Foundation Corona Committee, 87th meeting on January 14th 2021

Riccardo Umberto Guerrino Bosi (Leader of the Party: Australia One, Australia)

in conversation with Viviane Fischer, Reiner Fuellmich.

(Original language: English)

[Transkript vom Team + Ed]

Reiner Füllmich: [01:11:02]
Now we’re going to switch to Ricardo Bosi. He is the leader of Australia One, the party Australia One. He is a former Australian army lieutenant colonel. And he’s going to tell us about the situation in Australia, how China is a threat to Australia and the rest of the world, and he’s also going to give us a… view at the light at the end of the tunnel.

So here we are. I know it’s very late. I know it’s past 10 o’clock P.M. in Australia, so again, I apologize for keeping you waiting, but I hope it was interesting to listen to Mattias.

Ricardo Bosi:RiccardoBosi-87
Reiner, good evening, good evening. It’s… fantastic actually. It’s a lovely insight into their edition of those who are struggling to deal with this. It is very very encouraging, and… it’s interesting he finished on… the morality, because I’m running a piece exactly on that now, about the requirements for moral people being key to Australia One’s future success in dealing with not just the physical damage being done to the Australian population, but the psychological damage being done, not only individually but collectively to the entire nation’s soul, when the the full depravity of what is being visited upon us is revealed. And it’s a… fascinating insight– in fact, do you mind if I just kick on that point there, because it’s actually– it in– it informs… the question of how’s it going and the light at the end of the tunnel. Because… the… part of the end state of what Australia One wants to achieve for Australia is a moral, self-reliant, Christian western democracy which is economically powerful, militarily intimidating, politically free, socially cohesive, and and culturally vibrant.

And that’s not a marketing statement, that’s actually a… to-do list. And it kicks off with a moral people. And in order to… execute that, or achieve that set of objectives, you know, something like a moral people must be clearly defined. And the, and– But in a practical, short sense, the… philosophy must be understood: natural law, a divine creator the source of the values that underpin it, what is the highest good.

But the way I have defined it– and this actually answers the question in a very roundabout way, about how’s it going in Australia and the light at the end of the tunnel. For me, for the purposes of achieving this for the country, a moral people is defined as a community who through conscious acts of free will achieve the highest good. And I’ll say that again. because iike my definitions to be short but pregnant with meaning And it… demands questioning after that.

A community who through conscious acts of free will be based on agreed values achieving the highest good. But, you know, the accusation can be made that that’s a useless definition, it’s wholly inadequate, because that question could legitimately be asked, doesn’t this describe the basis of any group, whether it’s a criminal enterprise or a totalitarian regime as you’re discussing.

And of course, it does. Because what is the highest good? What are the source of the agreed values? What is the source of free will? And what I like about it is: it requires the re… [glitch] …and start to define for themselves what is the source of free will? What is the source of the agreed values and the highest good? And this, as I’ve explained tonight, because I’ve just come back from a three-and-a-half hour question and answer session with 1200 supporters in the city of Newcastle, just north of Sydney.

So I’ve been on my hind legs for the last three and a half hours, and so I’m, I guess I’m already reving at about 11,000 RPM to go.

But it’s fascinating. A moral people. And… Just as an adolescent– and I actually said this tonight– just as an adolescent grows and develops, and discards inadequate understandings as they grow older; we as a nation, we are very young, in a… political sense. We’ve never have to fight on our own soil for our own country. And now we find ourselves in a period of history without precedent. It really is, by every metric. And getting… the message through– you were talking about leading horses to water. It’s an interesting process, watching the people slowly understand that all thatt they have trusted, all of their lives, is now up for questioning. Everything, every aspect of– there isn’t one aspect that you can now take for granted. Now that’s… a shock to most people, but it’s terribly liberating for the soul, to realise: I must take responsibility.

And so now it’s– it forces them to ask the question what is the higest good? And we get these agreed values and and… the source of it all. So, that… explains the Australian experience. I suppose I’m going ti answer the first– the second question first: what’s the light at the end of the tunnel? I’ll tell you what: the globalists misread the Australian character quite profoundly. They thought we were somnambulent sheep, just watching sport and hoping everything would go away.And what they don’t realize is that: we’re very slow to anger, very slow to anger. And that’s a wonderful quality to have, but sometimes you get a bit frustrated and you say, “Come on, let’s go.” But the beauty of it is– and we’re actually a creation, in part, of the… globalists. They’ve taught us, in trying to make us as soft as possible, we’ve really adopted that egalitarian mindset: what is fair, what is right, what is good, what is the highest good?

And the credit they’re our master. Because we already had, the Australian people already had this “fair go” concept. It’s an Australian expression, “Give ’em a fair go”. Leave something to somebody else. You know, don’t take the lot. And so the globalists built on that by shoving down our throats, like they did the rest of the world, what is right and what is wrong. And it fit in nicely with us. And so when the globalists started behaving in a less than fair manner, it really struck a chord in a… very negative way, with many Australians. And they started to stand up. But we take the hit, we take the hit, we take the hit. It’s in our national character. Rommel pounded Tobruk mercilessly, and the Australians and the New Zealanders just dug in and they took the hit. And they’d sneak out of a night time. And much respected as he was, he had tremendous respect for the Australians and New Zealanders after that, because he just admired their tenacity to hang on under a terrible bombardment.

And… that’s exactly what we do. We take hit. We don’t start wars, but by Christ we can finish them. And that’s where we are now. We’re getting a lot of Australians waking up slowly, but they they are waking up. And it’s… a very encouraging place we find ourselves in. Now sure you’ve been getting a lot of negative press about what’s happening and that’s true. But we understand many of us do, a good percentage in fact, understand that this is all they have left. The… globalists have lost. they– if they were in charge of the narrative, they were controlling the story, they would still be in charge. But here’s what you’re probably not hearing. The premiere of one of our states, of New South Wales, Gladys Berejiklian, was removed. The chief of police, the commissioner of New South Wales police– the same state– was removed. MPs– members of Parliament– are resigning by the handful. The threats by the state premiers are so ludicrous now as to be laughable. You know, $20,000 fine for turning up to work without being vaxed. $5000– from one state, $5000 a day for turning out in another state the turning up to work unvaxed. It is just silly, and we know that all they have left is generating fear.

Now they’re still showing their agenda, but they have lost. We have won. This… the good news is, in the short term– and I’ll stop so you can press me for some questions and some clarification, if you wish– this could be over in… several months and perhaps even weeks, easily. Because now the… injection of children and we’ve had reports, although I can’t verify them exactly, but we’ve had reports of maybe five or six children have died. And the Australians are waking up, and they are very quick to protect their young, and they are going to have a very hard time pushing back. Because once the Australians get a head of steam up, they’re very difficult to control. As I said, we don’t start them, but we can finish fights quite nicely.
So yes, bad things are happening here, but the people are motivated. The people are waking up, even those that had one or two injections. are now saying, that’s not– this is ridiculous. Hang on a minute. This is… just stupid. And… so I’m optimistic, I really am. There’s damage to be dealt with, but I think… we’re on the right side of this war now.

Reiner Füllmich [01:19:52]
Is it– because Mattias just explained to us, when Viviane asked, well, what if the other side pushes harder and harder in order to provoke us into into a violent reaction? And Mattias said he doesn’t believe that’s going to happen. And as an example, he talked about Mccall, who was literally calling for war against the unvaccinated. And he says this did not– this wasn’t taken well by most people, because even the vaccinated don’t want to go to war, and they don’t want to go after those who are not vaccinated. Is that true for Australia as well? Because you’re saying they’re taking the hit, taking the hit. But there is a point at which they’re… they’ve… they’re– everyone is going to decide, “I have to fight back.” Is… that– has it come to that in Australia, with the introduction of mandatory vaccinations for children? Was that a red line that pushed even those who were in line with the government, towards us, towards the resistance?

Ricardo Bosi [01:21:09]
Yes, without a doubt. The vaccination of children is… that line in the sand. And they have attended many many times to provoke us into violent response, because that’s what they’re after. They wanted us to respond, to give them the excuse to come down even harder with their draconian measures. But once again they misread us. We were– people were horrified, I mean, there’s countless videos of… men and women and children being thrown to the ground, as if, you know, the way you would treat an armed and dangerous and violent criminal. And what it did do, it shocked and horrified us. But the Australians, once again we are very… measured, believe it or not. And we are horrified, but it didn’t provide that violent response. In fact, they were egging it on. In fact they’ve passed legislation which allows our Department of Homeland Security to interfere with other people’s websites, fabricate posts, remove posts, edit posts to create that sort of environment, in order to paint a group like us– and we’re very middle-of-the-road nationalist party, national and sense of looking after ourselves. We’re not internationalist in our view. We obviously engage with others, but– and they try to paint us as some right-wing extremists, which is just insane. There’s nothing right-wing about us.

So they have attempted to put– to provoke us and every attempt has failed, no matter how grotesque it was. We’ve had two people self-immolate in the city of Melbourne, which is probably the most locked-down city in the country. They– within a couple of weeks of each other they burnt themselves to death in the cars. Again people were horrified. But once again we– they– we have not responded as they would have wished. They would have liked some lunatic to grab a weapon and fire a shot. Nobody did that. They know. And I’ve explained to my people– I’m probably the only political leader in the country who can actually run an efficient “coup d’état,” given my military background. And not that we ever want to, because that is a wound we don’t want to open, because that wound in a nation’s history never fully heals.

But even if I wanted to– look at the… geographic disposition of the population. As you look at all the factors involved, you couldn’t run a coup d’etat in Australia. It just wouldn’t work, even if you wanted to. All you would do– and I’ve said this over and over again– if anybody did decide to grab a weapon and do something silly, it would just send the entire movement back. But there’s never been any real concern. I’m sure there are people who think it… might occur, but no. They have never managed to provoke us into violence, which has frustrated them immensely. They… have misread us.

And I think it puts the lie to the story of the globalists have been selling about humanity generally: we are this cancer on the planet; we’re racist, misogynist, violent, and and we need to be removed. Well, actually, they’re just projecting their own qualities onto us. The average human is a decent person they have very modest goals– to work, get married, buy a house, have children, educate the children, go on holidays a couple of times a year perhaps, and leave a nestegg for the kids when they pass. I mean, it’s not like we are raping the planet. They are the rapists, and we are just good, decent folk. And they have been telling us this lie that we’re this awful breed that’s destroying the planet, and they need a Great Reset.

And we know it’s a lie, because they have… piled upon us, you know, egregious acts of violence and… deception and betrayal. And yet we patiently say we will…. do this in a non-violent, non-cooperative way, because we know what is right and wrong, and what they’re doing is wrong, and we will win. And sure, it’s frustrating and it’s tiring, and… some people, I guess, will never wake. But as I tell our supporters, we don’t need everybody. We just need enough because we will win this in the end. We will outlast them.

Viviane Fischer: [01:24:58]
But you know I think it’s also a problem they have with the psychological structure of like the two groups, basically . Because like, do you know, professor Ballard, he, he’s– they did some research on like–

Reiner Füllmich:
He’s a professor of psychology.

Viviane Fischer:
Yeah. So he did some research on the… structure of the people who get vaccinated, you know, the psychological structure. And it’s– it is actually a lot of people who want to be socially accepted, you know, want to be like, softly swim with the crowd. And they don’t want to have any stress. They don’t want to have any, you know, be aggressive to others. It’s actually like, a rather, you know, complying, soft. I mean, you know, take in that sense. I mean, looking– okay, they’ve been mass-formated, so it’s maybe a little bit different. But in general, you know, it’s these people who are… the less reticent and the less, you know, aggressive folks, to some extent, you know. They don’t want to have any trouble. And when you look at us, you know, we’re the ones whose– I mean, I’m sure that’s the same thing for the Australians– we believe in the dignity of the human… being, you know, of our basic law, of our, you know, these… the… protection of our individual freedoms. So we are, in general, not the ones who would go there and like, you know, just chase you off your land. Because we respect you as a human being, and I wouldn’t go out there and just like, hit your, chop your head off, because I think that I have the right to do– No, because you are a digniful, you know, human being, and that’s the last thing I would do.

So in general with the resistance there’s also not really– do we want to– we just don’t want to play along, and we think this is wrong, and we point our fingers to it, but we don’t want to be aggressive ourselves. So that it’s very hard to get these two groups to start violently, you know, working against one another. So I think that’s also one of, another dilemma they have, when they’re trying to even ignite like, a civil war or something like that.

Reiner Fullmich: [01:27:02]
They’re working– They’re working hard at this. You probably, you’ve seen it on television, how they’re trying to start a war in the Ukraine or in Southeast Asia, but thus far the people are not playing along.

Ricardo Bosi: [01:27:15]
Their understanding of human psychology is almost first-year psych student level. I mean, they’re not serious. I mean, it’s not my… long suit. But all you have to do is raise a few children to adulthood, and you watch the process in action, and you know, what you’re saying about those who are likely to be motivated or will be accepted by the crowd, they have an external locus of control, and the rest of us may have an internal locus of control. And we’re less moved to pursue acceptance by others. Aggression isn’t necessarily a byproduct or the inhabitant of that psychological mindset. It’s, sometimes it’s just like a limpet on a rock. It’s… just not going to move. It’s not going to fight back, but it’s not going to move. And that’s where the globalists have really failed miserably. The way– I mean, the plan is exquisitely designed and patiently implemented, but it’s… flawed its understanding of the human the human mind and the psychology.

And the… one part that they… really misread is that the Christian ethic. And… Australia is a Christian country. Over 50 percent of the country identifies Christian. And so– and… our culture is Christian. At the center of every culture, as you can imagine– it has many parts, but at the heart of every culture, which determines its… real future is its spiritual beliefs. And the Christian ethic is what permeates every… aspect of Australia. And I was interviewing an old communist union boss who became a Christian, and he remembers when he was a young bloke and fully imbued with the… communist theories, he wanted to take on the Christians. One of the old communists said to him, “Oh, don’t wake up the Christians, because once you wake them, they are fearless.” Because we– and we go back to that what is a moral people, we talk about what is the source of their free will, what is the source of their values, what is their highest good? A Christian will go straight back to their God, which is for them pure love. And for which they will do– they will sacrifice, not kill but sacrifice all. And so the old communist said, “Never wake up the Christians.”

And once again, we know that the globalists have specifically attacked the Christian religions for decades, for exactly this reason. But– and they… penetrated the churches, they– in a depraved way. They undermined revealed religion with social religion. And this is part of their process. We understand that. But at its heart, they fail to understand the Christian mindset and how deeply rooted it sits in a… human being. And they will sacrifice. They won’t kill, they will sacrifice. And again, without realizing it, this… reluctance to fight. I can certainly say on the part of the Australians– I don’t know other nations, but certainly on the part of the Australians– is this, without even realizing it, this grace, this “turn the other cheek”, this is what we call “a fair go”, in a very Australian vernacular kind of a way.

But that’s why– and they misread it badly. And that’s why I think we’re going to win. It’s, it– we rely on that. When it comes down to the heart of it, yeah, am I my brother’s keeper? Well yes, we are, and we know that, and we do that. We take care of each other. And as I think you said, Reiner, it’s… instinctive. You know, children are not _tabula rasa_, blank slates. We know that. Again, anybody that’s raised a child knows that they are born with predispositions and attitudes…. and objectives in life. And so again, their understanding is quite weak. And because of that, we… are going to– we are in a very strong position to achieve what we want to achieve. Which is, as I said, very modest goals. We are sovereign beings. We have the right to determine our future. We have the right to determine how we are governed and by whom. And… there are limits beyond which we will not go and they should not progress.

So I’m– look, there’s a lot of pain to come, the clean up of this horrendous situation, as I said, will take years. But the– in terms of the outcome, certainly in Australia; and I think it’s been said, we’re almost like the test case. They wanted to get us down first and then, like a franchise, take it to the other countries to see how they could work it. Well, if we were their first model, they’re going to be highly disappointed, because they’re not going to win. That have already lost; we are winning. A1– our organisation, we’re just a small group of– let’s face it– a group of nobodies from nowhere; and in two years, we’ve gone from that, to having tens of thousands, a hundred thousand supporters internationally known and respected. And the fact that you wanted to interview us, A. One, Reiner, was a huge compliment to us, because we’ve been desperately– you know, we’d love to interview you, because–

Reiner Füllmich:
Any time, any time.

Ricardo Bosi: [01:31:56]
What you… are doing– we watch… you quite closely. And you’re an heroic character here in Australia. I’m not being overly complimentary; it’s just true. And the fact that you wanted to speak to us was just wonderful, and it’s a sign that– of how much success we as Australians– forget Australia-1 and the party– that we’re having in getting the word out that that we can win this and we will win this, and there’s a way to do it, and it’s… a moral… solution. It’s a patient and measured solution. And… we will not compromise our decency and our humanity to win. And it’s easy enough to do that. It’s…. the difference between killing for your cause and dying for your cause.

And it comes back to the Christian ethic where Christ, you know, he gave it all on the cross. And that’s… the model that Christians follow, whether they know it or not.

Reiner Füllmich: [01:32:41]
I think you pointed to an extremely important difference between them and us. It is not us who are polluting this world, who are taking advantage of other people, who are robbing and stealing– it’s them. This corona thing is just a diversionary tactic. We’re going to show this in our international criminal trial. It’s just a diversionary tactic, because they want to get us– they want to distract our attention from what’s really going on, how this criminal, highly criminal financial– they call themselves a financial industry, which is a misnomer, because they’re just robber barons– how this financial mafia has looted and plundering– plundered our public coffers. The first time they tried to do that was 11 years ago when the housing and financial crisis erupted, with Lehman collapsing. That is when we should have stepped in. Well, we didn’t, because we thought that our leaders, our governments would do the job for us, not understanding that our governments are not our governments any more, but they’ve been taken over by these globalists, by Mister Global.

And even then, they tried to distract our attention by making the swine flu, which was ultimately, as Wolfgang explained to the world’s public, a mild flu– by making this, by changing the definition of a pandemic and making this into a pandemic. Same thing happened again at the end of 2019. Again, they needed something to distract our attention, because as we have just learned– a brother of mine is a banker. I used to be… a banker myself. He’s an American banker, used to work for Deusche Bank just like myself. And he says you know what happened when they had this global bankers’ meeting at– what is it?– Jackson Hole in Wyoming. There is a– and we have this, we’re going to publish this, there is a summary… of the financial, of the world’s financial situation by BlackRock. And they explicitly said my– I’m using my own words here– “Oh my God, this is going to implode. We’re going to have to come up with some drastic measures.” Drastic measures meaning, we have to distract the people’s attention from this.

So when this whole picture will come out and with all the people in– even in Australia, now– realizing that they have to have– they have to exercise their own free will, have to ask questions. They’re going to understand what’s going on. And that is when they’re going to know: it’s not us who are destroying this earth. It’s the other ones. They’re projecting their own evil deeds on us. Once this is clear, and I think we’re very close to this, we’re going to do the right thing. We’re– all of us are going to rise up. It’s going to be in a peaceful manner, because as you said, anything else would probably be self-destructive. That’s what they want us to do. But I’m surprised to see how you’re so calmly explaining, because you’re a former special services, special forces, rather, soldier. I was a soldier, and I tend not to turn the other cheek. I don’t do that, but I do know that it would be completely counter-effective cont– it would be completely disastrous if we now turned and… decided to fight back in a violent way. What we have to do is expose everything. As you said, most people are beginning to understand. We have to ask… we have to question everything. All of the things that they taught us are probably lies, but we’re… onto them.

The big thing is: how much power do they have over the police forces and the military? How is that in… Australia?

Ricardo Bosi: [01:36:43]
In terms of the the police force, almost exclusive. The– what what I refer to, and I do this intentionally. I’m quite quite rude. The the Masonic filth that has penetrated the… police forces, and that is state police and the federal police, is almost complete.

Reiner Füllmich:

Ricardo Bosi: [01:36:59]
Certainly there are many…junior… police officers who are not quite there yet. But in order to progress beyond a certain rank, say sargeant and above, you’ve really got to be part of the crowd, Now, yeah, as we know, many of the junior level Masons think it’s just a gentleman’s club for progressing your career. But we also know that depending on how depraved you are, you can work your way up from pedophilia through to Satanic ritual abuse of the people. The top are quite– quite sick. And so my estimation is that just about every state police force is… thoroughly penetrated. And it was the– and the federal places well. As I explained tonight, that the… the good police, and there are many good police in there as well, they’re going to have to rehabilitate the reputation of the police in the minds of the people, because I can tell you, many of us used to look at the police and… we had a very good relationship. They were genuinely… there to protect the people.

But now you see a cop car in the back of your… rear-view mirror, and there are unpleasant those going through the head. And yes, I… turn the other cheek in one respect, but I can tell you… Reiner, when the time comes, Nuremberg 2.0 in Australia is going to be… there’ll be more than a pound of flesh be taken out, because the people will demand it, and we’ll make sure that we deliver it. They will pay. But the… police force, the police forces are thoroughly… penetrated. The military, the why I understand it– the three services: army is fully, is– to get above a certain rank you’ve got to be a Mason; and navy has its own depraved little club; airforce is slightly different. But again, they’recontrolled. They follow orders. The best and brightest don’t get to the top, because you don’t want a strong-willed… thoughtful, intelligent individual as chief of army. You want somebody who will do what he’s told. You need a not-too- bright, presents well, looks good, and can follow orders. And the orders don’t come from government and the… it comes from somewhere else.

So we’re in a… bit of a problem, David, that… can be resolved, that… in and of itself is just another issue to deal with down the track when… the collapse does come. See, from our perspective, anybody that’s been a Mason is guilty of treason or sedition, depending on how bad it is. Because they’ve taken a oath contrary to that which they should have taken, and served the nation and been loyal to the nation.

And so we’ll be… we’ve already anticipated how we’re going to approach this, and we predicate all out plans on having to do it on our own. But if… we get assistance from overseas, from groups like yourself, for example, that would be more than welcome to make sure we advance in a measured and lawful and legal way. Because, again, we have to deal with this properly. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to be the least bit squeamish when it comes to meting out the correct punishment. And one of our first policies is the reintroduction of the death penalty for treason and life in prison without the possibility of parole for high levels of sedition. And those, both of those definitions have been watered down by progressive governments, because they know they’re for the hihg jump if they ever get caught. So yeah, we… suspect that both are fully penetrated. And that’s why they have failed to respond to what are patently unlawful commands. And the Australian military, like just about every, certainly the western militaries on the planet, they are required by military law to disobey unlawful commands. It’s not a choice. They _must_ disobey, and every soldier knows that.

And as you said, if you’re told that they shoot kids, yeah– I’m sorry but that’s just, that, that’s not a gray area at all. That is not a gray area, injecting them just blindly. “I’m was doing my duty.” It’s a common battle cry here– “I was doing my duty” wasn’t a defense in Nuremberg 1.0, and it won’t be a defense in Nuremberg 2.0.

Viviane Fischer: [01:40:51]
Well– and I have a question: how do you know about these, like, Mason connections–

Reiner Füllmich:
I was going to ask the same question, because we’ve heard all these rumors from, not just Australia, but other parts of the world, as well– including Germany. Do you have concrete evidence for that? Does it, is it, do you know that in order to climb up the ranks you have to be part of this?

Ricardo Bosi:
Yeah, I can’t reveal exactly how I know what I know.

Reiner Füllmich:
Of course not, yeah.

Ricardo Bosi: [01:41:17]
But I have sufficient personal experience and knowledge of the system to make that statement quite… quite confidently as well as my experiences. Intelligence– absolutely trusted A1 intelligence. Not A1 as in our organisation, but reliable and… good. We know exactly how it works. Most of you remember I made a statement back in October saying, “You’ve got to the first of November to come clean, join on the good side. If you don’t, you’ve signed your own death warrant.” And people say, “Well, nobody… it didn’t have any effect.” Yes it did. And we received sufficient sound intelligence to know exactly how that has been working and has worked for years. By years, I mean decades and decades and decades. And they cover for each other. And they always _have_ covered for each other.

Reiner Füllmich: [01:42:13]
That is… actually quite disturbing, because these– of course, we have known that there are these secret societies, including the Freemasons, and we have seen in our own party here in Germany– we’re the… leaders of the– Viviane and myself are now the leaders of this party. It has a membership of, I think, some 32 or 34,000 people, which is pretty good for German standards. And we’ve seen concrete evidence for some Freemasons having infiltrated this party. However, we’ve exposed them, which wasn’t so hard to do. But, you know, I used to think that this is a minor problem, but it doesn’t seem to be a minor problem. It seems to be pervasive, not just here but, if you– I mean, what you’re saying is that both the police and the military is thoroughly infiltrated by these secret societies in particular the Freemasons.

Ricardo Bosi: [01:43:15]
Yeah, at the highest level, absolutely.

Reiner Füllmich:

Ricardo Bosi:
When you’re talking about Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners in the police, and when you talk about the Generals, Admirals and Air Marshalls– yes. The secret societies are well and truly in there.

Reiner Füllmich:

Viviane Fischer:

Ricardo Bosi:
But again, from our perspective, it’s just another problem to solve. And we just look at it logically, dispassionately– how do we– how did we get here, how do we fix it, how do we stop it happening again? We go through those– three-step process with every policy that we have to design for the nation.

Reiner Füllmich:

Ricardo Bosi: [01:43:47]
And… we just come up with the solutions. And we will just progressively make sure, for example, no Mason will ever serve in any government position ever again, under penalty of either prison for sedition or death penalty for treason.

Reiner Füllmich:

Ricardo Bosi:
It’s really straightforward, because you can’t, you can notbe a slave to two masters, as an old book says. And they either serve the country or they’ve don’t. And it’s… the game that they’ve been playing for… decades now– the political parties are the same. It’s just a game. Well, that’s about to stop. The people are sovereign. This is a concept that many Australians don’t quite get, because… Australians aren’t generally politically active, and therefore their general understanding of– a… good proportion of Australians, many do, but many don’t understand the.. fundamentals of sovereignty and the role of a representative government and where the sovereignty is derived.

And… so part of what I do when I’m speaking to the crowds is I remind them that they are sovereign.

Reiner Füllmich:

Ricardo Bosi: [01:44:45]
That the government only… governs with their consent. And this is genuinely shocking to some people. I remember doing a– I was speaking to a group not far from where I am now a couple years back. I was talking about sovereignty. A young barmaid– I love telling the story because it’s… quite instructive. A young barmaid was pouring drinks but had one ear leaning over listening to what was being said in the… conference room. And she came up to me later and said, “But I’m just a barmaid.” And I said, “Yes, and you are sovereign. The government’s power is derived from you.” And the look on her face was… a revelation. Her eyes were like dinner plates, as it dawned on her that she was actually the source of the government’s power.

Because many people actually believe that the Prime Ministers can do what they want. They’re not constrained by constitutions convention or… any moderating factor. And so it’s… a very much an educative process and we all start in ignorance, so it’s not like, you know, we are better than anybody else. Everyone at some point believed what we were told. And at some point, at different times in our lives, we woke up and realized, “Hang on a minute. This is something not right here. And so this educational process is foundational to our success, in fact. Because I spent a lot of time inside of the… state coordinators… of the organisation spent a lot of time explaining to… an otherwise unknowing public, exactly what’s going on, and why, and what the solutions will be.

And once they get it, it’s… quite straightforward. Because our party– and… we want to roll this out to the entire nation– we make sure that the power rests with the people. It’s not a top-down organization. Certainly, we… have the structure, we drive the policies, and we make sure that we have a view for the nation, which is sound. And if they agree with it, then join us. But the power rests with them: they elected of their representatives, they can sack their representatives if they let them down, and so on.

And so that’s something we’re going to… roll out to the nation when we become the party of government, and I’m confident we will. Because the other parties are… they’re fetid carcasses. They stink, and their members are leaving them in droves.

Reiner Füllmich:

Ricardo Bosi:
And because… we are not trying to grab their members. What we’re saying is: this is your party. Please take control of your country. Take your country back, at a local level, at an electorate level, at a town, city, state and nation. And they love the message, because it’s– they’re the ones that will be doing the work.

Reiner Füllmich: [01:47:01]
I think that’s what it’s all about, Ricardo. That’s really the main point: it’s _our_ sovereignty, it’s not their’s. Their’s is… derived from us. And if we pull the plug, that’s the end of them. That is exactly what we’re trying to do in this country, what I know our American friends are doing, and also our Canadian friends are doing. Explain to the people something that should be self-understood: that it’s _us_ who have the power. We don’t need anyone to give us any rights. We have liberty, we have a free will it is nothing that the government can give us. And if they try to take it away from us, they have to give us a very good reason for that. They can’t take it away in some in some cases, maybe it makes sense to infringe on these rights to a certain degree. But what is happening right now is: they’re trying to get rid of democracy, in favor of totalitarianism. And that must not happen. So that is, in my view, the most important point to make– that it’s us, it’s the people, it’s– that’s how the American Constitution starts: “We the people…”. That is what the east Germans chanted and brought the wall down. We are the people. That’s what it’s all about. It’s not them. They’re the ones who are trying to, who have been looting and plundering our public coffers for decades. And this is this, has got to stop. I think it was Margaret Thatcher who, when she was in office, in complete disgust of the EU– and as we now know, she was correct– she she said, “I want my money back.” We should… get our sovereignty back, because these bastards have no right to take it from us.

There’s one other thing that I wanted to ask you about. What do you… think is the role of the Chinese in this?

Ricardo Bosi:
The Chinese, they are the test bed for the control system to be rolled out across the planet. Bit of history that most people don’t know about China. And it is– it’s important. World War II, Chiang Kaishek was fighting– the democratic Chinese leader was fighting alongside Mao Tse Tung, who was no better– was just a criminal thug that was placed in charge, a murdering criminal thug. General Wedemeyer was the American general overseeing the Chinese theater of operations. And as the war was drawing to an end, General George C. Marshall, the then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States Army, told Wedemeyer to make sure that Mao Tse Tung’s communists formed 50 percent of the post-war Chinese government. And Wedemeyer said, you’re insane. Mao Tse Tung is just a murdering criminal. You know, we’ve got Chiang Kaishek. This is the guy we should be backing.

Well deep state, as it was back then, was already in operation. And George C. Marshall suggests we strip to Chiang Kai Shek of their armaments and their capacity to fight. And then he raced off to Taiwan, as we know. And they effectively handed 600,000,000 Chinese over to Mao Tse Tung.

Now over the the course of the post-war period, they refined to the Chinese system…. In order to createe this– first of all, their primary objective was to create an enemy for them to fight against, so they could create this… fictitious bipolar world where they could create wars and threats in order to do what they do. As you know, wars are big business, and that you need somebody to be frightened of and scared of, legitimately or otherwise.

And so China was… developed that way. And then China was continually developed. And so it was used for many… reasons. but towards the end, China was developed– and as we know, the Chinese communist party is not a sovereign government, it’s a criminal cartel. The social credit system has been developed to a very sophisticated degree and tested in China. And so that’s the test bed for the control system. Yeah, we know the communism is not a system designed to free the the worker from servitude, any more than unchecked capitalism is… the only way to… free the masses from poverty.

Reiner Füllmich:

Ricardo Bosi: [01:51:08]
But that’s what they wanted to sell us. And so China– is it a threat? Yes, of course it is, because it is still a powerful adversary, whether you like it or not. But its main role was to be the test bed for social credit, and then the enforcer and builder of the the… systems around which the globalists were going to physically control the globe. But as– in terms of: are thay a national threat to our sovereignty? That’s not their role in life. Their role is to do the bidding of the globalists.

Reiner Füllmich:
Um-hm. Um-hm.

Ricardo Bosi:
Their… systems– their army is large, and… they don’t have to be good. Korea was a measure of that. They would just send human-wave attacks. They didn’t care how many they killed; they have complete disregard for human life. Their navy is growing quite rapidly, although… sophistication isn’t their long suit. It looks impressive, but like many armies and navies and air forces around the world, just don’t press them too hard, because they won’t function terribly well.

So are they other dangers? Yes. Are they a threat? Yes. Are they in a conventional sense a threats to the sovereignty of the nations? No. They are the test bed for the globalists and if you– if they are attacked and destroyed in the right way– and I don’t mean a war against China, a conventional military war– if the control systems are removed… Chinese Communist Party, the leadership, the PLA, the People’s Liberation Army, then it is ceases to be a threat, because the threat comprises two parts capability and will. Capability can be attacked; will can be attacked. But if we take away the leadership of China, then the– there is no threat. The capability remains, but the threat doesn’t… exist, because there is no will to use it against us, if that makes sense. They try to convince us that it’s a conventional… bogeyman, that we must now re-arm and get ready for a… kinetic war.
Complete nonsense, complete lies– they’re selling us another… Nothing-Burger, to use an American expression.

Reiner Füllmich:
Mm-hm. Mm-hm. So in other words, we have to be… aware of their military power, but– even though it’s probably not very sophisticated but very large– but if you take, if we manage to take away their control system, their social-credit system, et cetera, then this whole house of cards, even in China will probably collapse, right?

Ricardo Bosi: [01:53:33]
Correct. You cut the head off the snake, and the snake won’t know what to do. It just won’t know. It’s… designed that way, top-down direction. They need direction. And you already see– you can already see that to some extent. Because the globalists who have been directing activities in Australia– it’s almost like that line has been cut, because the politicians, our politicians I mean, to use an Australian expression, they could organize a… couldn’t find a keg of beer in a brewery. They’re grossly incompetent. And so without clear directions from their masters, they don’t know what to do. And that… partially explains the lunatic instructions and inconsistent and incoherent directions we’re getting, almost on a daily basis.

Reiner Füllmich:

Ricardo Bosi:
It’s laughable, trying to understand what they expect us to do next. And so if we cut the head off the snake, this snake is still there, but it’s lost its… danger. So… the trap is to believe that there’s a conventional war threat from China. The smart move is certainly to understand, as you say, it is a threat, but it should be dealt with in a completely different way, and certainly don’t believe the lies. If they say that we have to go to war with China, any– anybody’s saying that, you know they’re… are a paid-up member of the globalists–

Reiner Füllmich:

Ricardo Bosi:
Or at least taking orders from them. It’s complete nonsense.

Reiner Füllmich: [01:54:51]
That makes perfect sense. I– it makes perfect sense. If I… put this in perspective with everything I’ve read– of course, I don’t have any first-hand experience. The last time I was in China is probably three or four years ago, when I went to Hong Kong and then into mainland China in order to interview a witness for one of my cases, a corruption case. And… I got the feeling– the first thing that I was extremely surprised about, because I had no idea what was going on in China, is: if you go into their larger cities, they are no different from any of our western larger cities.

The other thing is: if you go into the countryside, you sometimes feel as though you’re moving back a century or two in time. And the third thing is that they’re trying to control the entire people in their country by all kinds of different means of electronic surveillance. And that seems to be their weak spot, because people don’t like that. Some of them seem to have adjusted to it, but I spoke with some of the people there– some of the people who… have production facilities in mainland China but really live in Taiwan– and they can, they, they’ve been doing this for centuries, or not centuries, but for decades now. And they have a much clearer view of what’s going on. They’re saying “Yeah, people _seem_ to have adjusted to it, but under the… surface, there’s lots of people who are in full disagreement with these surveillance techniques, which they… if they had a chance, would immediately fight.

So maybe we’re going to just help them.

Ricardo Bosi:
Sounds good to me.

Reiner Füllmich:
Okay. Well, Ricardo I don’t want to keep you any longer, but it was a real pleasure, a– very important insights we’re getting from you. Let’s just keep our connection, and then we’ll topple them, both in Australia and here. It’s all of us connecting that’ll do the trick.

Ricardo Bosi:
Yeah. No, thank you so much. It’s been an absolute pleasure. And yes, I will give you a call and we’ll do an interview with you and let us, give us a few tips on Nuremberg 2.0. That will be much appreciated by the Australian people.

Reiner Füllmich:
Absolutely. Yeah. Well thank you very, very much, and have a great weekend.

Ricardo Bosi:
Thank you, I will. Thank you to both of you.

Reiner Füllmich: [01:57:17]
Yes, thank you.


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