Corona Investigative Committee, 140th Session on January 27th, 2023

Sasha Latypova

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Entrepreneur

(Original language: English)

[Transcript from Team + Ed]

Viviane Fischer:
Now we have a guest where I will have to go back to the English language again now. Alexander Sasha Latypova, are you with us?

Sasha Latypova:
Yes, hi Viviane.

Viviane Fischer:
Hello. Nice to see you again. … Let me just, let… me just say a few words to your background. So you’re a pharmaceutical and medical device entrepreneur. And you have most of your professional experience in pharma and medical industries, with specific focus on development, validation, regulatory acceptance and commercialization of new clinical technologies. And you head the investigative group Team Enigma. That sounds very mysterious. It’s great, maybe if you would like to add a few things to your background.

Sasha Latypova:

Sasha Latypova

Yes, so I spent most of my career– I don’t work full time, well I work full time for free now. But I retired a few years ago from… pharmaceutical research and development industry. And all this work is my independent work with my colleagues. I do have a lot of collaborators all over the world now. And you know, so my experience in pharma was in clinical trials and running clinical trials as a contractor for many pharma companies, including Phizer. And so my, you know, that… you know, that’s why I understand the regulatory requirements, what is expected by the regulators from something that is really approved as a safe and effective medicine. And definitely these products are not.

And so that… led me, you know, that knowledge and understanding and seeing all these flagrant violations of regulatory frameworks– all over the world, by the way, not just by FDA but EMA in Europe, TGA in australia, Health Canada, everywhere. So they… all simultaneously violated all their own rules. And that, you know, that… was very puzzling. So that led me to investigate this, and now I am also collaborating with a legal researcher, Katherine Watt, and a few other attorneys and other people, data analysts.

And this… kind of led us to build a complete picture of the crime, as it’s being committed, the pseudo-legal structure that they built for themselves, and how they’re doing it, exactly who is doing it.

Viviane Fischer:
Um-hm. Yeah, fantastic. So we talked in a previous session about the… all the evidence that points to the… involvement of the… military-industrial complex, basically. And I think you have some new information on the topic, as well.

Sasha Latypova:
Yes I’m… not sure how much of it is really really new. I… don’t recall what we covered before. But yes, I can briefly walk through the, you know, what’s… going on as far as the structure, specially for those people who haven’t heard the previous session. And I can answer some questions. And also I believe I was asked to comment on this, you know, Pfizer-gate Project Veritas.

Viviane Fischer:
That would be great… would like to spend more time because you are limited in your… right now.

Sasha Latypova:
Yeah. So I can, you know, I can talk about, briefly about budget paradoxes… sort of just came up. You know, I watched the videos. I watched the full op, you know, the reveal. And the, there interesting thing here. So in the first video, you know, when the guy’s bragging on the date about Pfizer, saying that Pfizer is mutating viruses, that they’re using– and when asked whether this is gain-of-function, he says oh no no, It’s goal-directed evolution. I mean, they give different names to same things. And so it’s directed evolution, and you know, we’ll, we’re mutating viruses to predict the, you know, what’s going to happen, basically, and build vaccines for this.

Now, when I… heard that, I… know… this was very familiar… language to me, because this is, by the way, you know, OK it… I applaud Project Veritas for… recording it like this. But it’s actually not secret. It’s plastered all over DARDA, DARPA, NIH, DOD, Industry Day. I mean they present it publicly everywhere in all of their documents. Peter Dasic, Ralph Baric, they use similar language; they all talk about this. And so it’s not, it’s no secret at all. It’s out in the public. You just have to pay attention.

Now why they’re doing it. They’re doing it to…
drive– this is part of propaganda and militarized propaganda, fifth-generation warfare, where they extensively lie to people, drive them into fear, with various techniques used by military intelligence, very sophisticated. And obviously through capture of all the mainstream media, so that they can, you know, mockingbird exercise, drive the same message. But it is propaganda, so it’s designed to make people fearful and believe that there is, first of all, such a thing as, you know, making viruses more lethal and more transmissible at the same time. And… this is not possible to do. It’s against the laws of nature. It’s not possible to do this. But they want you to believe this. That’s why they design all these things in… media stories. All sorts of scientific click bait that they put out.

I brought up example of– more recently, maybe a few months ago, there was another, you know, “Oh my God, Boston University is mutating viruses.” Same thing. Same thing. A study came out from Boston University saying that they’ve concocted this part of
SARS-CoV-2 and this part of something else, and they put it together and they made a virus that killed 80 percent of the mice. Again, everybody lost their heads all over the place, were crying, “Oh my God. What are they doing? This is so dangerous.”

I assure not. Nothing dangerous was produced in that Boston University study. What was dangerous is that… propaganda click bait that they made, you know. Seemingly prestigious university engaging in this. Yeah, Wolfgang. … You’re muted. Wolfgang, you’re muted.

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:
Yes. Even what Mr. Vanden Bossche told us, that there will be more dangerous viruses afterwards when we start using the vaccination, is a big, big nonsense, and is a frightening story. I was suspicious about that from the beginning, and I am still. A virus will never be successful that kills its host.

Sasha Latypova:
Exactly. So… that’s… part of the scary, scary stories, so that to drive people into fear. And the main goal of this is that… you… know, they’re saying,

“OK, well yeah. So now we’re making these dangerous concoctions because, well, you know, if any PhD student can do it, and if we don’t do it, then our enemies will do it, and they will unleash these scary viruses on us. So we need to do it defensively.”

That’s the biggest … I don’t want to use bad words, but this is the biggest lie propagated by our government and now global governments worldwide. They do it so that they can go to… our Congress, appropriate trillions for “defensive”, “predictive”, pandemic preparedness, and invest in all these technologies that are designed to remove human rights: the… biometrics, bio-security state, tracing, quarantines. Now they’re… writing this language into the international health regulations,

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:

Sasha Latypova:
…saying that if there is a potential for a potential planned pandemic where maybe you will be pre-symptomatic and pre-transmission. But we can predict that this thing will evolve. Then you should go to quarantine camp. Or your children. So, and… I am serious. This is… a very serious matter, because they’re going to write this into international laws. And all of our governments already eagerly [are] running to WHO to give up our rights, which we never gave them the right to give up.

So that’s… what’s going on. That’s why this story is designed. That’s why… this guy fed the story to Project Veritas. I’m glad Project Veritas recorded it, so that it’s now in public domain. We can discuss it. Now in the… second– And by the way, so he’s also saying in the video,

“Oh, we’re going to use this technique as passing animals, passing through animals. You know, we infect one animal, and then we… pass them through, and that… creates a dangerous virus.”

It doesn’t. All it does: it attenuates viruses to nothing. This is how it works in nature. It will go from– if… it in fact, you know, anybody, then the next person is less… symptomatic, less severe and so forth.

And it attenuates to nothing. That’s why all pandemics extinguish themselves. This is the basic mechanism. So… he says we’re going to do this animal passage, which is a longstanding to ticket, they’ve been using it for, I don’t know, maybe 60, 70 years now, and it never produces anything.

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:
That’s right.

Sasha Latypova:
And then… in Pfizer themselves, in their own preclinical studies for… their covid so called “vaccine”, they could not infect their animals. None of their monkeys got covid. Not the vaccinated ones, not the unvaccinated ones, even though they were all sprayed directly into nose and throat with the virus preparation. And, you know, they… know that they can’t do animal-to-animal transmission. That… never works in their experiments. So they directly spray them and they still couldn’t make them sick. So what are they–

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:
You know, there is a– the director, he was… in almost the same position as this guy, was Mike Yeadon before. And do you think the… policy of… Pfizer changed so much that they have forgotten so much, or do you think, I don’t know. I cannot explain it, you know. There’s one director who tells us something. And there is the other director of the same brand will tell us this now. So I, my picture now is– it’s very cautious.

Sasha Latypova:
Well, so you know, my experience was also with people– when I worked with Pfizer, my experience was more working with people like Mike Yeadon, you know, very experienced, very smart, know what they’re– toxicologists, drug designers, chemists who could, who knew themselves how to design drugs, who knew themselves how to run a clinical experiment, who did science in the lab before they went to Pfizer, who– you know, so they could ask the… good scientific questions. And if you were trying to pull something like this on them, it wouldn’t fly.

So even, you know, around that time, 2008, 2009, Pfizer started actively getting rid of people like that. They provided early retirement, benefits for them to… quit. And you know, then they hired people like this guy. Well, it turns out in the second video that he is not even a Pfizer employee. It seems… that he is a contractor placed by the Boston Consulting Group with Pfizer, which is… you know, yet another surprise. It outsources all of their science. That’s why it’s, you know, Pfizer is not doing anything in their labs. They don’t have any labs. They outsource all of this. And… now they will also outsource staff. So James O’Keefe [Project Veritas] put out a [tweet] saying that this… person is both Boston Consulting and Pfizer. And I found Boston Consulting Group’s federal contract from DOD, so-called covid countermeasures. So this person is Boston Consulting and Pfizer, placed there by Boston Consulting Group, as their DOD contact. So DOD placed him there.

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:
It’s a very, it’s very clever strategy of such a firm, when they reduce the.. people who know. The risk of whistleblowers is too big when there’s a big, when… you have many people involved. So you better source it out and pay money for those who tell things you want to be told.

Sasha Latypova:
Um-hm, yes, exactly. And also outsource everything to contractors, and the contractors then commit fraud on behalf of Pfizer. And Pfizer executives have plausible deniability, that, “Oh, you know, we… didn’t… do anything. It’s them.” So they can always point to a smaller company that will take [the] fall, versus, you know, what they are doing.

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:
You know, even… if you are, if you belong to the mafia, to a criminal organization, this organization has to watch out that there is no corruption within.

Sasha Latypova:

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:
They have to fight corruption. The mafia has to fight corruption. And the, you, corruption has nothing to do with… good or bad. Corruption has to do with an organization that wants to be successful. And if this organization is a criminal organization, they fight corruption too.

Sasha Latypova:
Um-hm. Exactly. Exactly. So that, you know, that that… covers Project Veritas. The, you know, I advise people not to buy the stories of scary viruses that will be engineered by our enemies, and therefor the government needs to protect you. That… it’s just… propaganda, in order for you to vote for, or essentially support, all these measures that they want to take, to put the world into lockdown again and remove all of our rights. It has nothing to do with actually what they’re doing, what pathogens they’re– they are creating pathogens in the lab. You know, you could, you can make biochemical weapons. Are they… viruses that are super-dangerous and transmissive? Not. They’re different things including biological and chemical and other, could be other things, radiological as well, combinations of things.

But it’s not what they’re advertising everywhere as a, you know, “virus”. So that, that’s what I, you know, want you, want people to take away from this. As far as my presentation, let me see… you know, yeah, I have about half an hour. I’ll try to … OK, can I share, oh yeah. Yes. Let me go to… this.

So yeah. I wanted to briefly cover the, what we call pseudolegal structure of this crime. And this is based on the US, but we’re… now seeing similar structural mechanisms used in other countries, not just the US. So first of all this is based on Katherine Watt’s research from, she publishes on Bailiwick News, it’s a substack. I highly recommend people to read it. And so she covers, she uncovered a long legal history of this crime, the preplanning that went over decades, actually, for something like this. They always have some kind of a strategy like this in their back pocket, and this was a very key strategy that’s being implemented.

So the… legal case, or pseudo-legal structure that’s used here consists of three main elements. The first one is the use of Emergency Use Authorization, very, very extensively. So it was originally put in place in ’97 as a limited method to provide medicines fast to, you know, severe situations like terminal cancer with no other treatment options. It’s very, very important criteria, is that there are no other treatment options. And in that case, the FDA can issue temporary Emergency Use Authorization for something that seems to be, you know, very beneficial but doesn’t have all the complete data, but only used for very severe, usually terminal conditions where there are no other options. Now today, this… is extremely perverted, and… now they use this Emergency Use for everything.

So recently, there’s been about 600 approvals for Emergency Use Authorization, in this covid framework. That’s nonsense; that’s ridiculous. It– just for… reference in the previous normal years, 40 to 50 new approved, fully approved products from FDA was considered a successful year, like 40 to 50 a year. Now we have 600 emergency authorized. It means there’s absolute mayhem. OK?

Then the, another very important piece of regulations that is used here is this Other Transaction Authority, OTA. So this was used since the ’60s, actually. It was more recently amended under Obama. And this enables to contract without following regulations, without following federal purchasing regulations and other regulations. So a lot… of federal agencies are now using this mechanism, and especially DOD is a big user of this mechanism, of Other Transaction Authority. And they… can order products from otherwise regulated industries without following any regulations, and also hide ID and… a lot of secrecy, and don’t have to report to Congress on it.

So it’s… you know, they love it, of course. And they order typically weapons, from weapons contractors using this mechanism. And for covid specifically, they… used– all of the contracts went through this mechanism. So they’re all Other Transaction Authority, and they order military prototypes, through this mechanism, from pharma.

And then finally, all of this is put in place under public health emergencies. So this is why it was very important for them to declare public health emergency, which in the US they declared right after WHO announced it. And WHO announced it, obviously, on, based on no data, based on 40 cases in 8 billion people in the world. That’s nonsense, right? That’s ridiculous. We know in some… US states– like Ohio, for example, announced their public health emergency based on three cases. And it’s a large state. It’s a very large state, you know, large population. So they have three cases, and they… go into public health emergency. So the same in the US. They’ve gone to public health emergency. This gives, this… unleashes all this extraordinary powers. So like, now normal constitution doesn’t work; this is how they suspend the constitution. And now we have dictatorial power assigned to HHS, which is merged with Department of Defense, under executive branch. So executive branch exerts power, gives it to HHS and DOD under public health emergency. And then, of course, we have this PREP Act that comes into place as well, to… remove liability from all of these actors.

So, so we talked about Other Transaction Authority. I, I’ll talk about contracts more. So yes, as I said, this is used by 11 government agencies. And DOD is a very large user of it. Sorry, I’m going to skip quickly over this.

So what’s important is that … this describes military prototype countermeasures. They use very vague language; it’s not defined at all. Pretty much anything can be a countermeasure, and anything can be a prototype. And so here’s– what this legislation about Other Transaction Authority says. is that, you know, Department of Defense may order prototypes, enhancing the mission, supporting platform systems, anything the Department of Defense needs, system components, material. So this is extremely vague language. It’s a lot of words, but they say nothing. They just say it’s stuff the Department of Defense needs. Then they can order it under the OTA.

So they give themselves complete flexibility. And of course, you can hide weapons in this very vague language, and they frequently do. They… order weapons under the same frameworks and they order, you know, helicopters, machine guns, Navy carriers. Or just metalworking, or you know, whatever. Structures, buildings, xxxxx systems. Anything can be put into this very vague language.

Another important– I’m sorry there’s a lot of text here. But this is just copied from US… Code. And there is that this… very, again, very critical piece of information here. So these countermeasures the Department of Defense orders under OTA, how [are] they deployed? Well they’re deployed, apparently, based on the HHS Secretary’s sole discretion, and they’re not required to meet any standards.

So the… biggest lie sold to the American public and people worldwide was that these vaccines were rigorously clinical-trialed and reviewed and approved by FDA or EMA or other regulatory authority. … But here, the lie is that none of that is necessary. It says “if available”. So if they never did those clinical trials, it would still be the same. So the clinical trials didn’t have any impact on the decision of the Secretary to deploy these weapons. And the Secretary was planning to deploy them regardless. They just, you know, Pfizer and the FDA went and performed this theatrical performance that’s called “clinical trial” which was full of fraud, but nobody cared.

And, you know, then they… told the public that everything is great, and it was rigorously reviewed and approved, when this had no impact. So here the criteria is: if the … Secretary thinks so, that they may be effective, then he can deploy them on everyone. And this decision doesn’t need to be reviewed, ever. He never has to reconsider; he never has to consider additional data. And there are no criteria other than, you know, the Congress needs to act to undo public health emergency and that’s basically what we’re recommending [to] everyone, is to get in touch with your legislators and educate them on this, or put them on notice, if they know and are complicit.

So that’s… my point here. So that’s how they deployed. By the way, UK MHRA just confirmed this same thing based on FOIA request, they replied that there is no delegation of authority to MHRA, which is the regulator in… the… United Kingdom, to review and approved these medicines. So they have… exact same mechanism. The health secretary, probably Matt Hancock although he’s pointing [a] finger at somebody else now. They just deployed that, without any input or delegation of authority to MHRA, who… played no role, other than [ceremonial] and to convince the public that everything was actually reviewed and approved.

So, and a very critical piece of… the same Code says that use of EUA countermeasures is not a clinical investigation. And that again just confirms that the regulators, the… FDA, EMA, [military] healthcare that have no impact at all on these products and have no regulatory authority over them, because under public health emergency these EUA counter-measures can not be clinical… investigational products. So that just takes them out of the jurisdiction of FDA, EMA and puts it into a military space.

So they are not pharmaceutical products. We strongly believe that these are biological weapons. In fact, this class of so-called medicine is designated as a class of biological weapon and has been since at least 1997 by various US military reports, academic reports, books. So it’s also right in the open. Gene therapy as a weapon has been– this concept has been around since at least 1997. And so… we… know that they don’t regulate. Neither does EMA. I’m going to skip this.

So let’s go to the organizational structure of the crime. In the US, this again, this was in public domain but media, of course, ignored it, didn’t find it interesting to report on. National Security Council was set in charge of covid policy. National Security Council is not a health regulator, and that’s, this is very unusual, to put them in charge of what is supposed to be health events. So we’re told this is a health event, yet US government gears up to it as if it’s war. They put National Security Council in charge. It’s an advisory board to the President the United States. It consists mostly of, as you see, defense and intelligence heads. Does not have any health, regulatory representatives on it. So what are they doing?

Here, here’s a document that designates them, National Security Council, into the decisional role, to decide for all covid policy. And HHS is not even lead federal agency, which is– FEMA is another figurehead. But HHS is involved heavily in information management, meaning, well, in propaganda. Because they’re… play-acting as if they’re regulating this. So that’s… from the, again, official government document of pandemic response. Operation Warp Speed, obviously was advertised to everyone as a collaborative effort between HHS and DOD to develop– you know, as a government entity to develop pharmaceuticals and vaccines. And so that’s what they advertise.

Now, in their own documents, it’s a little bit different. It’s not just the collaborative effort. We see here, this is an organizational chart of Operation Warp Speed presented at the Vaccines and Related Biologicals Advisory Committee meeting in October of 2020. And in their own document, they’re saying that Department of Defense is actually in charge of it, the Chief Operating Officer. HHS is an advisor. So that’s… different. So just calibration. DOD is in charge. We see a clear line of command.

Here we have– the top part of the organizational structure is this one. This is all the executive functions. And as you can see, these are the functions that pretty much everything. So we have Clinical Trials; Plans, Operations & Analysis; Supply, Production & Distribution; Manufacturing; Distribution.

Infrastructure; Security; Personnel; Legislative Affairs, so they’re interacting with Congress on behalf of this operation. And the … Finance, obviously; and Office of General Counsel. Office of General Counsel for this operation is Department of Justice. So when… remember that instance when Pfizer or FDA wanted to hide data from clinical trial for… Pfizer for 75 years. and Aaron Siri and ICAN [Informed Consent Action Network] were arguing in court to release the data which– they were successful. Well, he was arguing against Department of Justice lawyers, and Pfizer lawyers were not even in the room. So when people say, “Oh it’s, you know, it’s commercial interest of Pfizer”, well why is government and Department of Justice defending commercial interest of Pfizer? Every, everyone should ask that question. Because it’s not really Pfizer’s commercial interest, is it. Anyway, so… the data was released. But that’s a… very good indicator of who’s in charge.

Now this part, this is third level down, includes all the pharmas and medical device. And there’s like hundreds of companies here, because it’s not just the vaccines that were ordered through this mechanism; it’s everything… including tests and monoclonal antibodies, and masks even, and staffing and all sorts of things. A tremendous amount of money went into this. And of course, pharmas are fulfilling these orders very happily, and get a lot of money to shut up and follow the orders. And that’s exactly what they are doing.

And I am not absolv[ing] pharma, by the way. I’m not saying you shouldn’t prosecute pharma. Of course you should. They’re criminals. They’re obviously in collusion here. And they are responsible for deaths and injuries of millions of people. So they should be prosecuted. They should be investigated. But let’s not forget the entire organization, because if we forget the entire organization, they will do it again and again and again. They’ll continue doing the same thing.

So the question is, who is really manufacturing these… injections and other products? Well, again, this is from their own… presentation by Operation Warp Speed and BARDA. BARDA is Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority of the government. I’ll talk to, about them a little bit later. But here’s their own presentation. They’re saying, we have vaccine supporting efforts on the right-hand side. And then on the left-hand side they’re calling this vaccines. So what… they call Vaccine Supporting Efforts is the real manufacturing infrastructure, which has been put in place. And this is based on the contracts that are available for public review now, partially redacted. But there are hundreds of these contracts. And hundreds of entities also, that they have established. The Department of Defense established contracting relationships with and gave them a contract to build out these facilities for manufacturing of biologicals and vaccines and all this supply– and all the infrastructure. Because you have to have– it’s very, very complex. Manufacturing is just as complex as making new cars or new airplanes, and inolves just as many moving parts– suppliers, the contractors, systems, processes, everything needs to be in place.

So it’s… nonsense, what they were telling us before, that “Oh you know, all of this was built up in… just a couple of months.” That’s not true. It was built up for years. They called it in their contracts “pan influenza vaccine”, which is, you know, what is it? It’s just a, you know, calmer name.

And then in 2020, they simply called them all, Department of Defense did, on February 4th, 2020. Department of Defense called all of… these guys, and said, “Switch over to covid.” So all of this infrastructure was in place, was switched over to covid. Then they brought this other people on the left-hand side and they’re… the cover they’re provided. So they’re doing some parts of it, and they have had some contracts before, but they cannot do all of it without this supporting infrastructure. So they are really cover. So they brought them in and gave them contracts, which, by the way, they tell a lot of truth in these presentations, if you read the words carefully. Because all of these things on the left say “demo”, Department of Defense demonstration of large-scale manufacturing; and the manufacturing is really happening on the right-hand side.

And here’s BARDA which I said it’s [Biomedical] Advanced Research and Development Authority that presents itself as a government funding entity, R and D support entity, technical support for things that are, that don’t make sense for the public sector because they’re too niche. But the government can make the market here and give them funding to do these things. Well, all right.

So they said that “We’re going to accelerate this boring and long research and development process which takes years, and takes, you know, 7 to 10 years for a good vaccine. So we’re going to make it in a couple of months. And we’re going to innovate here, of course, because we’re the government. We’re going to innovate by breaking the law.”

So what they’re saying is “We’re going to do large- scale manufacturing in parallel with clinical trials.” Well this is exactly why we have FDA, and we have had FDA for, you know– or versions of FDA for a hundred years now. That’s exactly why we have them in place. Because what they’re proposing here to do is really mass poisoning people. Because you cannot do a large-scale manufacturing if you haven’t tested the safety of the product. And specifically with Pfizer, we know for a fact they have manufactured a gigantic number of their… vials, around, accounting for around 30 million doses, before any clinical trial was completed. And it sat in the warehouse and [from] there was shipped over the world, and resulted in thousands of deaths and in, you know, probably close to a million of injuries, all over the world.

So that’s exactly what they did, because BARDA, you know, they’re geniuses. They’re part of the government, and the rules are only for peons in the private sector, that we have to follow them. But us in the government, we’re… just so much smarter, and we can innovate this way.

So that’s… all they’re doing. They’re just manufacturing without any testing. And all these clinical trials, as I said, they were theater and, you know, inconsequential. Nobody was going to make any decisions based on them. The decision was already made.

Also, BARDA assumes the regulatory role for these products, which is a– there’s no act of Congress in the United States, that I’m aware of, that transferred the regulatory responsibility from the FDA to BARDA. Yet BARDA claims here in the public presentation them they have done product acceptance testing for all of the vaccines and all of the therapeutics. And also they’re regulating industry. Somehow, I don’t understand why. And doing something about good manufacturing practices, although we know that none of them are being followed here.

So that’s another big question: why are these guys, a funding entity, like some sort of a… government accelerator, is all of a sudden assuming the role of the regulator for pharmaceuticals?

And then finally I can briefly talk about the money flow. The, as I said, the infrastructure the Department of Defense through BARDA and DARPA and other entities have built out is gigantic. They basically took over the entire pharmaceutical industry in the United States and largely internationally. You can see how many companies are on their payroll now, and follow their orders.

This has been going on for years, and that has increased over time. Specifically for the covid, covid response, as you can see in this. These are all their own slides. They’re claiming that they, you know, printed trillions of dollars, US government did, threw it from helicopters in quantities of half a billion to two billion to these various companies … and academic institutions. And then on the left-hand side again, what did they order with this… billions of dollars? Well, a whole bunch of demonstrations. A demonstration is paid, by definition. And they’re very, very precise in their language, calling it demonstration, even on the slides, Powerpoint.

And yeah, the, this is just R&D money for, you know, 47 billion that went through BARDA and that represents about 50 percent of the US R&D pharmaceutical spent per year. So they control the industry.

These are all the contracts. This is just a screenshot. There are about 400 contracts here on this page, and I just circled them to show that they’re all going through the Department of Defense contracting. You know, I can see, and they’re all for everything. For therapeutics, vaccines, different treatments, thermometers, diagnostics, yeah, everything.

They are managed by this defense manager, Advanced Technologies International. You can see they’re a… defense contractor, been using this OTA framework. So all of these contracts are managed by… these people, not just, not even DOD directly, but through their manager of defense contractors. This is the consortium. I’m going to… skip this. So let me just go to here.

Just to finish on– you know, I’ve… reviewed a bunch of these contracts. They’re all similar. They are all saying that “out of scope”. So… there is a scope definition. The scope says that the government is ordering a large-scale manufacturing demonstration. Sometimes they say, you know, countermeasures, prototypes. It’s always some sort of a countermeasure, prototype, demonstration, and specifically out of scope. Then mentioning here that while, you know, we have language saying that these need to be in compliance with [FDA] regulations specifically out-of-scope or preclinical clinical and chemistry manufacturing compliance is out of scope of this product, so the government’s never paid, never ordered these things from reputable companies in an enforceable manner. So they’re not ordered by those companies. They were never supposed to be done. All of the, all of what was done was just for show. And here’s the primary scope of the Pfizer contract, as you can see. Covid-19 pandemic, large-scale manufacturing demonstration.

And if you’re aware of Brooke Jackson’s False Claims Act lawsuit, that’s still pending. It hasn’t been dismissed, but it’s still pending. We don’t know, you know, if it’s going to proceed to court or not. However last year, Pfizer already invoked, in their motion to dismiss the case, this… particular contract pointed to this particular clause. And saying that,

“Judge, please dismiss this case, because we did not defraud the US government. We delivered the fraud that the US government ordered.”

That’s their… motion to dismiss. And I think it’s extremely important admission in a court of law that this is exactly what happened. And we need to elicit by various means– that’s what I’m saying, go after them. Go after Pfizer. Prosecute them, because we need them to say it over and over again, so that everybody can hear it: that the US government ordered fraud from them and they delivered.

So this is about all I have for today. I can take couple questions.

Viviane Fischer: [03:03:44]
So I would like to know … the money, yeah, the money side. So who gets to keep the money? I mean, all these contractors, are they basically, is a lot of money, do you know, sticking with them? Do you think that is the case? Or is there also a big portion going as kickbacks or whatever to this ATI or to the, maybe to DOD?

Sasha Latypova:
Oh, I’m sure there is a lot of, you know it’s like a sieve, you know, so they throw this gigantic amount of money without much of accountability. ATI itself got about– actually, I… forget the exact amount. But it’s a huge contract that they got themselves for managing it. But then also obviously as I said, the– Robert Cotlike was in charge of distributing the money and approving personally who it goes to. So of course he distributed it to a lot of his personal friends, entities he controls, his family members control. Same for goes for politicians. Same goes for Trump’s family. Ivanka and Jared were all over this, distributing to their preferred… entities.

So all of this was just big pile of money printed by US government and distributed to cronies in various forms. And taking, also taking stock posiitions, because they knew that this was going be extremely, you know, a windfall for… a particular company. So all sorts of machinations took place. And also this destroyed the pharmaceutical industry and many other related industries, in a sense, because now anybody legitimately who wants to develop a new product– let’s say new treatments for covid. And I know numerous examples where innovators who have particular treatments, drugs, alternatives, all sorts of, you know, rehabilitation for the vaccine-injured, they cannot get anywhere with FDA. FDA tells them– FDA doesn’t even take their… meetings or just prevents them actively from… going forward. I know specifically there were around 230 vaccines proposed, in development. I mean, think what you want about vaccines, but let’s say we have 230 alternatives. And specifically in the case of one company who was developing mRNA, FDA would not let them open an investigational new drug application even, saying that, “Oh, it’s very dangerous technology. You’re going to injure people, so we can’t… allow you to do this.”

OK, so that’s exact– that’s what’s going on. So FDA is… running this racket, where Pfizer and Moderna can approve anything, without any clinical data, based on eight mice. Or now they’re saying, “Well we shouldn’t hurt animals either, so we’ll just… approve them” when… other companies, even developing the same class of mRNA are actually being prevented from market by the FDA.

So anybody who says, “Oh this is just, you know, new technology revolution, mRNA revolution”, it’s not the mRNA option, because there is a very specific set of people who are allowed to do this revolution, and nobody else is.

Viviane Fischer:
Well, we have a question from the audience, making reference to the Iron Mountain report, which says that they will use vaccination first, and then later a sort of second vaccine mixed to our food. Do you know anything about that? What’s your opinion?

Sasha Latypova: [03:07:15]
Well food, you know, you can poison people’s food, but it’s not as– so anything that’s injected is… the most dangerous… way, because you’re bypassing all of the protective systems, such as digestive system breaks apart especially large molecules like a biological.

So the… most sure way to deliver this biological is a syringe action. If they want to deliver mRNA through food, it doesn’t work, because it’s a– when exposed to water, it breaks apart. When exposed to digestive system, it breaks apart. So maybe they can poison people in some other way, put some toxins into water and food. That should be– definitely we should watch out for that, and make sure we have safety systems in place. But I’m not worried about mRNA being in food. It’s just going to be broken down.

Viviane Fischer:
Unlike maybe a vaccination through… like nasal spray of so. That might work.

Sasha Latypova:
Also because, well maybe. But again, it has the same problems, because it’s a exposed to air, exposed to water, which is always there, starts breaking apart very quickly. So yeah, I would not do any vaccinations at the moment. Like I advise everyone to stop any vaccinations, because this is hugely illegal, what we’re uncovering. We don’t know what’s going on. They may be replacing other vaccines with mRNA as we speak. So we should stop all vaccinations. Don’t do any nasal sprays or anything. But yeah, like I also don’t want to overreact and start being paranoid about everything that– you know, there are different mechanisms. So… injection is the worst. Nasal spray, yeah, you could hurt somebody. So, but yeah. be careful.

Viviane Fischer:
OK. Well I know you’ve got to go, so I think maybe we leave it at, with these questions. Very, very interesting. It’s amazing, this kind of, like,
in-depth research that you do, your team does. it’s… really, it’s super. It’s always so kind of enlightening. You understand much more when you look at the or these details. So thanks ever so much, and we’ll be in touch. And maybe, I don’t know if we could also show your presentation, to… you know, link it to our, the website, so… people

Sasha Latypova:
Yes, of course.

Viviane Fischer:
–more in deeply.

Sasha Latypova:
Yeah, I’ll… send you the slides.

Viviane Fischer:
OK, fantastic. Yeah thanks so much for this updates and yeah, we’ll… meet again.

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:
Fascinating. Thank you.

Sasha Latypova:
Thank you all, then. OK ‘bye.

Viviane Fischer: [03:09:58]
Thank you.
[continuing from German via simultaneous translation]

… Alexandra Sasha Latypova, who gave us closer insight into this strange military-industrial commingling, even on the contractual side. …lately. Can you get any vaccination at all?

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:
That’s a question I’m always asked. And my answer is always: at the moment, I wouldn’t get any injection. … what happened in the US. What we see worldwide, for me, it’s crucial that the authorities that we have to protect us against this, that these are institutionally corrupt, that we can’t depend on the monitoring bodies.

So there can’t be any safe vaccine any more, with that type of authorities. So I can only say, hands off if somebody comes around with a needle. Be careful. We can’t guarantee, we don’t know what’s inside. There’s nobody to rely upon monitoring the quality. And this care is just a precaution, really, not to get that.

For that to be inversed, that you can have trust in the drugs, lots of things have to be done… and they have to be done by, that has to be done by the people who are responsible, scientifically, politically. So if they say, “You’ve got to get your shots”, they are responsible for creating that trust again.

Viviane Fischer:
Yeah definitely. I certainly wouldn’t get vaccinated now, but it [might] be difficult for people who need to get something else injected for medical reasons. be it in [anesthetic]. You don’t know what else is in there, even though you can’t, you shouldn’t expect that there’s always foul play involved. Maybe we shouldn’t get completely panicky if we need to take certain medication. You can’t really help it.

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:
Well, I’m not talking about every single one. I’m talking about vaccinations. So if… you are, if you’re sick, that’s a different story. If you’re taking different drugs, you could be skeptical about that, but that’s not what I was referring to. I’m talking about preventive vaccines. So that’s something that you really need in order to treat an illness. That’s something that you can … think about this. Many people don’t get any vaccinations. I haven’t heard that they are worse off.

Viviane Fischer:
I don’t think so, really. not that we hear about it, anyway.



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