapler and hot-iron it.
Tie it up all over. Rivet and solder it,
nice and airtight and watertight,
so that the whole flock
of all the lackeys who crawled up there
will stay inside forever.
And then quickly take
the dead, sealed despot
and lay him deep in the grave,
and put more stones on top
than Jesus had on his,
so that no resurrection may occur
of the hypocrits, the sycophants,
those of sniffling nose,
the armchair farts, the monkeys,
the bigwigs, the priests,
the informers and the executioners,
the poets and the thinkers
who with a halo crawled
deep inside that monstrous asshole.
It was in old times
a much practiced custom
that the High Lord
into the richly decorated grave
took along his servants,
wife and dogs alive.
And in this case,
we do not want to stop the tradition:
with the masters,
the servants shall perish.”

That was Wolf Biermann, tough stuff. And I, of course, refrain from this brutal fantasy, and we’re in the discussion about forgiveness and so on. But emotionally, it’s well understandable that people get furious at what they are opposed by, with these lackeys. And we have to think about what to do with them later on.

Viviane Fscher:
Well, quite interesting. And interesting to hear how people dealt with these topics at the time.

Wolfgang Wodarg:
It would be interesting to ask him where he stands today. Art has so many opportunities to oppress how people think and feel, which they can’t get together and understand and remember well, well. And this poem is something that I remembered, during all the schools. So somebody writes a poem they have opportunity to say to people something that stays on and lingers on.

Viviane Fscher:
That’s true. I remember a few more poems from the past. Maybe we should publish more poems, maybe a little section. We need more art anyway, art critical of the measures, the corona measures, art that takes a different perspective. So if you have anything, we’re interested.

Wolfgang Wodarg:
So no court artists. Those artists who confirm the system are sewn up as well. Maybe the fools, the court fools, the jesters can stay

Corona Investigative Committee, 134th Session on December 9th, 2022

Dr. Carola Javid Kistel, MD

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Viviane Fischer:[01:05:43]
Now we have our next guest Dr. Carola Javid Kistel. She is not yet on the screen, but she will be with us in a minute…. Hello. You are a naturopathic doctor focusing on homeopathy, working Duderstadt Lower Saxony. And you were already engauged against compulsory measles vaccinations, even prior to corona. What’s your status? Are you in Germany at all?

Carola Javid Kistel, MD:

Dr. Carola Javid Kistel, MD

No, I am in Mexico right now. I have been here for nearly ten months, and on principle I protested against these measures, anti-covid measures. I worked– also I went against the vaccination mandate for measles, or against measles, which was supposed to be mandatory not only for children but also for educators, teachers etc. And we thought we need to stop this. We weren’t able to. It was decided in November 2019. And we knew that if you come up with a mandate, a vaccine mandate in federal parliament, then something a bigger is coming. So we knew something was coming. And a colleague and I immediately opposed these covid measures and vaccinations and genetic manipulation, etc. We were quite involved.

We of course, attracted a lot of criticism. And as early as April 2020, I was already prosecuted by the Physicians Chamber in Lower Saxony because I didn’t get the vaccination against measles. And then I got an attestation, or gave attestations for, you know, to allow people not to wear masks. Because I have a lot of children that I treat, and of course they all have prior conditions. Also adults, people with respiratory problems, because of traumas, etc., in their childhoods. And that accumulates, of course. And people knew, of course, that I’m willing to issues certificates to certify that they don’t need to wear a mask. So people came from a long distance to get them, people who had to drive six, seven hours by car. And that was something that I was accused of.

So on the 20th of January, 2021, I had a search, a police search for the first time, a total of four. The most recent one in the summer this year [2022], after I had departed for Mexico already. And well, I am now threatened with lawsuits, a because of the implied issuing of illegal certificates. I’m also being sued for hate speech, because I called these vaccinations biological weapons that are created to perform a genocide.

And I’m being accused of that, because I claim that more people will die worldwide than with the holocaust if we don’t stop it immediately. And that is why I’m also accused of hate speech, which could mean a prison, imprisonment for me. I also a didn’t adhere to the quarantine mandate when I returned from so-called “high-risk regions. I visited family in the Balkans, and that took me through high-risk areas. And I was fined but I never paid the fine.

I was observed by the police. People were picked up by the police at my doorstep, and I didn’t open the door when the police rang, etc. So on the 20th of January ’22, and the authorities requested that I lose my license to practice as a doctor in Germany, that I had no longer them mental condition, the mental ability to do this, because I was only a tinhead. And that is what I was accused of.

Of course they accused me of being a right-wing extremist, which is simply not true. Then of course I also insulted an officer because I accused a policeman of illegally seizing my files and that they must be crazy. And I retracted on that, but that is an insult of course. And defamation against a public prosecutor. And because doctors have to vaccinate patients every eleven seconds without proper information, without information of the patient, who– I thought that it wasn’t possible to do that within eleven seconds. And so I’m being accused of that as well, of speaking out against this.

And after the a third search, I was afraid that they wouldn’t only sees my own files, but that I would be seized as well, that I might be vaccinated forcefully. And that was the point where I said I have to leave Germany. I have to take time out. I was going to have a study trip and I went to Guatemala and I wound up here with a severe posttraumatic stress disorder syndrome. And I can’t go back to Germany, because I can’t face this lawsuit. Seven days of hearings had been scheduled, which have been postponed because I’m just not able to participate.

So that is the status now, short summary.

Viviane Fischer: [01:13:07]
Wow. That is impressive. And now you seem to be especially– either because you were so loud, or because they kind of focused on you, there was other people who behaved similarly and who certified inability to be vaccinated. And how come that you got on the focus so much?

Carola Javid Kistel, MD:
[01:13:42]i’m of one colleague who spoke at these meetings or somebody who was persecuted for mask hesitation issuing etc. Some colleagues have emigrated, were tried in absentia. And there are some colleagues who have been defamed, who have been persecuted, and people’s livelihoods have been stripped away. Our being constantly talked about in the media with NTV or Spiegel TV. I used to have that in my practice actually. I had north german TV station in my practice, and other TV stations. And we were framed again and again by them. And then there’s this documentation, “May corona deniers be a doctors?”

So– and then I was on the cover page, where we were ever more framed and hunted, and it really destroyed our lives. So my partner separated from me because [he] didn’t want to be with a criminal. And friends asking him, “What’s wrong with Carola?” And the only thing I did was I simply protected my patients. I saw what was happening. I saw what was coming down the line. I have a hippocratic oath to follow which I did, and I have the Nuremberg Codex. And I just followed all the rules and regulations.

All I did was I spoke out. I said it in demonstrations and protest marches etc. Sometimes I took to the streete two or three times a week, because I was really afraid for the future of our children.

Viviane Fischer: [01:15:53]
Real madness. How do you assess the current situation in Mexico? Do you follow the situation there?

Carola Javid Kistel, MD:
Well, in Mexico a lot of people have been vaccinated, of course. And they have a lot of problems. There’s many accidents happening as well. But people are very uncritical. They believe in the mainstream. There’s very little resistance in Mexico. The physicians even that I talk to, the psychotherapists and psychiatrists have got jabbed, because otherwise they can’t travel to the xxx or do this, that and the other any more. So they got jabbed themselves. So sometimes they know what the risks are, but they also said that, well we have to have it done. And even the children. Children have died in Mexico xxxx of course. So it’s pretty scary, I have to say.

But I think I just can’t return to Germany right now, because I don’t have the money to fight out these processes. Imagine seven days of hearing. I have a lawyer on board from Lower Saxony, and that costs me six thousand euro a day. And with seven days of processes, that’s the way it is. They need to charge, you know, for hotel accommodation, travel expenses, yada yada yada.

So I’m in contact with many lawyers I know, from many physicians that they are unable to afford this any more. If every suit costs fifty thousand euro, with the court costs etc., loss of income. etc. that you have to include, then every lawsuit is about fifty thousand euro. And if you go through different appeals, then you lose your home, basically. And you don’t normally wind up successful. So far, all the doctors have been fined, maybe only relatively low fines, 500:0, 10 00:0, 15 00:0 euro, no imprisonment.

But people like me, where a few things have been accumulated, well there’s a few things at stake. It’s our entire livelihood, our freedom and everything that I built in 24 years of work would be gone. And so that’s why I can’t do it. We have, of course, the network of physicians helping each other, but there are more than a hundred physicians in Germany who had their police searches. And not all of them support us. Some worked under the radar as well networked. But there are more than 50 people in our group where we actually exchange information regularly they’re all threatened by the same thing: loss of livelihood, loss of license to work, loss of property and loss of freedom, imprisonment.

And the worst is, we never did anything bad. We’re are criminals. All we did was we did what we had to do, And when I have a child in my practice who complains that I always get a headache when I put on the mask, and after eight hours of wearing the mask, people– some children vomited into the mask on the bus because they don’t have a mask any more, a clean mask to go to school any more.

So the worst that I heard of was a 45-year-old woman who was forced in Hanover to wear the FFP2 mask while she was delivering, even though she was a high-risk patient. She had a burst blood vessel in the past during a delivery, and she was recognized handicapped person, severely handicapped person. And yet she was forced to wear an FFP2 mask during delivery. And her partner, who was called in during the delivery, he was forced to keep the mask on her face, so it wouldn’t be dislodged. That is spooky. And then they took the child away, because they said we it was a traumatic birth, so we have to take the child away, we have to examine it, so the wound was traumatized and needed three quarters of a year of treatment. She saw me in my practice. It’s spooky, what we see. And I could tell you more stories like that.

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD: [01:20:48]
If you’re a doctor and you’ve worked there for four years, or many years, like you have in your practice or in the authorities. And often you’ve had infections and risk of infection. There’snothing unusual about that. We had a new [influenza] wave every year, and that can be hazardous for many people. So we know how to deal with infectious diseases: stay out of contact and if people are infectious. Nothing new about all that. And the doctors who learned this, who learned what to do, and now simply carry on and don’t– and listen to what non- experts tell them… that’s what the politics tell them. The politics tell the doctors to do something else than what they have studied.

And the doctors who simply stay with what they think is right, they are punished now. It’s horrible to see that, and it’s horrible if they are not protected, for example, by the doctors’ chambers, who should make sure that our medical effort is not surrendered to politics. It’s incredible. It’s a massive crime that we’re seeing here, and I think it’s pure madness. And it’s great to see people who stand to their oath and help the people. If I know what stupidity they are, I should have to tell everybody: don’t wear a mask this is stupid. If I have to do anything contrary to what I have learned as a doctor, and what I have proof of, and I have to do something to harm the patient– you can’t expect a doctor to do that. And this is something… we’ll see how long it’ll take. It can’t be pushed away forever.

Carola Javid Kistel, MD:
Well, Wolfgang, we have met before. We always tried not to support this narrative, this covid narrative. We know that it’s fake, that it is a plandemic, that the masks are useless etc., etc. But most physicians went along, because: they earned a lot of money with it. Because they earned well as a covid center. They make a lot of money with vaccinations. And money makes people, well, corrupt.

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:
Yeah. It corrupts them and they went along. And the few physicians who put their foot down like myself in my practice I didn’t take any special covid measures and I had the authorities in my practice. They said, “Oh, we were told that you are welcome people by handshake and embrace them.” And I said, “Yes I do, it’s a human right, and I continue doing it.” And when I welcome people, I ask them in. I told them, “This is a corona-free zone. Take your mask off. You can move freely here.” The children were allowed to play. There was no social distancing etc., etc. And I didn’t lose a single patient to covid. And by contrast to the many, many people who died from these genetic injections. Many people among the people I know, neighbors, friends or relatives etc.

And that shows me that I did the right thing. From the very beginning, I told people, “Protect yourselves with vitamin C, zinc, selenium, vitamin D, with body contact etc. This needs to be trained. You need to make sure that your immune system is up to scratch. When it was made illegal for people to sing in the church, I was on the church board for many years, and all of a sudden cribs were shown on a screen rather than by people who weren’t allowed to sing any more. When in 2020, Christmas eve– no, 2021, I’m getting confused here now.

No, it wasn’t Christmas eve 2020, it must have been, I was– the church board tried to force me to wear a mask, and I said no, that I’ll go up on the gallery where my son plays the organ and he’s not afraid of me, and I’ll sing there without a mask. And I said, “I won’t allow myself to be stopped from a singing in church. If you’re not allowed to laugh and to sing, what kind of a society are we talking about? People were made completely panicked and everybody thought that everybody else could be their death. And I tried to take that fear away from people again and again. And that’s why I had so many clients, and that’s why the of physicians chamber approached me, wanted to penalize me.

And then the judges and their public prosecutors came. They wanted to grind me down. They wanted to take my practice away, and at least they managed to do that, because now I have to live in Mexico and I don’t dare go back to Germany. That is just incredible. And I’m not the only one. I’m not the only physician. I’m here speaking for all the others.

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD: [01:26:28]
I think it’s great how free and how naturally you speak the truth, without being fearful. I think it’s very beautiful to see this. It’s a great role model. I thank you for that. It’s very good.

Viviane Fischer:
Here’s a question from the chat: I’d really like to know where you take that strength from.

Carola Javid Kistel, MD:
I have three children. I have five grandchildren.

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:
You’re not alone.

Carola Javid Kistel, MD:
I had 80 to 90 percent of children and young people in my practice. I have to fight for them. It’s our future. It’s the future of our children and our grandchildren. You can’t leave your children to these criminals of the WHO and transhumanism. If we don’t get up now, who will?

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:
This transhumanist won’t succeed don’t be worried. But what’s happening now?

Carola Javid Kistel, MD:
Well, what’s happening now is bad enough.

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:
That’s not even humanism any more. It is inhuman what’s happening there.

Carola Javid Kistel, MD:
I have so many people who were blackmailed, who were coerced to these poison vaccines. We have a video podcast every week, and they’re keeping it on. It’s “The Crime Scene – Vaccination” it’s called. And we are working against this. And said and Dr. Bakhdi even said that he has taught the wrong things for 30 years. He’s very critical. We’ve been doing this 30 years. We all knew this. We were afraid that we would see what’s happening now. We have been fighting this for 30 years and all this enlightenment and in Germany we have luckily no hundred percent
maybe 25, 30 percent of the people didn’t get the shot. And I don’t know if they got their vaccine passport elsewhere. I never did this. I can understand the people who got their falsified passports, and so that they can work and feed their children. I can I fully understand these people.

And maybe we at least made these people to wake up. The resistance movement in Germany was the biggest, one of the biggest internationally, and we should carry on with that. It’s so important that we get a bigger platform, that the we reach out to people. So thousand, two thousand people– it’s not enough. It’s, we need more, more range, more reach. We have just made a TV production with [Rolf Ankingeler] who wrote a number of books on all of this. He completely took this, all this narrative apart with statistics and everything.

No vaccination helps; it all is just for damage. And I have people who had polio vaccination, with a severe disease afterwards, with epileptic fits, non-treatable, severe disabilities. It’s pure madness, what’s going on. All these sudden deaths of toddlers and infants. They are injected with these toxic systems and substances. So if, how do you think about not having to have a passport, not to be vaccinated? Everybody should have the right to decide what they put in their bodies, and what not. Normally, that is a guaranteed right in our basic law. It’s not for nothing that on the 18th of November, 2020, we went to the roads in Berlin, because we wanted to stop that law from being passed. For us, it was so clear. We warned against this from the beginning on. And I’m just completely confused and embarrassed to see others, what this all is about, and how others’ behavior makes me absolutely sad. And that’s it.

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD: [01:31:24]
I used to be the head of a health board. And we had our medical services. Well, and they also administered vaccinations. And I did myself. I vaccinated people against the yellow fever so that they could enter certain areas. And they got this vaccine with me, so I didn’t have this critical view of vaccinations back then. I only started seeing it critically when my child wanted to get a hepatitis-B vaccine, vaccination. And I said, “I won’t support that, because I have a bad conscience, because I should have looked more critically at it earlier. I should have seen the economic interests behind it, that the vaccine is something where you administer medication to healthy people, with the pretext that it would protect them.

And the big problem is that it’s very difficult to prove such a protective effect. You need huge clinical studies to prove this. I’m sure that the evidence for the vaccinations that have been administered for so many years now is very, very poor, and that many of my colleagues and I did things that we should have been much more critical of. And I really regret this deeply. I can’t take it back. But that is the training, that is what you’re, what you learn at the academies, what the professors tell you, who at least pretend like they knew what they were saying. So it’s very difficult. You have to be much distrustful, very distrustful, in order to disbelieve this. You have to read a lot and you have to think for yourself.

And there used to be events organized by anti-vaxers. And as a public health officer, I used to participate there. I thought it was an important discussion. And the Waldo schools, for instance, insisted that children shouldn’t be vaccinated. [I didn’t] have a great understanding for this and I thought it was OK. And I got into conflict with colleagues from the public health boards, and they wanted to increase the vaccination ratio. And they had real competitions going, who has the highest vaccination rate in their county. And that sort of thing.

So the whole scene, everything that’s behind these vaccinations has to be re-evaluated. Dr. Bakhdi isn’t alone if he wonders “What did I do?” there in the past. We all have to take a step back and take a look at what we were doing there, and what will continue to be sold, not only regarding these new, genetic jabs, but also the other things that are being sold there. We have to be much more critical, and I’m very grateful to you that you are a pioneer in this context.

Carola Javid Kistel, MD:
Yes, we point this out again and again. In 1967, it was 11 vaccines that the children had to get until they were 18 months old. And now we are [at] 37, and all the vaccines are switched to mRNA now. That’s additional madness, because we have measles already connected to other child diseases, and this means that many children are surrendered to simple death. That’s all, and it’s pure madness. There is a new study, a Koch study that was initiated now. Another colleague who is also strongly criticised, she directs this, together with the university of [Vitten Hadike] where unvaccinated, completely unvaccinated children are compared to completely and partially vaccinated children over a number of years.

And we had to keep up the design from this university, so it’s a good study. And I hope that we’ll find out what we have been predicting and what we see in practical day life every day. I see the children who didn’t get a single shot; they are the most healthy children, including my own children, my four grandchildren are completely unvaccinated. My daughter became a doctor, and she told me that in the university, “They are teaching the same stuff that they taught to you 30 years ago.” So they are just learning by heart what they are supposed to learn, and then they do what they’re supposed to do.

And my daughter and many many other people are in stress because they issued vaccination permits. And they got their homes searched and so on. And the mask relief certificate. So there’s many people who are in front of court. And they were condemned by courts. And people who don’t have the money to fight all this and there’s many people who say, “I don’t have four and a half thousand euros.” So they do it: OK, so pay 600 and you’re out. But then the doctor is simply surrendered, because they agree to it. And they said they agreed to the deal, but to get out of it although they knew they were sick people and they had a good reason for the certificate. And so people are suppressed. They are blackmailed. Also the children who are not vaccined in the pediatric practice are not allowed.

So the parents are put to the choice: either you, your child is fully vaccinated, or it’s not going to be treated, and it’s simply not taken in. And they, the treatment is retracted. So many, many parents are hijacked by this. I’ve not only seen this once or twice. We have groups of parents of unvaccinated children. And together with [Rolf Klohn] who’s working in this. And we have a very good things going on here, many direct communications going on. So starting people to have private kindergardens, not the public kindergargens. And so people try to look for alternative possibilities to take care of children in private ways, without being subjected to the vaccine mandates.

And so we do many many things in Germany especially with that team of doctors who [subscribe] to the hippocratic oath. And they are working together, and the doctors’ chambers do not represent us at all. I got a fine now from the data protection agency in Germany because I organized a demonstration with a brochure with my phone number on it, and shared that. And now they are charging me that I gave out patient data — complete bullshit, because I didn’t send that to patients, and you can look at it or not look at it.

So that all stupidity. But the same authority didn’t complain that in my fourth home search of the police, all the data of all my patients was taken away, 600:0 patients. Computers, everything was confiscated. And now the data which has nothing– of patients who have nothing to do with the certificates, they know where they were at the doctor, what diagnosis they’ve had and so on. I told the policeman that when they stole these data, I asked him, “What about if you go to a doctor and your your data is taken away and suddenly all your colleagues know the diseases you have, the prosecutors know that, the judges know [when] you went to the doctor and why?”

So this privacy is a valuable good. We have to protect this. They can’t just outlever this and it’s just clear they wanted to shut us up. All doctors are supposed to carry on with the narrative. So this is why we have to state examples, why we have to punish one and teach a hundred. And that is what’s going on. So the few courageous people who went forward, we are the cannon fodder here.

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD: [01:40:41]
Well, in terms of data protection, there’s no limits any more now. Data protection is gone. If you look at all the data that is captured, all the data that has to be passed on to telematics goes all to Bertelsmann, God knows where. They have the data. They know that data is traded. So these health data, through the covid period they were simply used and captured. Luckily all physicians aren’t participating in this. Some fight against this data capturing. I think that’s encouraging. And I think we have to talk about this as well. Disregarding the police action here, those are only a few cases. The daily data access that we’re tolerating now and that’s happening ubiquitously now, that is very important topic.

Carola Javid Kistel, MD:
Yes, and also the false certificates, the so-called false certificates. In the corona time, they told the doctors not to see the patients directly. And so even absences from work due to illness, that was possible without seeing the patient. And now they are saying, even though I looked at every patient personally and so on, so they’re saying we are issuing false for certificates and even falsifying them. So how can I with my own signature and my stamp falsify something like that? That’s literally impossible. So the certificates, it’s like I was issuing them freely. That was stupid, but people believed it. So we were again and again pushed in the wrong way. And this is this media activity against this and that killed us. I was kicked out all the clubs. I was kicked out of my English course. I was kicked out of my chorus in [Dulerstadt]. I couldn’t go to the supermarkets; there was policeman there and there’s a video on that who said, “No, you’re not a allowed to buy things here and you are excluded from the supermarket.”

So thirty years I went there every week. I was a good customer. I spent a lot of money. I behave well and everything. Just because I am the bad doctor who is a shame for the whole city, with all the negative press, I was not allowed to do my shopping there. So life was turned into hell. And it was a very, very few patients, well many patients, but very, very few friends and relatives who still stand by me. Most of them turn away, say, “Well, we liked you, but we had to, we have to, we cannot bear with you xxxxx as a radical really agree and stuck to the Hypocratic oath and followed the rules, we wouldn’t have had all this disaster as we’re having it now.

So they’re still practices until today where you can only get in with a negative test, with a mask and so on and so forth. I was once your doctor during the time, and I was kicked out of the waiting room because I didn’t wear the mask. I had a certificate, of course. And I had to wait on the staircase until I could get in. And many patients are now that they have to stand out in the cold, wait there, because– not because the waiting room is full. And well, then then they stand outside. And it’s cold in Germany in winter. And then they get even sicker. And people [wonder] why there’s so many children with infections [taken] to the hospitals nowadays.

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:
Probably different reasons.

Carola Javid Kistel, MD:
And they’re all fully vaccinated and so on. And they always made sure by this full vaccination that the children are susceptible to diseases. Fully vaccinated children are much more susceptible to diseases.

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:
Well it’s such that if we vaccinate against one virus and if we could actually make people immune, than the other viruses, well happy days, because they compete with each other, and if we take out one from the equation, we make more room for the others. So it can’t be any good. Every vaccination against corona virus is pointless anyway.

Carola Javid Kistel, MD:
Yes of course if we follow your theory, they don’t want to know whether it’s all true, with the virus theory etc. I’m not fully convinced. I don’t know what the final conclusion should be.

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:
Well, whatever you call it which is– something is transmitted. I think that is something that we’ve all been through, but what you call it is something that you should, well you need to find agreement on.

Viviane Fischer: [01:46:11]
see this study from [Vitton Hadike], is this ongoing? How long has it been ongoing? When can we expect any results?

Carola Javid Kistel, MD:
Well this study will only yield results years from now, but it will be, a first evaluation will happen in a year. Than it runs over ten years; there will be interim results that will be published. So it’s called Cook study, and I think you can register to the end of the year. But we have a lot of unvaccinated children already, so that we should be able to determine some findings there. It’s a good thing. And these studies are necessarily subsidized. They only subsidize proof that the vaccines are helpful, are effective, etc. Hello, Roni. I can see you on the–

Ronald Weikl, MD:
Hello Carola. Hello to everyone.

Carola Javid Kistel, MD:
We have participated in several demonstrators together and talked a lot to each other and exchange a lot of ideas. And I’m happy that this vaccination hotline has been started now, where people can report vaccination damage now. That’s a good job that you do there.

Ronald Weikl, MD:
Thank you, thank you for the appraisal.

Viviane Fischer: [01:47:38]
Well, is there anything that we haven’t touched upon that you would like to say? Otherwise I suggest that we just go on with Roni Weikl. And you can, of course, stay on if you have time, and if there are any things that you want to add.

Carola Javid Kistel, MD:
Yes, and I would also say that we have filed a lawsuit in the International Court in [Denmark]. And in tedious work, they put over 200 pages together with lots of studies and so on, where it is clear proof that this experimental gene therapy is a biological weapon in order to reduce the human kind. I think that’s quite a good thing. And they suspended policeman Marcus Schleppo, also played an important role. He took them to Den Haag [sic] and supported them. So let’s see what the outcome is here, because we see there’s lots of explanation work, but there’s always no result. I’m waiting for results from the Corona Committee, that some things change and so on, that something is prohibited. so we have the 134th session, but what, where’s the consequences? Where is the legal action? When has anything been tilted and so on?

So I’m waiting for that. So somebody should take the action and really move it to a close, that this government can’t act the way it [has], and the acts and the legal, laws are named as what they are, which is illegal. And I’m waiting for that, and then I hope that for Den Haag that there will be a positive decision. Of course I’m a bit fearful, because many people in the courts are bought. I don’t know what Den Haag is like there. So if the EMAa is bought and 86 percent of the people are pay by pharma, then you don’t have to wonder that EMA brings things to the market which are no good at all. And so, if everything is infiltrated it’s very difficult to clear that swamp and say that “We work for the people are not for politicians or strange organizations, not for Bill Gates and others, and the foundations, not for the AMA and not for the CDC and the FDA and whoever that may be. I think we should become independent, and that’s something that I would encourage everybody to do, decide on their own common sense, in the sense of their family, in the sense of the society they live in, and they want to live in.

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD: [01:50:28]
We’re hoping for the courts. We’re quite skeptical of course. We can see that the supreme justice in Germany was installed by politicians and he behaves that way. He sings from their song sheet, and he doesn’t uphold the constitution doesn’t implement it. If– well it’s very rare for any case to go all the way to the supreme court and then the supreme court tends to uphold what the governments say. And if that is the yardstick, well then there’s little hope. We always hoped that there would be cases with actual findings and hearings, and we had it with the soldiers case. And that then the decision is, the sentence is according to what politicians want. Well, that means that we can’t really have much hope any more for the courts to take our side. I have much more hope that people wake up and won’t go along with it any more, and that no politician will have any chance who’s not, who’s still going along with this nonsense.

So that’s my hope. And so what we’ve seen in the media that’s very important. As low long as they keep telling people the same thing and they are given the impression that they’re not alone and that the media keep backing up this nonsense, day after day, that is something that has to come to an end. And there must be journalists who are critical and who chance these psychopaths. But it’s becoming more and more. It only happens if we’re courageous, like you show us.

Carola Javid Kistel, MD: [01:52:30]
Quite clearly. And what I also think is that this gallery of horror on the vaccination explanation, that’s something that should be put up in every city that people are brought to this at a low level, I think more than demonstrations and things like that. I think it’s good if people some up and solidarise and get the power from all those rallies. I got to know many many great people, and these people give me the power and the energy to do this. And they have initiated great things. We have our association. We have no white bird and we have everything. If you want to have good people it’s the homeopathic, the [naturopathic]doctors, the natural doctors. So give donations, give donations to specific doctors to support them, because with we need your help. We need the help of the people to get out of this. I don’t have two three four hundred thousand euros to take these legal pursuits. That will evaporate everything which I have ever built, and I would have to take loans until infinity.

So we are not able to stand for this alone. We have to hope for the solidarity of the people who help us do this. I think that is very important.

Viviane Fischer:
Yes, that’s right. We can only do it together, but together we can. And the Committee, that is an archive, actually. We’ve probably spoken to five hundred experts and witnesses by now. It’s a huge network that has emerged here, where we can always contact people if we have questions. But I do think that if you imagine that we didn’t have that, how much less would we know? How many expert opinions wouldn’t have been written? But it’s unfortunate like Wolfgang was saying, there is a lot of ossification in the courts. Cases are being rejected because no judge wants to be the first one to pull the plug. Because if somebody comes up with an appropriate judgment, as we saw with [Christiane Detmar], this judge, they were obviously so scared that all they could do was to intervene, because it could have led to a different situation. “Oh let’s take a look at the situation. Oh, a judge had a different view. Oh, did we take the wrong view here?”

That could have been the case in an evidence- based environment. But the opposite happened. that was actually not in line with the government approach. And in the Netherlands we heard that they had 30 cases, and they can’t– 30 lawsuits, and they can’t continue. And they discontinued their activities now. Great. So I think it’s great that you should be so committed here. Thank you very much. And you showed her a lot of nerve there actually. And I hope that you will remain strong and resistant despite your limitations, your restrictions. But you’re a good a role model to stand up for what you’ve seen as the right thing.

Carola Javid Kistel, MD: [01:56:15]
Thank you for the invitation to the Corona Committee. I think [Adrina Comon] had her share in this. She’s a good friend of mine. I’ve met her a couple of times. She’s participated in our video shows, and she supported us with e-mails, and so it’s good, and we’re happy to be heard. She’s a great woman as well.

Well she was here, and she got lot of enthusiastic comments. She’s really great. I can see that we still have a picture which is about the–

Carola Javid Kistel, MD:
Yes. This is “Crime Scene: Vaccination”. This is our show of today. We’re going to publishe this tonight. And he’s the doctor who put all of this together and takes the narrative apart. And Katja reports on how things go on in America. She has a natural practice as well, and she’s on our side as well. She grew up in Germany; she studied in Germany, and did her doctorate in America because she married there. She stayed there; she visits us here, and we connected before. And so we are in good friendship contact, and she’ll be on the show tonight. So that is a recommendation.

And even if Twenty-Four Media cannot take it on, we would get more range. We will be happy, because Rolf Kron and I, we do important work here. As we’ve been working in this for 30 years, we have great knowledge. We invite the right people. We got the other [xxxxxx Bonner] and others, many doctors. Roni is going to be in one of the shows as well. He just had too much to do and too little time. But we’ve got a good show. [Haiku Schoening] was there and many others. [Walter Schipmann] is someone who we want to get in, but if he has time. So it’s important to carry on with that show.

Viviane Fischer: [01:58:32]
OK. Well then, best of luck, and keep a stiff upper lip, I guess.

Carola Javid Kistel, MD:
Greetings to Germany.

Viviane Fischer:
Well, thank you very much. That’s really crazy. So we had Dr. Carola Kistel here, who spoke about her experience with the corona period, her commitment and the persecution by the state because she issued mask incapacity certificates



Corona Investigative Committee, 134th Session on December 9th, 2022

Viviane Fischer: Closing

(Original language: English)

[Transcript from Team + Ed]

[transcription of simultaneous translation to English]

Viviane Fischer: [04:12:01]
Well I’d say we’re at the end of this session. We have another video. For one thing, we have this thing by Alan Dana. I think there was something on the pilots there. I think we could show that. And then we have something in our own interest. So it will be interesting to see what the reactions are to that. And I hope that you can see what it’s all about and that you can respond.

So I think that’s all, so I would like to bid you good-bye. I think it was really an enormous amount of scientific findings, and it’s important to keep reminding ourselves of what’s still happening here also with all these criminal proceedings that are going on. Those are reverberations from what was going on over the last two and a half, nearly three years now. And we lost sight of many of these things because it’s been, the measures have been relaxed. But a lot of people are still being harassed and persecuted, so we need to stick to it.

So against thia background, I would like to wish everybody a nice Friday evening and a nice weekend, and see you again next week. Thanks. Goodbye.

Wolfgang Wodarg: [04:13:27]
Bye bye.

Corona Investigative Committee, 134th Session on December 9th, 2022

Viviane Fischer: Video message

(Original language: English)

[Transcript from Team + Ed]

[transcription of simultaneous translation to English]

Viviane Fischer: [04:18:55]

Dear friends of the Corona Committee, today I would like to give you some explanations on the new sponsorship of the committee, of which I have spoken in the 132nd and 133rd meetings. The new committee is a foundation in whose council there Ulrike Kämmerer is and other trustees. They watch over the expenditures, so that there can be no incorrect developments. The foundation has already been recognized as tax-deductible, as charitable. And that is why we can issue so-called donation receipts. You have already availed of this possibility. Thankfully enough, we’ve already received donations, to a tune that makes me hope that we will be able to support the expenditures of the Committee in the long term. That’s a great development. Thank you very much for this. We will publish our account movements, the bank statements, for maximum transparency. We will redact the names, of course, but you will recognize your own remittance, so that you can see where the money goes.

So that was very important to us, to have maximum transparency here. Well… and the situation now is such that there is still the original sponsorship of the Committee, of its meetings. That is the society that Justus Hoffman, Antonia Fischer, Reiner Füllmich and I established originally. And it is foundation with assets, ties as well. However we have some difficulties there in the context of Reiner Füllmich, which is the reason why he’s not with us any more now at the meetings. And there are some things to be taken care of, for instance 700 00:0 euro worth of liquidity reserve that hasn’t been returned yet. And there are other things that need to be taken care of now urgently. We’re working on this, but the fate of this society will have no longer an impact on our current work in the Committee. Of course, the funds that were meant for this original society are, will be available for our future committee work. And we will have to determine how this will be handled structurally going forward. We’re working on this.

Now there is a very current development which actually _is_ worrisome, and I made another video for this, which you will see now.

Well… I’m addressing you today because we have a problem with the Committee that we absolutely need to solve, so it won’t explode and our faces. As the Americans would put it, we have a situation. It’s well known that Reiner Füllmich, some time ago, received
700 00:0 euro for the Committee. He hasn’t returned the money yet, even though he claims that he has sold the house where he had parked the money. And that has certain consequences. Above all, the Committee has accumulated a number of invoices, some of them being rather ancient, maybe a year old or older. And some of them are rather recent invoices.

I have passed on some of those invoices to Reiner Füllmich for payment, out of the 700 00:0 euro that he has access to, but he hasn’t paid. And the upshot is that our service providers are waiting for their money, and their patience will run out at some stage. We can’t keep going. We have– the interpreters are waiting for their money. We have an invoice by a team that hasn’t been paid. We have an invoice from Oval Media. Among them, one major bill of 40 00:0 euro, which is due to the lack of funding. We’re looking at a total volume of about 70 00:0 euro. It’s all with Reiner Füllmich. He hasn’t paid it. He paid one hotel bill, which obviously hadn’t been paid for yet, for a meeting with a number of different personalities, a kind of a strategy meeting.

But… all these pending invoices that also refer to current corporations, he hasn’t paid those. Now the consequence would be that if these service providers, at some stage, take the view that they will no longer be patient, then we have a lack of liquidity. I.e., we can’t pay any more. Under normal circumstances, that means we become insolvent. And that is particularly absurd, because we really have 700 00:0 euro with Reiner Füllmich, and we have an asset of a certain significant value, which we cannot access, despite Reiner’s claims, public claims, because the account powers aren’t, haven’t been granted to us. So we are in the theoretically comfortable situation of having a lot of money that we can use for the work of the Corona Committee. And we could even use some of the money for other projects that we of feel are worth supporting. So our hands are tied here, the result being that theoretically in the future, in the _near_ future actually, we might be completely incapable of paying, and we would have to file for insolvency. And so I have to say, that’s the end of the line for us.

Now of course, we won’t go insolvent, because of Reiner’s behavior. And we won’t assume personal liability because of it. So I will… I’m calling upon Reiner Füllmich to return the money now immediately. And also I would like to add one more thing: I’m afraid that Reiner Füllmich won’t make the payment, because he doesn’t _want_ our committee to continue operating, the legitimate original Committee that collected the donations. And it is possible for him to blockade this deliberately, for the Committee to go bankrupt. He won’t succeed in stalling this committee, because I established a foundation, which is charitable by now, and which continues paying for the _current_ meetings. But these legacy invoices will soon explode in our faces, first of all in terms of an insolvency, potential insolvency; but also, straining our relationship to the service providers. Because a family with this little child, for instance, can’t go without income because Reiner Füllmich refuses to return the money. Well, could you imagine that? Well.

Now we are kept thinking about what I can do if Reiner continues to refuse paying the money. We will sell our repayment claims, part of our repayment claims. It will be an assignments of parts of this liquidity reserve / loan. Sso it will be sold in individual tranches. Right now. we expect that it won’t be a possibility of recovering the money. It might not be possible to get it from Reiner Füllmich. We don’t know, but we just… to be on the cautionary side, on the side of caution, we say that this is a possibility. But if you buy some of those debts from us, then you can claim against Reiner Füllmich, of course. That would be an excellent situation for us, if many individuals approach Reiner Füllmich with their, with claims for repayment, taking legal action if necessary. If there are people who find that they want to hold us harmless, but also want to keep Reiner Füllmich harmless of these, against these claims, then we’d be happy as well if such people could buy some of this debt from us, not claiming it back from Reiner.

So that will be a consolation, where we could move back into our work without having to think about these financial issues all the time. I have to say it is a huge strain, because it is something that we need to deal with again and again and again. So I would be very grateful to you if you could support us in this way, to overcome this situation so that we no longer have to look at these legacy problems. It is the 200 00:0 that we will sell initially now. But if there is enough interest we would be willing to sell off the remaining five hundred thousand euro as well. well what more can we say on this? Well, have a nice day,

[end screen:][04:29:39]
You want to recover claims against Reiner Füllmich and/or turn away the illiquidity of the the original sponsor of the Committee?

For more information, please send your request to: [rescue…]


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