Foundation Corona Committee, 106th session on May 27th, 2022

Carlo Maria Viganò (Archbishop and diplomat emeritus of Vatican City)

(Original language: English)

[Transcript from Team + Ed]

Viviane Fischer: [02:49:34]

Reiner Füllmich:

Viviane Fischer:
Yeah. Yeah, so we are delighted to greet His Excellency Carlo Maria Viganò, as you already introduced him. And he’s here I believe via phone. And, but I think we’re going to show a picture. I am so… I was wanting… your excellency, can you hear us?

Archbishop Viganò:
Archbishop Viganò speaking. Very delighted to be with you.

Reiner Füllmich:
Thank you very much for taking the time. As we have just heard from a very prominent former basketball player here, Royce White in the United States…he, just like all of us and many other people in this world, is a huge fan of yours. We have– this is a prepared interview, so let’s just go ahead and start with the questions and your answers to this, if that is okay with you. Viviane.

Viviane Fischer:
Yeah okay. So I read the first question. So we we sent these questions beforehand so his excellency could prepare or like make, you know, like decide on which areas of the question to focus most. So I read the question.

Your excellency, many people know and appreciate you very much for having been a sincere man in an often insincere environment, even during your service at the Vatican. You have served as a top diplomat, specifically as the Vatican nuncio in the United States, representing the Pope to the local churches in the United States. It is a great honor and pleasure to speak with you today.

But before we move on to substance and ask you about your assessment of the world’s political situation, especially with regards to the so-called corona crisis, please tell us a little bit about your personal history, so that viewers who do not know you yet will realize who you are.

Archbishop Viganò: [2:51:47]
Thank you. First of all, I would like to express to you, distinguished lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, and to all your collaborators and colleagues my most cordial greetings, my appreciation for having conceived the idea of the corona commission, and for having invited me to this meeting.
Your research into the management of the covid-19 emergency and mass experimentation greatly contributes to collecting evidence in order to bring to justice and punish those who are responsible. This constitutes an important contribution by you in the creation of an anti-globalist alliance. Because the owners of the pandemic farce are the same people who today would like to push the world toward a total war and a permanent energy crisis.

As far as my… so-called career, I don’t think there is much to say. I am a Catholic archbishop who has had various roles of responsibility in the Vatican, both in the Secretariat of State of the Holy See as well as in the governatorate of the Vatican city-state and as apostolic nuncio to Nigeria and finally to United States of America, according to the will of Pope Benedict XV. My notoriety, which is completely unwanted, is a result of my stance regarding sexual scandal former American Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and other, though less serious cases involving senior members of the hierarchy.

As a successor of the apostles, I could not keep silent in the face of the attempts to cover up those shameful facts by the so-called “lavender mafia” which enjoys the support and protection of the guardio.

Reiner Füllmich:
That’s going to be one of the most important topics that we will very soon have to delve into in much more detail. I– this is very unfortunate, but that’s the way it is. We have to confront the truth. Shall we start with the second question. Viviane, ask that– please read that question.

Viviane Fischer:
Okay, I’ll read the question. You have an impressive vita, but if one searches your name in the old media, the mainstream media, one finds defamatory articles that accuse you, among other things, of spreading Kremlin propaganda and making confused statements. On closer inspection, though, this does not seem to us to be the case at all. Quite the contrary. Rather, you remain true to your reputation of being a sincere man, even in an insincere environment, even if this is to your personal disadvantage. Where do you identify the scissora in your vita where the virtue was reinterpreted by the old media up as a flaw? What red line did you cross, on what issue did you did your candor become a danger to the public narrative?

Archbishop Viganò:
I was the means used by those who xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx whom they fear and cannot fight fairly. In this case, I am considered inconvenient, both by the exponents of the deep church and the Bergolian cabal, whose scandals and coverups I have denounced since the time of the McCarrick case. I am equally inconvenient for the deep state, which has been able to count on the complicity of the Holy See, as well as almost the entirety of the episcopate in the events of the last few years. The dissonant voice of a bishop, especially when he formulates reasoned complaints, based on irrefutable facts, he’s putting the official narrative into question, both on the alleged renewal of the church and the– between quotations “pontificate”, as well on the pandemic farce and the mass vaccination. Given the recent Russian-Ukrainian crisis significantly defined the globalist elite: NATO, the American deep state, the European Union, the World Economic Forum, the entire media machine, and the Vatican, all aligned on the same side.

Putin’s intervention in Ukraine is considered a threat to the New World Order that must be neutralised, even at the cost of global conflict. But if I must identify a breaking point on the eclesial front, it definitely coinsided with my demonstration of the network of complicity and the scandals of corrupt pledge and prelates which they deliberately and obstinately sought to cover up. On the civil front, it seems to me that the red line was crossed with my appeal for the church and the world, launched two years ago in May, 2020, by which I denounced the plan represented by the silent coup carried out by means of the earth emergency. The energy and the food emergency, in addition to the war emergency are always part of the disturbing scenarios that the World Economic Forum and the United Nations had described in great detail well in advance. When one day, not too far in the future, we hope, tribunal, judges, these criminals and their accomplices in the institutions of almost all the western nations. These documents which constitute the proof of the premeditation of the greatest coup d’etat of all time. And the same thing will happen with regard to eclesial affairs. In the statement that the doctrine of immoral drift that originated with the Second Vatican Council created the necessary premises for the doctrinal and moral corruption of the clergy and the simultaneous delegitimization of the authority of the shepherds.

Let us not forget that the revolutionary processes have always relied on the vices and weaknesses of its representative, both to destroy the state and to weaken the church.

Reiner Füllmich: [3:00:41]
Um-hm. That is… impressive and I completely 100 percent agree with that assessment. Now the final question for today– there will be another opportunity for us to speak to you– the final question is: your excellency, the corona measures and the crisis are now entering their third year. In the meantime, warfare in the east and especially massive political and media war-mongering have been added to the mix. How do you assess this development?

My answer will be quite extensive due to the complexity of this question. But let us clarify a fundamental point. The Ukrainian crisis was deliberately provoked by the deep state, in order to force the world to carry out the Great Reset reforms, in particular the so-called technological transition and the green shift. Itis the second stage of the globalist technocrat coup, after the pandemic farce. The psycho-pandemic was the first level of a true and proper attack, when they started to seize control of government. In reality today, they are only trying to bypass political powers, which until now serve only as mere executors of orders.

Under the pretext of the pandemic, they have imposed systems of detailed population control, including systems for tracing individual citizens are being inaugurated together with experimental gene serum. Just in the last few days, at the Davos forum, the CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, said,and I quote: “Imagine a biological chip that is included in a pill, that when it is swallowed goes into the stomach and emits a signal. Imagine the application, the possibility of making people obey. What is happening in this field is fascinating.” End of quotation.

Albert Bourla saysy what is happening, because he’s talking about existing technologies, not imaginary projects. The presence of graphene and xxxxxxxx nano-circuits is now admitted, even by those who a year ago called those who were sounding the alarm conspiracy theorists. The population of the nations adhering to the Agenda 2030 are now mostly vaccinated, or rather they have been genetically modified, and their immune systems have now been compromised in an irreversible way. Perhaps some lawyer now denouncing will discover that along with the genetic serum they have injected chips that are capable of controlling even people’s actions, interfering with their behavior and making them docile, if there are riots, or making them violent, if it is necessary to have a pretext for military interventions.

They are well beyond a global coup. This is the greatest most sensational and unprecedented attack on the human person, man’s freedom, conscience and will. You can well imagine the risk deriving from giving the World Health Organisation sovereign control over the health systems of various nations in the case of an emergency pandemic they may create themselves. When those whomust decide about vaccine campaign and treatment, on containment measures and lockdowns are all financed by the big pharmaceutical companies and by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which still advises about the perpetual pandemic and the perpetual booster vaccine.

Even there is a resolution that was planned to be voted at the WHO, and which, at least for now, has been avoided. but goes in the direction of total control by the globalistic synarchy. We should therefore not be surprised if, in a pitiful attempt to hide the adverse effects of this very experimental gene serum, the WHO is now sounding alarms about the alleged monkey pox, whose symptomology is curiously similar to some of the side effects of the mRNA vaccine. Both the WHO and the European Medicines Agency, 75 percent of which is financed by big pharma have shown themselves to be in a clear conflict of interest and totally dependent on the pharmaceutical industry.

Regarding the Russian-Ukrainian crisis: what should have been an operation of peace to put an end to the persecution of the Russian-speaking minority in Ukraine by neo-Nazi extremists has been deliberately and provably transformed into a war. The repeated appeal of President Putin to the international community for Minsk Protocol to be respected has fallen on deaf ears. Why? Why? For the simple reason that it was an excellent opportunity.

First: it was an opportunity to artificially create a global energy crisis with which to force the transition to alternative energy sources, along with all the business this represents. Without a crisis, how could the increase in the price of gas and petrol be imposed, as an instrument to force companies and individuals to make the famous ecological transition that no one has ever voted for? And that has been imposed by bureaucrats who are [controlled] by the elite.

Second: The Russian-Ukrainian crisis is an opportunity in order to destroy, in a controlled and a ruthless way, all the companies considered useless or harmful to the global economy of the multinational corporations. Millions of artisan companies, small businesses that make the nation of Europe unique, and Italy in particular, were forced to close because after the disasters caused by the lockdowns and the rules of psycho-pandemic, an increase in gas and oil prices was provoked, with criminal speculation by the market, and without the Russian Federation getting an extra penny.

All of this was planned, by the European Union, taking orders from NATO, blaming the sanctions that have repercussions on those who have imposed them. The cancellation of the traditional economy is not an unfortunate consequence of an unexpected conflict, but rather the premeditated criminal action of a global mafia, compared to which the traditional mafia seems like a beneficial partnership. The advantage of the subversive operation benefits the multinational corporations that can acquire companies and real estate at bankruptcy prices. And also the financial companies that profit from loans to medium and new poor people. Here too, the ideological and infernal purpose of the elite make use of the complicity of the economic potentates whose aims are merely to make profit.

With the war, the military-industrial and the no less florishing industrial-people mission technology and mercenaries now have the opportunity to conclude lucrative deals with which they generously reward the politicians who voted to send arms and support to Ukraine.

Thirdly: The Russia-Ukraine crisis is an opportunity because one purpose of the war in Ukraine was to cover up the scandal of Hunter Biden, who was involved with a meta-biotic society and financed laboratories in which bacteriological weapons of mass destruction are produced. The siege of the Azovistan steel plant was motivated precisely by the need to hide both the members of foreign NATO forces along with the new Nazi Azov in Pravy Sektor, as well as the violence banned by international convention, Which were intended to be used to carry out experiments on the local population.

Fourth reason: The Russian-Ukrainian crisis is an opportunity because the psycho-pandemic narrative, despite the complicity of the mainstream media, did not prevent, was not able to prevent the [4-second cut] out and gradually spreading the ever-wider sector … the public opinion.

The crimes in Ukraine was intended to have been a well-runoperation of mass destruction. In order to avoid the severity of the increasingly incontrable news about the later effect of the experimental serum, the disastrous consequences of the measures taken by nations during the emergency pandemic.

The pacification or data is now overt. Deliberate concealment of the result of the first phase of the experiment is admitted by the companies themselves. Awareness of the uselessness of masks and lockdowns has been certified by the multiple studies. The damage done to the psycho-physical balance of the population, and in particular to children and the elderly, is incalculable, just as there has also been incalculable damage to students as a result of distance learning. Keeping people glued to their televisions or to social media anti-Russian propaganda in order to prevent them from beginning to understand what has being done to them is the least these crazy criminals can do. Criminals who are just as responsible for the pandemic as they are for the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. If we take the script of the screenplay planned out by the globalist elite, we find that beyond the scenario of the pandemic, there are other planned scenes that are no less disturbing, which we have already seen anticipated by the media since last year.

The emergency, the energy crisis, which is not an unfortunate consequence of an impossible crisis in Ukraine. By rather a means by which, on the one hand, to impose the green economy, by– motivated by a non-existennt climate emergency, and on the other hand to destroy national economies, making companies xxxxable for the advantage of the multinational corporations causing unemployment and thus creating underpaid labor, forcing nations to go into debt because they have been deprived of their fiscal sovereignty, or in any case to go into particular debt because of the seignorage.

The food emergency is also in Klaus Schwab’s kit. It has begun for certain products in the United States and Europe, and more generally for grain and cereal produce in many nations in Africa and Asia. Then, we discover that Bill Gates is the largest landowner in the United States, just when there is a shortage of grain and agriculture produce.
And that Bill Gates is the head of the startup that produces artificial human milk, just when there is a shortage in the United States of powdered milk for babies. And let’s not forget that. The multinational agricultural companies are succeeding in imposing the use of their sterile seed, which must be repurchased every year. And banning the use of traditional seeds, which would allow a poor country not to depend on them.

Whoever designed the series of present crises, whose roots were laid down in the beginning of the 1990s with the privatization of the state-owned companies. Also made sure to place people trained by World Economic Forum for this purpose in government, institutions international agency, at the head of central banks and large statistica sets, in the media, and in the main world religions.

Look at the prime ministers of the principal European countries, of Canada, Australia, New Zealand. They were allrecruited from Young Global Leaders for Tomorrow group. And the fact that they are at the highest level of leadership of these nations, and of the United Nations and of the World Bank ought to be more than sufficient to put them on trial for subversion and high treason. Those who are sworn to apply the laws in the interest of their own nations commit perjury at the moment in which they have to answer for their own actions, not to the citizens of their nations, but to the faceless technocrats whom no one has elected.

It is easy to make accusations that this is a conspiracy theory. But such a dismissal no longer holds water. Just like the accusation of collaboration no longer works against anyone who expresses perplexity about the Russian-Ukrainian crisis and its management at international level. Those who do not want to understand the plot because they’re afraid of what they might discover persist in denying that there is a script and a director. That there are actors and extras, sets and costumes. But can we really believe that the richest and most powerful people in the world would have agreed to launch such an attack on humanity in order to realise their delusional globalist dream, deploying an enormous amount of energy and resources, without having first planned everything in great detail, and just leaving it all to chance? The people who intend to purchase a house or start a business carefully plan it all out. Why should it be a conspiracy theory to recognize that in order to obtain an unconventional and criminal result, you need to resort to lies and deception?

I would end my answer just making an analogy, if you allow me. I will say that our attitude towards the present fact is similar to someone who finds himself having to put together a puzzle composed of thousands of pieces, but without having the final picture in front of him. Those who have constructed a globalist puzzle have done so with the intent of making the final picture, or what they wish to obtain, unrecognizable. However, anyone who sees the entire picture, or even only one significant part, starts to recognize how the pieces fit together. And anyone who has seen the final picture also knows how to interpret the silence and the conivances of government officials and even of the opposition party. How do we explain the complicity of doctors and paramedics in crimes committed in hospitals that went against all the scientific evidence. The complicity of bishops and priests. It even reached the point of denying the sacrament to those who are dying, because they were not vaccinated. One large area of the puzzle becomes visible. And this is exactly what is happening now. It will be much easier to put the remaining pieces into place. At that point, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Bill Gates, the other conspirators and those who remain [loss of sound] over this criminal global conspiracy would be on their own to avoid being lynched. Thank you.

Reiner Füllmich: [3:24:31]
Your Excellency, this is the best motivation that I can think of to go through with the international trials that need to be started very soon, in order to make sure that justice is rendered. Thank you very very much for these very insightful answers to our questions. We cannot wait to interview you for a second time, next week as it is scheduled. But at this point, I can– we can– I think all of us, we can only thank you for these very very clear words, because this is what it takes in order to see the whole picture and not just the individual pieces of the puzzle. Thank you very much your Excellency.

Archbishop Viganò:
Thank you very much. I am very grateful for having, giving me this possibility to express myself and to give you this message. But of course, we are, after all, full of great hope, because the truth cannot be hidden and we prevail at the end. Thank you also for the great work that you are doing with the company of your lawyers and all your collabors. May God bless you.

Reiner Füllmich: [3:25:59]
Thank you very much. We are all in this together, and we are extremely grateful for your support. We hope you’re going to have a great weekend, and you can relax and find spirituality– which you probably have already found; we’re still looking for it. But thank you very very much indeed.

Archbishop Viganò: [3:28:21]
xxxx God bless you, and goodbye now. Bye bye.

Reiner Füllmich:

Viviane Fischer:
Thank you. Goodbye.

Reiner Füllmich:

Viviane Fischer:
Wow, Reiner. … [continuing from simultaneous translation]
I really find that this was very important. I thought that this puzzle metaphor was very impressive– that even if you only see a small part of the picture, you can divine how things might fit together and that you can then put the other jigsaw puzzle pieces into place more easily. We keep finding more pieces, ever more pieces, and– but they all fit together, and we can see what’s happening here.

Reiner Füllmich:
Exactly. It’s very important that what we’ve heard of the experts _en detail_ is confirmed by his assessment. He sees it like we’ve seen the parts, he’s seeing the big picture already. He has much more access to detailed sources. I can only say: that was absolutely necessary. We will reach many many more people than we were able to reach with a small part of the puzzle in the [past], because this man has an absolute high reputation. They can falsify Wikipedia however much they like. He’s so authentic. What else can you be in his position if you stand up and say, “I speak up now.” What do you think, Wolfgang?

Dr Wolfgang Wodarg: [3:28:07]
Well I think that’s the best argument for the true value of his– the truth in his words. If somebody in _his_ position does what he does, he knows, you know, that he only does it because he feels he has to. So I have every respect for it.

Reiner Füllmich:
I think this is absolutely, overwhelmingly impressive. And that shows us that must be our motivation to carry on what we do. Even so much more– I see it more and more clear, especially in the light of the legal side pushing out further. I still do think that we’ll just sweep up the rubble at the end, because of a higher power will intervene. But we will all do it also, and still complain and file suits wherever it makes sense to show we are there. We’ll get ya! And we will.

Viviane Fischer:
I also found it interesting to consider where the monkey pox– we had an ad-hoc meeting Uli Kammerer and myself spoke about the details earlier today, and _deja vu_ aspects we have here. And I think that if we hadn’t made this preliminary work and all these people didn’t contribute to it, so we _know_ who had seen patient number one, both with covid and with the monkey pox, and what are the actual vaccination damages, and how do they match or reflect to the supposed symptoms of monkey pox.

All of this would not be possible if so many people hadn’t started such– at such an early time to deal with all of this. And that makes it much harder for the other side to come up with something now that is an entirely surprising novelty that everybody needs to get their heads around. So I think it’s very important that we’ve collected this body of knowledge so we have a better idea of what’s happening here now.

Dr Wolfgang Wodarg:
I think it’s also good that he had no fear of naming the political function of the Ukraine crisis. And the– also mentioning who benefits, who profits from it, and that the political– that the political opposition is tabooed as well. And… they never say what they should think in parliament any more. That’s a very bad situation, and I do think that we already live in a totalitarian situation, already. That has to stop immediately. We are a free, democratic state. We’ve got the human rights. We’ve got our constitution. And I insist on fighting for it and not letting these people take it away from us, following other objectives. Our basic law is fantastic, and I’ll fight for it, and I want to do that. Everybody who is in the army swears an oath on it. All officers swear an oath. All policemen swear an oath for it. Let’s go for it.

Reiner Füllmich: [3:31:55]
We will, Wolfgang. Our constitution isn’t similar to the US constitution by coincidence. The Americans here see it, and hopefully, ever more people will see it in Germany. And I think an important step has been taken today with the words spoken by [Archbishop] Vigamo. As you said, his courage is the best arguments corroborating the truth of his words. You wouldn’t just do this without good reason, and his courage goes much further than I would have thought: he named the people responsible in the Catholic Church, and I think that is very important, so they can’t hide either any more.

Dr Wolfgang Wodarg: [3:32:41]
Well. This was a risk of life for the people who did this in the past.

Viviane Fischer:
In this context we really have to look more closely who are the people in the shadows. Who benefits from this. And we will formulate a few questions, identities that we want to know more about, and we would call on all viewers to participate in this and to participate in the research. We will post on the Facebook channel who we would like to look at in more detail, with structures, which companies that we need to know more about. And we would like to ask you to chip in to do research together with us, so that we can bring our combined brainpower together, so that we can de-mask the people, the gray eminences is behind everything.

So please subscribe to our channel so you’re kept up to date on what we’re planning to do. So it will be good if we could connect and we got some images from historic events. We will go into more research– it’s very interesting, and I think all of these things will then finally allow us to tighten the noose, as it were.

I think this takes us to the end of the session.
I wanted to repeat again because some people asked: we have not fallen out with Oval Media. No, we are indeed cooperating even more closely. We just thought that it would be easier if we foot their bill and therefore we Will be focusing our call for donations on ourselves. So that if you want to continue supporting us or Oval, then please send the donations to us. They, of course, do a lot of. great stuff as well. So you may check out Oval Media or their channels. They have a lot of interesting formats as well, and it keeps growing as well, a lot of things that are being presented there. Feel free to watch that as well. Then we also have a new bank connection. Please check it out on our website. I don’t know if it is shown on screen right now. So if you wish you can make a standing order. And we need this money in order to remain afloat and independent, so that we continue our work. Reiner, is there anything else to say, do we have anything to show?

Dr Wolfgang Wodarg:
When are we going to have the video on the monkey pox?

Viviane Fischer:
Well I think it has been shot. We need to edit it again, so I think it can be put up tomorrow by the latest.

Dr Wolfgang Wodarg:
It’s important to announce it, so that people know it.

Viviane Fischer:
We’ll do that on the channel as well, but I’m not sure if it is already cut. I have a version that I’ve stored, but I couldn’t upload it yet because of the Corona Committee meeting now.




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Diese Daten sind nicht bestimmten Personen zuordenbar. Eine Zusammenführung dieser Daten mit anderen Datenquellen wird nicht vorgenommen. Wir behalten uns vor, diese Daten nachträglich zu prüfen, wenn uns konkrete Anhaltspunkte für eine rechtswidrige Nutzung bekannt werden.
Wenn Sie uns per Kontaktformular Anfragen zukommen lassen, werden Ihre Angaben aus dem Anfrageformular inklusive der von Ihnen dort angegebenen Kontaktdaten zwecks Bearbeitung der Anfrage und für den Fall von Anschlussfragen bei uns gespeichert. Diese Daten geben wir nicht ohne Ihre Einwilligung weiter.
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