Corona Investigative Committee, 135th Session on December 23rd, 2022

Dr. Lee Vliet, MD

(Original language: English)

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Viviane Fischer: [02:21:00]
Now we switch to English. I’m happy to talk to Dr. Lee Vliet. Are you here with us?

Lee Vliet, MD:
Sorry, I just had to unmute. Thank you so much.

Viviane Fischer:
Perfect. Great that you’re here with us. You’re the president and chief executive officer of the Truth for Health Foundation. And yes, so you’ve gone through quite a bit or have experienced quite a bit in the last two years. It would be great if you could maybe give us a little bit more about your background, and then what… you’re currently up to, or what you can contribute to the sort of… excavation of the truth.

Lee Vliet, MD:

Dr. Lee Vliet, MD

Well thank you. Thank you so much for having me. It is an honor, and it’s particularly an honor to meet virtually Dr, Wolfgang Wodarg, and I hope I pronounce your name correctly. I have followed your work and been so impressed with what you’ve been doing. Thank you for your courage and your dedication. My background there has been preventive and climacteric medicine, and actually I’ve spent a lot of years in internat– coming to Europe, because the European conferences were always so far ahead of the United States in the field of reproductive medicine, climacteric medicine, menopause, the aging male, and all of the areas that… I’ve worked in for the last 38 years.

But what began in February, 2020, it’s actually been three years nonstop that I have been working on all of this, because it was very clear quickly in February, 2020, when they announced the new covid-19 viral illness, that something was amiss. And I found– in the first afternoon looking online– I found the study from 2005 that Fauci’s agency had published in the Journal of Virology, which is an NIH publication, that talked about the success treating SARS-CoV-1 with chloroquin and his sister drug hydroxychloroquin. And it made such sense that what the article in– published in 2005, but remember they were doing the research in 2003 and 2004– and it… stopped the virus from entering the cell, and it stopped the virus — SARS-CoV-1 — from replicating, because it was a zinc ionophore, and… there were lots, there was a lot of good information in that first article.

And I thought, ok, then so we’ve got a way to address this. And then I was interacting with other colleagues, a lot of us were very active on Twitter at the time, before most of us were cancelled and– by 2021. And so I… actually started using the early treatment protocol and writing national editorials for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons in March of 2020, about the suppression of hydroxychloroquin and the fact that something was odd when we were getting letters from all 50 state medical boards in the United States directing doctors not to use these drugs.

And so my antenna– I’ve spent a long career fighting against big medicine, so this was not new. And one of the things that were so clear was this orchestrated attack on any early treatment. And then pharmacists were having the audacity in March of 2020 to block my prescriptions. Well, that sent me apoplectic. So I started doing editorials nationally, radio interviews, talking about all of this. And Senator Ron Johnson heard my first radio interview, or not my first, but heard one of my radio interviews in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the end of March, 2020, picked up the phone and out of the blue called me and said “Dr. Vliet, what’s going on where doctors can’t prescribe hydroxychloroquin? We’ve gotten the donations of 76 million doses sitting in the national stockpile that President Trump wanted to disperse to doctors, clinics and hospitals around the country.

Well, I gave him an earful about what was going on and how doctors were being censored and directed and threatened by the state medical board. And literally from there, I was in the background under the radar, working with him getting him the medical information, helping to draft some letters that ultimately went President Trump. He asked for my help in getting doctor signatures on a letter he wanted to send the president. And he asked for 100 doctors, and in 48 hours, we had 1305 signatures on the letter that Senator Johnson and I together wrote.

But it came out from him, because I could give the medical input to help him. And then it… fine by me. I was pleased that he was taking the political lead. And so he gave that petition to President Trump. And by May of 2020, I had prepared with my pharmacist colleague, research pharmacist, we had prepared a full document, documentation package and proposal for President Trump, showing– we had a legal letter, we had the medical justification, we had the safety analysis comparing hydroxychloroquin to over-the-counter Tylenol and NSAIDs and proton pump inhibitors, the acid-reducing medicines in the US that are sold over the counter. We– hydroxychloroquin had a better safety profile than any of those three over-the-counter drugs.

And we documented all of that, put together the proposal for President Trump to use his executive authority in May, 2020, to declare hydroxychloroquin over-the-counter and bypass the FDA sabotage of access to the drug. That did not happen, as all of you know. And fast forward, it was clear that the agenda was to stop early treatment by anyone– although many of us went ahead and did it anyway– and push everyone into what we call in Arizona the box canyon. They used to round up wild mustangs and herd them into a box canyon, from which they had no escape. The box canyon was the vaccine. So… which we now, we know, of course, is not a traditional vaccine.

So we were fighting on that front all through 2020. Then in 2021, Dr. McCullough asked me to meet with– and I was part of his team of
covid-19 doctors. I was in touch with them. By August of 2020, he and I wrote the Early Treatment Patient Guide and gave that material to AAPS– it’s still on their website.
[ ]

And that was one of the first patient guides which hss been one of– my focus is patient education and empowering the patients. So then we worked together on all of that. And Dr. McCullough asked me to meet with him, Stephen Frost, Roger Hodgkinson and Mike Yeaden in the beginning of July, 2021 when Dr Yeadon had some _serious_ information about the reproductive damage. And they, Dr. Frost and Dr. Hodgkinson from Canada were looking for an organization to help Dr. Hodgkinson’s concept of a Stop-the-Shot campaign. And he’d been turned down by two previous organizations that were fearful of the political consequences.

When Dr. Yeadon talked to me about– I was wondering why Dr McCullough had me there at first, because I’m a practicing physician, so not… one of the academic leaders. And so, at any rate, when Dr. Yeadon went through what they knew 12 years ago about the damage to the ovaries and testicles, and he was concerned about reproductive effects and fertility with the covid shots, I said, “Wait a minute, you guys, I now know why _I’m_ here.” I said, “This is my work in medicine for 38 years. If you damage the ovaries and testicles, you’re not just damaging _reproductive_ potential; you’re damaging hormone systems that affect every organ system in the body.” The integrated approach to climacteric medicine in the European model has always been looking at the way that the reproductive hormones affect every function, including brain function, cardiac function, immune system regulation and hundreds of other functions throughout the body. It’s not just focused on reproduction. I said, “We have got to do this. If you’ve got that data, we have got to do this.”

So Truth for Health Foundation, I had activated it in May. It was started 15 years ago for a different fight in medicine, with the same kind of suppression of effective treatment in a different area. And then we went inactive in the economic crash of 2008. So I felt literally I– some of you may not have the same faith tradition that I do, but I felt clearly that God spoke to me and said, “Lee, you have to activate the Foundation. You have the foundation; activate it. This is the time.” And that was May 3rd, 2021, 14 years to the day from the day I filed for the tax ID number in 2007. And I activated it, talked to Dr. McCullough, all the other doctors I was working with, invited them all to be part of it. And we would use this public charity to take the message of truth to the public.

And we… we launched in June, reorganized launched in June. July, we started planning the Stop the Shot campaign; and August 4th, had our first of three press conferences in August, on Stop the Shot. Dr. McCullough, Dr. Yeadon, Dr. Hodkinson and many other– Dr. Alexander, many other international experts spoke at our first three press conferences on Stop the Shot. We got shut down on our mail system for having run that campaign. We ramped up and started another, and continued our fight.

By the fall of 2021, it was clear that the US military was being damaged by the complications of the covid shot and the unlawful covid mandates. And many of you know Todd Calendar. He, he’s on our legal advisory council. And I’m a medical consultant for his law firm, and we have worked closely together for the last two years on all of this. And he said, “Lee, we have serious problems in the military; I’ve got thousands of people that need help. We need a voice. Can Truth for Health Foundation be a platform for the military?”

So that occurred in September of 2021. In July of 2021 we got asked by a different attorney to assist with hospital rescues of patients trapped in the hospitals on the covid death protocol, which goes back by the way– for those of you that don’t know American medicine and the government control that was instituted with Obamacare in 2010, Ezekiel Emanuel wrote an article, 1999, that was published, I believe in the Lancet. The 2009 article was published I think in the British Medical Journal, of course hiding it overseas so that most Americans don’t see it.

And he wrote about the necessity of doing away with the oath of the Hipocrates and focusing on the collective, rationing medical care for those over 50 and under 15 — because they didn’t have a complete life and therefore they were not worthy of medical care. Or, those over 50 should be rationed because they’ve already had their life. That was the architect of Obamacare writing those papers 20 years earlier and 10 years earlier. And that grew out of the Liverpool Protocol in England, which was accelerated euthanasia, which many of you know about.

So Ezekiel Emanuel is the, in the shadows advising the Biden administration. And the same architect of the “Complete Lives System”, rationing of medical care for the elderly, was now the covid policy expert for the US– in the background. And that is part of the genesis of the covid death protocols in the hospitals. So when we got asked to assist with that, we created a covid care strategy team of lawyers, nurses, specialty doctors in different fields.
And literally when people reached out to us– and they reached out to us from all over the country– we go in with a legal and medical team. We assist the family in getting access to the records. We review the records, real time, and our legal nurse consultant is advising the family, helping them get attorneys and medical experts to guide them. We have been conferenced in, on phone calls between family members and hospital staff, when the family was denied access _except_ by phone. And we’ve been conference in on those phone calls, not always with the knowledge of the doctors and nurses in the hospital. But the family brought us in, and the attorneys would bring us in.

And I have personally heard conversations that literally, actually a shock to me to my core, in the abusiveness towards patients, particularly the unvaccinated, the cruelty, the lies and the way in which doctors and nurses have been speaking to patients in _our_ experience is truly chilling. And we’re literally been fighting on that front since we were asked to start that team. And to this day, we are still getting calls from families who are, have loved ones trapped in the hospital. They are using provisions from the last act of President Obama in late 2016, after the out– the surprise outcome of the 2016 election when President Trump got elected.

End of November, beginning of December, President Obama did two things that set the stage for what we’re seeing in the United States: the CARES Act was…– I’m sorry, the Cures Act in 2016; 2020 was the CARES Act. President Obama also appointed Dr. Rick Bright the head of BARDA [Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority] in that late stage of his administration, after they knew President Trump had won the election and Hillary Clinton did not, and they lost control.

If you fast-forward to 2020, Rick Barter, I’m sorry, Rick Bright, director of BARDA was the person who later bragged about sabotaging President Trump’s desire to make hydroxychloroquin available. And he is, there is an article in which he is quoted bragging about the for fact that he personally wrote the FDA language in a way that would restrict its outpatient use, contradicting the orders of our commander in chief and president of the United States.

So by setting Rick Bright in place in late 2016 with a known agenda of what he believed and what his role was, I think set the stage for part of the sabotage _we_ faced in 2020 with lack of access to hydroxychloroquin. A lot of that happened before we knew from Brazil in about April, 2020, that ivermectin also worked. Well, you all know what happened with the media discrediting both drugs and mocking them and persecuting doctors for prescribing them.

Under the Remdesivir protocols in the hospitals and… stop me if I’m saying things that you already know all the details. But what we discovered in the summer of 2021– and I wrote an editorial about it– that the CARES Act set up all kinds of waivers and immunities for hospitals in the U– across the US and incentive payments for them to only use the “approved” covid protocol in hospitals. The “approved” protocol, of course, was: any patient coming into the hospital ER for any reason got a PCR test. And we all know the flaws of that.

In addition, we had whistleblowers reporting to us that hospitals could, their labs could set the cycle threshold, so many hospitals were actually increasing the cycle threshold above what the CDC recommended, and almost virtually guaranteeing an 80 to 90 percent false positive rate, which in turn they get a covid diagnosis, they admit them to the covid floor, they start restricting fluids, they start restricting food, they give them Remdesivir — and we know what happens. The kidneys start to fail, the fluid backs up in the lungs, you’re dehydrated, you can’t circulate blood adequately for oxygenation, and the patient’s oxygen [saturations] drop. Voila, another ka-ching on the cash register. And the patients are put on a ventilator bringing _another_ incentive payment to the hospitals. The hospitals were getting– and I’m sure you’ve seen the statistic by now– but the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that regulate so much of this in the US is paying incentives of 20 percent on the entire hospital bill for hospitals that use Remdesivir.

So that means if the hospital bill– it isn’t just a 20 percent bonus on the cost of the medicine. It’s a 20 percent bonus on the whole bill. So if the, depending on how long the patient’s in the hospital, the bill can be hundreds of thousands of dollars. The attorneys Dan Watkins and Michael Hamilton– who were the first two in the United States to actually take the lawsuits against hospitals forward, although many of us in medicine have been screaming for that for the last two years– finally In September, 2021, they had the courage to take it forward. and their specific legal causes of action, this is from their press release, and I quote: “wrongful death, constructive fraud, violation of the Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act– that’s in California– and medical negligence and battery.

They are taking the cases forward against three hospitals and doctors in Fresno, California. And so they have state law in California they can use, as well as federal law. And “this landmark case”, again I’m quoting from their press release, because I interviewed them ahead of their press release and then we aired the radio whistleblower report after their press release, quote: “this landmark case alleges that plaintiffs were subjected to medical deception and given a protocol by the defendants the centerpiece of which is the poisonous and deadly drug Remdesivir. Plaintiffs were not properly informed regarding the dangers of the drug and were instead placed on a protocol which was medically unnecessary, causing most of the plaintiffs to die a horrific death” end quote.

And all of you know that, but I wanted to quote from their press release, because Truth for Health Foundation gave a grant to support the cost of their litigation. now we are not fully funding it; they are raising funds separately from many sources. But we did feel this was an important step for the public charity human defense, human rights defense organization, to give a programmatic grant to support their efforts.

Since that time, Truth for Health Foundation is taking separately with a different law firm two wrongful-death cases forward, on more targeted legal issues that help us bypass the immunity provided under the CARES Act and the Cures Act with tackling Remdesivir head on. So we have engaged– the Foundation is committing donor funds in a programmatic lawsuit to take forward two cases, one in Wisconsin and one in Maryland, on wrongful deaths on more targeted legal strategies that we think have a good chance of being successful by bypassing some of the immunity provisions that the Remdesivir cases face.

Now all of us believe that we need to fight on all fronts, and we need to take as many cases forward with as many strategies as possible. What has been very valuable about working together with Warner Mendenhall’s law from on these cases that the foundation is funding is that we have a full medical team working with the law firm, pointing out areas that _we_ see medically are violations of medical practice and medical ethics and patient care standards; and then asking the lawyers to help us find a legal strategy.

So working together as a medical legal team between the Foundation and the law firm and we have other attorneys on our legal advisory council who have fought similar issues in hospitals for 20 years or more, not just covid. And so our volunteer legal advisers on the Foundation’s advisory council then assessed the law firm that’s actually going to litigate the cases. And we’ve got the legal nurse consultants and the medical and scientific experts on our advisory council. Most of the people are listed on our website,
so you can see the diversity of people that we bring to the team. And this has been a very… significant project, and we have spent many, many hours in legal strategy meetings, looking at ways we can do an end-run around the opposition and the obstacles, and try and find justice for these patients.

Then we also take the approach of trying the cases in the court of public opinion, with press conferences and our Whistleblower Report radio shows that air daily Monday through Friday 12 noon and 12 midnight, Eastern time on the America Out Loud talk radio. Once they are broadcast live, then they go to podcast on all the global networks. So you can look at the resource of the legal topics we have under the Whistleblower Report series that the Foundation is funding. We have the vaccine report we welcome all of you vaccine experts to talk with us on the Whistleblower Report. Mike Yeaden in– and Sasha Latipova and Hedley Reece and several other international people are on the team– Dr. Jancey Lindsay– are on the team, doing the vaccine reports under the Whistleblower Report series. We have the medical report, legal report, military report, vaccine report. And the faith report looking at how the churches are being co-opted by the politicized federal directives, putting government as God instead of biblical teachings.

So we’re tackling all of the institutions that are betraying their oath, that are harming the public, and a multi-pronged approach, that as one band of warriors, we… are doing our best to do our part with the generosity of our donors. And i… want to say at the outset, that given some of the scandals that have arisen around public charities in the United States, this Foundation and my commitment to our donors has been that it will be run absolutely by the book, on the IRS guidelines. I take no compensation from the donor money; I don’t feel that’s right. I will earn my livelihood through my hours in my separate, independent medical practice that has no connection with the Foundation.

And in fact, I rarely even mention it, because I don’t want there to be a conflict. So most of our advisors, in fact I would say all of the physicians and scientists working with Truth for Health Foundation are working _pro bono,_ because we believe that it’s the right thing to do, and our donor money is used in the legal defense arena, and in the educational programs and resources to help the public. The other major difference with our organization: there are so many good, strong organizations that are doing medical and scientific programs to educate the public. We’re, our focus is to get into the grassroots at the community level and empower patients and citizens with the tools that they need in thir community and in their families to defend themselves against the medical tyranny and the lack of medical freedom.

So most of our educational resources are written with the idea of being layman’s guides, fact sheets, layman’s treatment guides. We have the scientific references, but our goal is to write these treatment guides: The Vaccine Injury Treatment Guide, The Early CoViD Home Treatment Guide, Radiation Injury Treatment Guide. Fact sheets on how to stay out of the hospital and save your life. All of these materials are designed to be written at the high school or tenth-grade reading level, we hope, so that the average person who doesn’t have any medical training can understand them. and they’re written in a step-wise way, to give people a step-by-step guide. We call them your road maps to recovery. And then we have several citizens’ initiatives: the vaccine– a Civilian Vaccine Injury Treatment Guide, but the Citizens’ Vaccine Injury Reporting System, because the CDC isn’t disclosing their data. And as we build our database and have the experts analyze it, we disclose that to the public.

We also have the Oath Breaker Project, where citizens can report those in medicine, law, ministry, military, government who are breaking their oath to serve the public. And we have the Sentinel Event Reporting Project, to encourage citizens to file complaints against the hospitals through the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals. And then there are the criminal complaint forms that Todd Calendar’s firm designed for us to use to guide citizens how to file _pro se_ litigation, because there simply aren’t enough attorneys to go around.

So I think I can best summarize our philosophy as: instead of doing a presentation that gives people a fish for a meal, our goal is to teach them how to fish, so that they can go and take these tools and serve their families and communities and teach others.

So that’s a quick overview of the broad approaches and the multi-pronged strategies that we’ve been using. And I have the interview that I’ve shared with Corwin for all of you, the audio interview with attorneys Dan Watkins and Michael Hamilton, so that when you would like to listen to it, you can have that resource, go back and hear what they said in September at the time of their press conference and press release. And we were honored to help support the litigation, and as the donor generosity continues, we will continue to do that.

So the next step would be to invite them back to talk in more detail about the legal strategies and what they have encountered in the months since they filed the lawsuit. I know that they are taking cases forward in about six other states in the USA, developing legal teams to do that. so I hope that you’ll be able to be successful in having them join you for another program. But I wanted to at least give you the medical input on what we’ve been doing and how we’ve been working with many different law firms and lawyers to to find ways to hold them accountable for their actions.

And our press conferences on all of this are archived on our website. We’ve had many fired– there been about a dozen fired for medical freedom, fired for freedom, holding hospitals accountable, exposing the incentive payments, exposing recordings from hospital executives colluding to withhold nutrition and fluids. I mean, it is really very chilling when we’ve got the whistle blowers coming forward with all of this. So I know all of you know the enormity of the problem and you’re fighting on many fronts. We are honored to be here and… representing the Foundation. And if we can be of assistance, we’re happy to do that, happy to have any of you experts on the Whistleblower Report. And let’s make it even more of an international effort. So thank you for having me.

Viviane Fischer: [02:56:54]
[That’s] really like a very impressive, you know, list of activities. It’s really a multi-multi-prong approach, I can see. Like you’re basically a powerhouse for all the kinds of various activities that one can unfold in this whole matter. And I think it’s really great that you provide the patients or victims of, well, the… injections and… whoever else might be affected like relatives and so on with this, as you said, like teach them how to fish themselves, papers, all that. I think it’s a very, important thing. I just have one question: like, with regards to these Remdesivir cases, is there, have they been accepted? How… have they gone forward? Is… there, or have they been a rejected immediately, kicked out of court? Or like what’s the… status of the case at this point in time?

Lee Vliet, MD:
Well, to… be honest, I think Dan and Mike have been so overwhelmed, it’s a little difficult reaching them to… get the update. But my understanding, in the last communication I had a few weeks ago, is that they are moving forward, and they are moving the cases forward with state-based attorneys in other states. They have mentioned Arizona, Texas, Kentucky. And there are about three others in the model that they are using. And they _are_ going after, they are hitting Remdesivir head-on, on those legal causes of action that I named very quickly: wrongful death, constructive fraud, violation of the Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act, medical negligence and battery.

So my understanding is: they are moving forward. As you know, that’s an uphill battle against big medicine, big pharma, big government and the tech censorship. Now what _our_ approach is, is a little different. We are taking, we have two very narrowly-defined cases, as I mentioned, in two different states, and we have whistleblowers that are giving us information to help support those. But our cases are focused on the violation of state statutes on “Do not intubate” directives from the patient and “Do not resuscitate”, wrongful, illegal DNR orders, as well as violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act and wrongful death, use of medicines other than Remdesivir that were improperly used, that hastened death.

An example: one patient who was not diabetic was given insulin on top of Midazolam, fentanyl presidex and morphine, and was dead a few hours after the last doses. Insulin was not medically indicated, and that is a wrongful death on misuse of other medications, separate. Patient did not get Remdesivir. And because there was no Remdesivir used and the patient was not on a ventilator, we have other causes of action.

And then there is a different case where the patient _did_ get Remdesivir, but that’s not the focused cause of legal action that the attorneys feel is the way to take the case forward in that state. So our thought is– and we’re… also taking forward two cases that– let me… clarify. The Foundation offers legal defense grants to individuals. And in particular our focus has been on military service members who are being punished and retaliated against over the unlawful covid-shot mandates, and illegal, unlawful testing and masking mandates. Because all of those are experimental-use products, and you cannot lawfully mandate them. So legal defense grants. And our military is much more vulnerable than the civilian population, because they can’t simply leave a job and go get another job. If they … refuse an order, they risk being court-marshaled and imprisoned.

So our priority with limited donor money was to help support them, because they defend us. So we’ve made a big initiative to support the military with individual grants where we could. In addition to that, we made a decision, the board of directors and the executive team voted, to approve my recommendation that we take two separate military plaintiff cases forward as a program lawsuit by the Foundation, which meant the individuals were not given an individual grant, but the Foundation was coming in to say, “This is so important for all military and all civilians that this is what the IRS allows the public charity to engage in — legal defense of core human and civil rights secured by law.”

So the Foundation is coming in to pay for those two cases. One has been filed in California; one is being filed in Texas in January. So there… are those four cases on the, this front. And then we have engaged Warner Mendenhall’s firm to take forward two cases on the False Claims Act violations, where hospitals are making fraudulent claims to the government. And the Foundation can be the relater that takes the case forward to recover money on behalf of the public and the US taxpayers.

So we have, right at the moment the foundation is taking six different cases forward in six different jurisdictions with different purposes, and we’re hoping to get to first base on several of those. So that’s… been the added legal strategy, separate from the Remdesivir cases. That was a little longer answer to your question, but it brought up some things I wanted to be sure I mentioned. Because I think we’ve got to go after a lot of different legal fronts. Sorry, Dr. Wodarg.

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD: [03:04:44]
Yes I’m sorry. May have a question? For sure you know about the recovery studies that they did with… hydroxychloroquin, where they overdosed it enormously and killed a lot of people with that. Do you, is there some, is there, I think they did it to, just to… blame hydroxychloroquin that it’s not good for, so that it should no longer be used. They just misused this, and then they stopped it when it came out.

But do you… deal with it? Are there cases which you follow up? Because those people, they were victims of a strategy, of a very bad strategy. They were… presented as… victims of covid and they were victims, like with Remdesivir, they were victims of overdosing a drug. And I think it’s a very, it was a very dramatic thing. Do you deal with this, too?

Lee Vliet, MD: [03:05:44]
Yes. Actually we came out swinging on that study. I had several editorials about the _deliberate_ misuse of the drug. And in fact it was so shocking and so outrageous that… we actually spoke out a lot on that, as in every venue we could. And remember all of us are getting censored, so it’s difficult to break through the mainstream media control. But we just keep fighting. And slowly, I think, we’re slowly turning the Titanic.

But let me say this: about hydroxychloroquin, I mean, I’ve had patients on it for years. And most practicing physicians have… many patients on it. They’re being treated for rheumatoid and lupus–

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:

Lee Vliet, MD:
–at doses of 400 to 800 milligrams a day for decades with no problems. The American College of Rheumatologists don’t even require a baseline EKG before rheumatologists prescribe it for lupus or rheumatoid. Now what’s interesting, because my practices is preventive and climateric medicine, a lot of the patients I see that have rheumatoid or lupus also have endocrine problems. But someone may have already put them on hydroxychloroquin, but I started using it aggressively in March of 2020 in the early treatment of covid. And I was digging into the literature in many ways as fast as I could. And what I found– and… I still encounter doctors that are shocked by this– what I found was we have forty years of data on hydroxychloroquin as an anti-diabetes drug that improves glucose A1C and lipids. And a very well done study in 2014, published in the US, showed improvements in all of those markers. And then the more I dug into it, lo and behold, it’s being used as a repurposed drug to treat multiple cancers, as an adjunct. And they have excellent studies on hydroxychloroquin reducing prostate cancer metastasis.

So with all of that extra digging that I… just hadn’t had really a need to look into to that degree, before all of the negative garbage about how dangerous this drug was, I… have been using it much more extensively in my practice. I use it to treat inflammatory pain from endometriosis from acute flareups of auto-immune thyroiditis. I’m using it to transact vaccine injury. I’m u– all of this.

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:
I know this because I was do– I was working in tropical medicine and I was using it against malaria as prophylaxis also, when it was still working. And I used it in rheumatism, with rheumatism too, and this is no… problem. It’s… very clear. But what they did, they did not take the normal dose, which was 600 milligrams a day or something like that, but they took more than two gram[s] in the… recovery study. And with that they killed people.

Lee Vliet, MD:

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:
They had cardiac arrests and all this, and they did not think of the favism of G6 phosphate glucose [dilutro…] I don’t, cannot spell it in English, but you know, this enzyme [G6PD] which is missing there in the black population. They know it. In the black population, there are 20 percent, in some countries 30 percent of the people that don’t have this enzyme. And when they get… when do you don’t watch out, you also have hemolysis with them.

Lee Vliet, MD:

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:
And this is very dangerous, and you have to– so this is a contra-indication. But in [these] studies which were done in the beginning of 2020, nobody mentioned it. They were not excluded in the studies, so when you–

Lee Vliet, MD:
You’re right. It was… in fact, didn’t the government of Brazil investigate the… researchers on that study?

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:
Yes, but there was a study in Great Britain also, recovery study. And there were… criminal studies done where they were highly overdosed. And this is… just to… make a bad impression [of] hydroxychloroquin. They just misused this drug to say, “Oh, you shouldn’t take it.”

Lee Vliet, MD:
You’re exactly right. In fact, that is the true evil of all of this that we’ve been seeing. Our governments have knowingly killed people to justify the ends of total control.

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:

Lee Vliet, MD:
And that… is so evident to me, I can’t see how anyone can look at the data and think otherwise. It was intentional. And Dr. Yeaden has talked about this extensively that they have– and Dr. Lindsey, many others who know the history of the mRNA platform development, knew the lipid nano– they _knew_ the toxicity of the lipid
nano-particles in all the animal species studied from fifteen years ago. They knew the damage of the spike protein, and they continued. You cannot interpret it any other way, than this was intent to harm.

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:
Yes, even the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute in Germany, they published the work, some… publication about the spike protein, its toxicity. They took isolated spike proteins and they… used them and they injected them and they found out the hemagglutination of the– blood clots and such things, and syncytia forming out of many cells. And all this. they published it in January 2021.

And the same time this started, giving those shots, where this toxic spike protein would be produced within the people. So they… were schizophrenic. On one hand, they said, “Oh, spike protein is very dangerous, and it’s on the surface of the corona virus. It’s very dangerous.” And on the other hand, they gave the– on the other hand, they… gave it, and they… make it clinical– not clinical trials, but they made laboratory studies and published that it is dangerous. So they knew exactly what they were doing.

Lee Vliet, MD:
Exactly right. Dr. Wodarg, I– you know, it’s… difficult for people of conscience to wrap their minds around the fact that the reality is: this has been a malevolent, diabolical design from the beginning. And it’s difficult for normal people to wrap their minds around that. Which is why I think it’s important in _our_ work that we talk about the intent, and how long they knew the damage,

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:

Lee Vliet, MD:
long before they rolled this out. And we will continue to hammer that, to– and I will continue this fight to my dying breath. This has been, this in part– patient advocacy and doing the right thing for the patient and honoring the oath of a Hipocrates to serve the patient is something that I’ve held dear for my whole career in medicine, not just the corona fight. And… I’ve spent a lot of years going up against narratives that were harmful to patients and drugs that were harmful to patients, and misrepresentation of the data.

And I’ve said all along– you know, in the US, everybody understands about insurance contracts. And doctors are contracted with insurance and you’ve got to file your insurance. I resigned from all insurance contracts in 1986, because I said, in my first year of practice, I cannot serve two masters. I cannot serve what the insurance companies are telling me to do and do the right thing for the patient, because most of the time they’ve been in conflict. And I just said to my husband,
“You know, I’m really sorry. I’m just starting my practice and I’m just starting to make money again after eight years of training, but I can’t do this. I can’t sleep at night.”
So we found a way forward. We just spoke to the patients. And I spent a career advocating for the patients. I always said, I answer to God and I answer to the patients. And there’s no governor that’s going to tell me when I can and cannot prescribed for a patient something they need.

So I just think all of us in medicine need to stand up for the oath that we took to serve the patient. That has been the tradition since Hipocrates, and it’s all throughout the old and new testament of the Bible, and _that’s_ our obligation. And the physicians that don’t do that are going to answer for it on judgment day. And if you don’t answer on, in _this_ world, you will eventually. And I just ask you to look yourselves in the mirror and ask, “How can I knowingly continue to harm people? These are human beings who deserve our compassion and our care.”

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:
You’re right.

Viviane Fischer:
… Thanks so much for your presentation. And I think we’re definitely going in the right direction and it would be great to get an update of what’s been going on in your activities like in the near future. And we’re going to link the… statements by yout legal team, on our Telegram channel, so people can take a look at that.

Lee Vliet, MD:
Great. Thank you so much. And may I suggest another expert for you to consider bringing on? Todd Calendar and his researcher Lisa McGee have uncovered some staggering information. She has done extraordinary digging into databases that we didn’t know existed. And this is just in the last two weeks. I’ve been working closely with them on what Lisa has diligently and with a great deal of dedication and perseverance, has uncovered. That she’s the first to say, we need experts, medical and scientific, to look at all of this and help make sense of it and explain it and put it to good use.

So I would just suggest that you might consider that. I’ll be happy to link up Corwyn with Todd and Lisa so that you could perhaps have them on if you decide you want to pursue the information they’ve just uncovered in the last couple of weeks.

Viviane Fischer:
Super. Sounds very interesting. So Corwyn will get in touch with you about it and then we can… super. Yeah so, Merry Christmas to you. It’s–

Lee Vliet, MD:
Thank you. Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, Happy new year. And just all of you, thank you so much. I spent some wonderful Christmases in Germany and enjoy it. In fact I still have some of the of things I bought at Oberammergau. And I spent many wonderful Christmases in Italy down in Sorento and Florence. And I have some things that I got there. I think Europe does Christmas in a very beautiful way, and I just hope all– and the Christmas markets. So I’m envious of all of you, having fun at your Christmas markets and the season. So have a wonderful season and God bless you all and thank you so much for having me.

Viviane Fischer:
Thanks so much for coming on.

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:[03:18:34]
Thank you, too.

Lee Vliet, MD:

Viviane Fischer: [03:18:37]


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