Corona Investigative Committee, 132nd Session on November 25th, 2022

Christopher Saccoccia, Human Rights Activist

(Original language: English)

[Transcript from Team + Ed]

Viviane Fischer: [03:39:02]
So now we have our last guest for today, who has been unfrozen now, and we’ll see whether we can get him in. Christopher Saccoccia, are you there? Can you hear us? … Hello. Nice to see you. You are a, well, controversial but well known freedom, health and human rights activists in Canada. And there was a… video clip from you from September 2020. And I think maybe we should see this, like as an introduction, because you made some, had a very good perception of what was going to go down in the near future, when you made that statement.

Chris Saccoccia:
I don’t know what’s so controversial about simply telling the truth.

Viviane Fischer: [03:39:59]
OK. Maybe controversial, you were just–

Chris Saccoccia:

Chris Saccoccia

No no, you’re right, you’re right to say that, because they try to make it seem like I’m _very_ controversial, but the reality is: all I do is tell the truth, the truth that they don’t want you to know. And that’s why it’s controversial: because telling the truth in a world of universal deceit is now a revolutionary act.

Viviane Fischer:
That’s true, yeah. OK, so let’s go, let’s see that video, if we if we have, have it available.

[Beginning of video clip]

Chris Saccoccia: [03:40:24]
…about compliance, because they know Canadians like to do what they’re told. So they tell you you have to wear a mask. Next they’re going to tell you you have to contact trace. Then they’re going to tell you you have to take the vaccine, and because Canadians like to do what they’re told, they’re hoping that everyone just complies. And then guess what, kids: once you take your vaccine, like a dumb person that doesn’t know any better, they’re going to tell you, “Sorry, the vaccine isn’t as effective as we thought it was going to be. So now you’ve _still_ got to wear your mask, still got to get contact traced, still have all the restrictions and social distancing, and still take your vaccine.”

And then what did you get out of all this? You got a whole year where you weren’t allowed to travel, your business was closed, they took your rights and freedoms, they forced a vaccine on you, and what happened? The same amount of people died, everything is the exact same, and now they’re going to put you back on lockdown and bring it all the way till July of next year, so they can do the same thing again. bring you from July, August and September, getting you _off_ lockdown, but just to bring you back on lockdown again.

If you idiots haven’t figured it out yet, it’s a perpetual cycle that you never get out of. And it’s a way to take your rights, your freedoms, close your business, take your wealth. Why? So you become dependent on government. Why? If you’re independent, the government works for you, like it’s supposed to. If you depend on the government to give you a paycheck that feeds your family every month, because they closed your business on you, now the government doesn’t _work_ for you; the government _rules_ you. So instead of a middle class, we have the government upper class and the lower class dependents that rely on the government to survive. In other words, we have a slave class. And that’s what they’re trying to do. It’s that simple.

[End of video clip]

Viviane Fischer: [03:42:03]
Wow. Yeah. So what’s your take on the whole situation if you, if you look at the last two years, what have you been, what have you done, and what’s going on, especially in Canada?

Chris Saccoccia:
Well, it’s pretty obvious that they have a goal, and that goal is what they like to call The Great Reset. And what that means is: they want to put everybody into a situation where you cannot survive without government assistance. They want you on a universal basic income. They want you on digital, biometric identity, where you need to prove who you are for every single transaction, as simple as buying groceries. And then they want you on a digital currency that the government has complete control over. And once they get you on all that, if they ban cash, the last linchpin, to make sure that you and your family and generations after you are slaves that can never attain wealth, never attain and type of success: they will make that digital currency that they control and they issue _expire._ So now, it doesn’t matter how many jobs you have, how many businesses you have, how many extra hours you work or overtime you work, you’ll never be able to accumulate wealth for you, your family or your future.

Because if you don’t _spend_ this money in a certain amount of time, the government will simply just recuperate it out of your bank account and say that you’re “hoarding”. People in Germany should understand this. They went through Nazi Germany where it said, “Show me your papers, please”, so you could go places. How is that any different to the vaccine passport system? How is it any different from segregating society based on: if you’re going to choose to allow us to take away your medical autonomy or not? Henry Kissinger wasn’t shy. He said it very blatantly: if the people allow mandatory vaccination, they’ll allow anything — force blood draw, force organ donation.

You will literally be controlled cradle to grave. And Germany is trying to lead the way in this tyranny. You’re already trying to put a law that would bring back mandatory masks every October, perpetually. Which is literally exactly what I said on the video in 2020: that they want to get you off lockdown in the summer, just bring you back on lockdown every winter, so you’re in a perpetual cycle you never get out of. And how does Germany respond? Oh, we’re going to make it mandatory to masks every October. and we’re going to tell Germans to download a little app that’s green, green when you’ve been vaccinated. But as soon as your vaccine has been over a month or two, now it’s going to go yellow, to remind you that you’re going to have to get your “booster” — never-ending cycle. _And,_ when it goes yellow, it’s going to remind you that you’re not fully protected, so you still got to wear your mask.

What a surprise. How is it different from anything I said in the video? It’s literally identical. And the reason being: they know if they can train you to believe that individual rights and freedoms are selfish and dangerous, even though all the way up until now they’ve been so paramount to a successful society — millions of people fought and died in world wars to protect them — now all of a sudden, you’re a bad person if you don’t willingly give up your rights and freedoms for “the greater good”. And we were told it was temporarily because of CoViD. And now that covid’s kind of tapering off, and they’re trying to bring it back, they’re switching over to climate change, because covid can only last a few years. Climate change agendas can last generations.

So now they want to continue the same ideas and the same policies, and they want to encode them into climate-change laws, so they can last generations, just like you’re seeing in the Netherlands. What did they do? Under the guise of nitrogen emissions– now CO2 isn’t going to kill us; _nitrogen_ is going to kill us, even though it’s 70-plus percent of the atmosphere. And what is the bigger, the biggest producer of nitrogen in the world? Oh, it’s our farming and agricultural industry. So obviously the only way to save the world now is to destroy the food supply.

So now we’ve gone from human beings are individuals with rights and freedoms and those rights and freedoms are paramount in the society… covid brought that to: OK, we’re human beings, but we need to give up our rights and freedoms for the greater good, and to save grandma and babies, or you’re a bad person. To now: human beings _are_ the cancer on the planet, and the mere idea of feeding humans is actually killing the planet. So now we need to starve the humans to save the planet.

So we went all the way from individuals where rights to freedom were paramount, to individuals where rights and freedoms are killing the planet, and they need to be destroyed, and you need to give up all your decision making to the government. That’s what the Great Reset is all about. Number one, taking your wealth. Number two, taking your ability to say no. And number three: taking away all the decisions that you are, used to be able to make for yourself. Why? Because if somebody else is making your decisions _for_ you, they are going to get the result _they_ want for you, every single time.

So this idea that you’re going to be able to have a successful life or successful family or successful career– it goes right down the drain. They want you in a position where they can control what you do every single day, where you go every single day, what you can spend your money on every single day, and exactly all that. They don’t want you to have a car for mobility. They don’t want you to be able to internationally travel. They definitely don’t want you to have any type of weaponry where you can stand up to them. They don’t even want you to be able to accumulate wealth, because the mere fact of you accumulating wealth means that you will be able to raise your position in society, and they do not want to be challenged. They want you down here forever, so they are setting up a massive international control grid, technocratically, and they’re literally tricking people in the complying.

And now that the tricking people stopped working and people took off the mask, people listened to me and they just said “No”, people around the world learned what united noncompliance means, the globalists are changing tactics. Rather than try to scare us with covid, now they’re going to try to starve people into submission. I was on my world tour in September. I was actually in Germany as part of it. Too bad I didn’t get the do the show in person. But part of my world tour, it started in England. I was in Ireland. Then we were in Belgium, France, Netherlands and Germany.

And what we found out in England when the queen was being buried as I was speaking, we had five hundred world leaders there. Everyone was there, the German leader was there, the Canadian leader was there, US leader was there. Five hundred world leaders there. What were they discussing? They weren’t discussing the queen’s funeral arrangements, ladies and gentlemen. They were discussing how the globalists are going to move forward and keep all their goals in place, their goals being a digital identity, a digital currency and eliminating cash. And having you all on their own control grid.

So how are they going to do it now? Very simple. They already told you. They’re planning a global recession. They’re going to make everything you need to survive more expensive every month. Your electricity, your food bill, your gas bill, your natural gas to heat your home. I think Germans know all about this. And what are they going to tell you?

“Oh, it’s because of Russia. You guys cannot afford to eat. You guys can’t– we can’t afford to feed you. We can’t even afford to heat the homes in Germany without buying firewood from Canada, because we have no more access to Russian natural gas, because of evil Putin. It obviously has nothing to do with all the sanctions we put on Russia to create these conditions. No, no, no.”

So they’re using the war in Ukraine and Russia as a reason to impoverish Europe and the rest of the country. [sic] They want you guys to feel pain. They want you guys to go hungry. They want you guys to freeze over the winter. And all the while, every month, it’s going to get more expensive just for you to survive. Why? Because guess what. In six months, 99 percent of the population who’s on a fixed budgetary monthly income simply won’t be able to make ends meet. If everything keeps getting more expensive every month, but you’re getting the same amount of pay every month, what’s eventually going to happen to every single person in the country? They’re going to get to a point where they can’t pay their bills. And when you’re at the point where 20 or 30 percent of the population can’t pay their bills, the government’s going to talk about Universal Basic Income as their new method to _save_ you.

And the vast majority of people will rather sign up for a digital identity, give their iris, give their fingerprint, give their facial recognition, give their voice recognition– than rather starve. And then for the supposed middle-class people, they have a wonderful trap for you, too. How many Germans, just like Canadians, are living in houses too expensive for them to really afford, and pay more on their monthly mortgage payments than they really should? How many percentage-of-interest points would that mortgage have to rise– as they’re doing in Canada; it’s already risen up one and a half percent in a year, and it’s going to rise more. So if they raise your interest rates three percent, how many of these supposed “middle-class” people who are now going to lose their house, have to downsize, have to lower their standard of living, would rather just download the digital identity app, and go with the Universal Basic Income program, so they could keep their lifestyle?

The government has ways to try to coerce you to do what they want. Before, it was massive threats: wear the mask and take the jab, or you’re not going to be able to travel. You’re not going to be able to work. We might even tax you and imprison you if you don’t go along with it. That’s how far it went. And as long as people complied and did what the government told them, it would have only got worse. If we didn’t fight back, if we didn’t start the trucker convoy in Canada– you Germans and everyone else around the world would have still complied. And it would have gotten to the point where if you were unvaccinated, you would be a complete second-class citizen, you would be taxed, you might be arrested, you wouldn’t get access to the majority of society.

It wasn’t an accident that this just stopped. No, it stopped because the people finally stood up for themselves like I told you that’s the only way it would stop. So now the people and the government know that the only way the government can do this stuff to you is if you go along with it. They’re trying to take away the freedom of choice for the people. And how are they doing that? By simply making everything you need to live, more expensive every single month. It’s just like the, it’s the boiling frog in the water. They had us all on the– they had us all frogs in the water. They were boiling us. They were boiling us so hot that a lot of us started jumping out of the water, and telling the other ones, “You better jump out of the water.”

So what happened? All the frogs started jumping out of the water. So what do they do? They just turn the heat down a little bit. So all the frogs jump back in the water, and they’re still getting boiled, but it’s so comfortable that they don’t care. So that’s what they’re trying to do right now. They’re going to try to slowly, slowly, death by thousand cuts around the world, usher everybody in to a position where they are going to be dependent on the government. And they’re either not going to be able to feed themselves, or they’re not going to be able to keep the same lifestyle they had. And the government believes that the vast majority of people will simply submit to their digital identity at this point. And, like I said, if they get you on a digital identity, they get you on a digital currency, and then they ban cash, _they own you._

Remember when they had you on lockdown and said, “You can’t go more than five kilometers from your house, or else? Well, let’s fast-forward 10 years from now, when all cars are electric. So they’re going to ban gas-powered cars, as they told you. Now, they don’t want you to go five kilometers from your house, they just switch off your electric car. If you decide you’re going to get on your bicycle and pedal more than five kilometers from your house, and you walk into a store to buy something, your digital identity is going to show that you’re outside of your “five-kilometer allowed radius”, so what’s going to happen? Your digital wallet is not going to work!

They’re going to say, “Sorry, you’re out of your range. You won’t even be able to purchase anything. And even if you’re _in_ a store within your range, they will get to _choose_ what you are allowed to purchase. “Oh, all that stuff in aisle three, those are non-essential items. You can’t buy that today.” And then the best part of all of that, once again like I said, if you allow them to ban cash and you allow them to control the only currency you’re allowed to use, not only will it be digital, not only will they have complete control over it; they will make it expire, just like China is already experimenting with. Because that is the final nail in the coffin. When they have you on a digital ID, a digital currency, no access to cash or other types of currency, and they can make your currency expire, they now own you, body mind and soul, for generations to come, forever, unless you rise up.

But you won’t be able to rise up, because they already took your guns. They already took your wealth, and they’re doing everything to demoralize men and make men believe that being masculine is bad. That is the only reason that this has been able to proliferate. The last fifty-plus years, they’ve been attacking men, they’ve been attacking the family unit, and that’s why when the government came out with all these ridiculous restrictions, the average man, rather than stand up and say, “I’m not going to put a mask on my wife and kids. I’m not going to put a needle in their arm.” What do they do instead? “Oh, honey, honey, just put the mask on. We don’t want any confrontation. And then they told their kids, “Oh, just listen to your teachers.” And after they told their kids to just listen to their teachers, now what do we have in Canada? We have a new law passed where your teacher can tell your four-year-old that they believe that they’re a different gender. And then that teacher can start calling your little boy John “Jill”, and a girl. And not only will they not have to get parental consent, they will not even inform the parents, because it’s the child’s decision. Why? Because for the last two years, when the kid came home to the parents and said, “Mommy, Daddy, I don’t like this mask. It makes me feel bad. I can’t breathe.” What did the parents say? “Oh, listen to your teacher.”

The parents literally made the state the number one influence and the number one caregiver in their own child’s life. And now they’re wondering why their kids are all screwed up? Very simple. And that’s exactly what the government wants.

well, like from the, when your video came out, is that, how was that received, and did you wake up a lot of people? How, what’s happened after you came out with your statement back then?

Chris Saccoccia:
That video that you just played, I’ve seen it translated to more than fourteen different languages, and I’ve seen that it’s got hundreds of millions of views all around the world, on virtually every platform. It had, making videos like that is the reason I’m banned. I’m banned on Instagram, I’m banned on Facebook. I’m banned on YouTube. I’m banned on TikTok. I’m highly sensored on Telegram. In fact, on TikToc, you can’t even write hashtag Chris Sky, or you can’t even use the words Chris Sky in a video description. It will say, “Contains banned words”. So I believe I’m the most censored man on planet earth, to be honest. I don’t know anybody else who’s banned on every single international platform, who’s been– I’ve been arrested 23 times in 25 months. I was even arrested in the Netherlands and in Ireland while I was on my tour in September.

And I had a myriad of bail conditions that prevented me from driving, prevented me from flying prevented me from speaking in lots of different places. They took away my legally-owned guns. They forced me to even relinquish my driver’s license and relinquish my firearms license. So I’m on a really long laundry list of charges, crimes, bail conditions. I’m vilified by the media, the government, by other
so-called freedom fighters that are actually infiltrators and government plants. But the reality is: all I’ve done for the last two and a half years is tell people the truth, tell people what they’re really trying to do, tell people what they’re really, their end goals really are… _and_ tell people how to fight back. I’ve made countless videos teaching people about their rights and how to– what to say, what to do, so they can retain their rights and freedoms.

The video I made in the airport is the reason we no longer have a hotel quarantine in Canada, because people realize that the government didn’t really have the legal authority the stuff something up your nose, force you onto a bus, force you into a hotel where you’re not allowed to leave the three days. _And_ charge you a thousand dollars a night for it. People were actually so afraid of their government and so ignorant of their own rights that they would come home from a vacation as a Canadian citizen, wait three hours in a lineup so the government could shove a cancer-causing chemical up their nose– and I’m talking about ethylene oxide, which is used on every single covid test. And ethylene oxide is one of the number one cancer-causing chemicals in the world, especially damaging when inhaled.

So let’s shove it up people’s nose, and after they’ve done that to you, they put you on a bus that’s literally filled with people who flew from all around the world, who haven’t been tested negative yet. And now they’re going to bring you to a government “quarantine facility”, which is a glorified hotel. And then they’re going to lock you in the room. You’re not allowed to leave that room for three days. They drop food at the door. You are a literal prisoner for three days. _And_ they were charging Canadians about three thousand dollars for this “service”. For this service. To come home to their own country, be the forcibly tested, be forcibly confined, and then be put in a prison for three days that you’re paying for. And all I did was come back and show people: I’m not going to– and simply, I’m not going to take your test: I’m a Canadian citizen. I’m not going to go on your little bus: I’m a Canadian citizen. And I’m definitely not going to go to your hotel quarantine: because I’m a Canadian citizen.

And I filmed the police, and I filmed the airport staff, and I made the police admit _on the video_ that they couldn’t do anything to me but give me one of those wonderful fines– and I’ve had over a hundred thousand dollars in those fines. And they’re all about as valuable as toilet paper, if people fight them. And then what happened? I got walked right out of the airport by the police. I didn’t even have to wait in any line. And what happened with those tickets? It’s like I said: I wipe my ass with them, because that’s all they’re good for.

And that’s– and people saw that, millions of people saw that. We had little old ladies that would previously not say boo to the authorities come back and say, “I’m not taking your test.” And we had millions of Canadian do the same thing. And guess what: within two weeks, there was no more hotel quarantine. That’s why I do things I want to do. And this– I want everybody to be aware that in the holiday season coming up, they are going to ramp up fear like you never imagined. they’re going to start talking about the need to bring back mask mandates. They’re already talking about this “tripledemic” of the flu– that was gone for two years by the way. We had no flu cases and no flu deaths for two years. Everything was covid.

Now all of a sudden, we have the flu again, we have covid and we have “RSV” virus. They try to make RSV seem like it’s some new virus. Why? Because, number one, they want to scare you. RSV has been around forever. Parents have been getting, little kids have been getting it forever. But the reason they’re publicizing it so much this year, it’s quite simple: Pfizer just came out with and got the stage three approvals for an RSV vaccine, marketed for pregnant women. So now everything you see on the news– when people watch the “news”, they have to understand that they’re basically watching one long commercial for big pharma. Big pharma pay 75 percent of all the ads that go on the news. So if you don’t think that they also influence the content of the news, as well as the ads that the news plays, then you’re pretty friggin’ stupid.

That is why every news station is talking about RSV virus and telling mothers that their babies are going to be born sick or born into the hospital. They want to scare you into getting another vaccine. And they’re going to try to scare you– this is the most important thing– they are going to try to scare you to not invite your family and friends over for Christmas. Let me say that again: they are going to try to prevent you from having a normal Christmas. Why? Because they know if people like me that are unjabbed, unmasked, healthier than the jabbed and masked, show up to family and Christmas dinners, and they’re making fun of Aunt Sally who’s wearing two masks at the dinner table, and they’re making fun of Uncle George because he took his fourth jab and he’s twitching at the dinner table, and I’m sitting there, no mask and no jab and I’m perfectly healthy, and everybody’s laughing and having a good time and not afraid of each other– they do not want that. Because everybody will realize that they didn’t need the mask, they didn’t need the jab, and then they’ll be far less likely to go along with any more of the government bs.

So what are they going to do? They’re going to tell everybody, “Don’t invite people over unless they wear a mask. Don’t invite people over unless they get their booster.” They’re going to try to _scare_ people to stop them from coming together. They’re going to try to create as much the division, fear, isolation and hopelessness as possible. So if you want to be a freedom fighter, if you want to have a big effect on the consciousness of the world and the state of world affairs going into 2023, all you have to do this holiday season is spread the love, re-invite everybody that you haven’t invited the last two years. Don’t ask them to wear a mask, don’t ask them to be boosted. And just have a good Christmas and family holidays. That’s all you have to do in the next month. And you will see the whole covid narrative collapse. And then we can focus on the worldwide global recession that they are literally doing everything they can make sure happens.

Viviane Fischer:
Wow. And I think that’s a very good plan, with the Christmas thing, because that, you know, you can really spread the news. Like I mean, if you gather with like maybe 10 people or so, you have a giant multiplication system there. I was wondering, so like were you, what was your life before the whole corona thing? Like when did you realize, were you aware of problems in the society, or like that the whole agenda going on before it all happened, or did corona wake you up?

Well I’ve been awake for very long time. People who know me know that I’ve been speaking out against the government, the New World Order, the one-world government plan, one-world currency plan, for years. Years, years, years. I was never public about it, because I didn’t want to look like a friggin’ crazy person, that’s screaming and yelling when they’re not really _doing_ anything. I knew what they were _planning_ on doing, but they hadn’t really _started_ yet. My life before covid– my name Chris Sky, first of all, isn’t some stage name. I own a company called Sky Homes Corporation, and I’m an award-winning developer and builder for residential homes in Canada. And I’ve been doing that for over 25 years.

So that’s what I was doing before covid. My life consisted of enjoying my career, providing residences for the community. And my number one passion was traveling the world with my wonderful wife. We’ve been to over 40 countries. And we were travelling right to the, right when co– like right up until covid started. We were literally riding the wave. Actually, since 2020 to now, I’ve still traveled to over 17 countries, been through 30 international airports. I’ve never worn a mask, never taken a jab. I have a mask and vax exemption. So… yeah, that’s what we were doing before covid. I only spoke out of necessity, because I figured if I didn’t, we were going to be screwed.

I didn’t even _want_ to speak out. It was my _wife_ that convinced me to speak out. Because I already _knew_ they were going to come after my business. I already _knew_ they were going to come after my character. I already _knew_ they were going to try to target me and arrest me. And I didn’t really _want_ to go through all that. And trust me, nobody likes getting arrested; nobody likes going to jail; and definitely nobody likes getting transferred from a jail to a prison, where they strip you, scan you, put you in an orange jumpsuit. And then, because you’re me and because you won’t take a jab, you won’t work wear a mask, and you won’t take a test– guess what? I got thrown in solitary confinement.

So all the other prisoners are having cellmates, and they get out of their cell twice a day for an hour, hour and a half, so they could shower, go to the gym, watch a movie, interact with people. I was in my cell for over 23 hours and 30 minutes every single day, by myself, no access to shower, no access the gym, no access to the TV. I literally have to sit there and wait for my court date, because I know when I get to court, they’re going to have to let me out, because they arrested me for no reason. I have over 50 pending charges; I’ve been arrested 23 times; yet I’m almost 40 years old and I have no criminal record whatsoever. So what the hell does trhat tell you?

It tells you that we’re living in a time that’s no different than when the communists were in charge and just targeting their political opponents. Only now, they do it with a much better public-relations campaign. But guess what? If they can do this to me, they can do it to anybody. Look what happened to Kanye West, in the United States. He’s a black guy that said, “White Lives Matter”. What happened? J.P. Morgan literally closed his bank accounts because he said, “White Lives Matter”. Meanwhile, did J.P. Morgan close the bank account of Jeffrey Epstein after he got charged running the largest human-trafficking ring in history? Absolutely not. Did J.P. Morgan close the account of Adolf Hitler during the Nazi war? Absolutely not. But a man, as soon as he said, “White Lives Matter” had his bank accounts frozen.

This is the world we live in today, and it’s very scary. Even myself, I have a deal with one of the major– we only have four or five major banks in Canada. And one of them, Royal Bank, is a World Economic Forum partner. Well, I partnered with somebody who has a business that could, let’s just say, bother the global elites. I sent a wire transfer from my Royal Bank to this person. He’s on the same type of radar as me– they call us “persons of interest”. And guess what happened. The wire transfer went through as it was supposed to; everything was fine. Within two days, I got a letter from the bank stating that I needed to provide them all the special documentation, including an invoice, for exactly what the money was for, which is completely illegal, which we did because we wanted to rub it in, what we were doing. And as soon as we did, and they found out that I was a partner in a _completely_ legal business, but that this business had the ability to help people and hurt the government, guess what happened.

I walked into the Royal Bank, and I had no access to my accounts. They tried to tell me they couldn’t identify me. They had me on a Google search, but they couldn’t identify me. I brought in my passport that I used to open the account, but they couldn’t identify me. I brought in my wife with our marriage license, her IDs, had a lawyer on the phone, ready to notarize my identity and seven other identities. They “couldn’t identify me”. They called the RCMP, which is like the equivalent the Canadian FBI, on me to the bank. Even at that point, after the police officers identified me, they “couldn’t identify me”. It wasn’t until I had to make an official complaint which was told to me by the RCMP to do, to the ombudsman, which are the banking regulators of Canada, to where Royal Bank finally called me and, _over the phone,_ on Skype like this, they identified me in about two minutes. And as soon as I was identified, officially, the next step was to close all my accounts on me. Why? Because I sent a wire transfer to somebody regarding a media company and a media campaign. That’s how scary Canada has become. Thank you.

Viviane Fischer: [04:10:05]
That’s really crazy. The– now we have a question from the audience: what do you think about the politics Danielle Smith is doing in Alberta? Is this, does this figure with hope, or is it a hoax?

Chris Saccoccia:
I’m in Alberta right now, and I’m in Alberta because I told my wife, “We’re going to go to Alberta and spend some time there with– split our time between Ontario and Alberta, because Alberta is going to be the place that gets rid of masks and vaccine passports first.” And it was. Well, Saskatchewan was like two days prior for the vaccine passport. But she got last say. And I said, “Alberta is the place where everyone is ready to fight back. If you come to Alberta, it’s like the “Texas of Canada”. People– there’s more pickup trucks here than anywhere else in Canada, there’s more guns here than anywhere else in Canada. And there’s more people that want to be left alone and want to make their own decisions than anywhere else in Canada.

So Daniellle Smith came in, and I was _trying_ to find bad things about her, to be honest. I was trying, because I didn’t trust her. I don’t trust any politician. But so far, she’s been pretty good. She even went so far as yesterday, they officially banned masks _and_ online learning for junior kindergarten all the way up through grade 12, which I think was amazing. However, I also found out today that they don’t have the same authority over the post-secondary universities. And because those universities all get millions and millions of dollars from these pharmaceutical companies, I wouldn’t be surprised if within a week, you hear that there are now mask mandates in Edmonton University and other parts of Edmonton. Because even though we have Danielle Smith, the premier in Alberta, and she’s basically in charge of Alberta Health Services; we also have a very pro-mandate mayor in Edmonton. And even after the mask mandate was rescinded by Alberta Health Services, this mayor took it upon himself to issue his own “personal mask mandate” for the city of Edmonton.

So there’s a lot of politics going on in Canada. What you _are_ going to see is you’re going to see mask mandates returning, first in places like Ontario, which they already did; Windsor public facilities and now Burlington public facilities. And then it’s going to be followed– they tried to do it in the schools, but it got voted down in Durham. And in Ottawa, there was a massive protests that wouldn’t even _allow_ them to carry on the vote. Parents are finally standing up. The next step is going to be to try to convince people in Quebec that they need it in their health facilities, schools and public transit. And unfortunately that one’s probably going to work, because Quebec is in a unique position, where the vast majority of their population doesn’t speak English. So they don’t _have_ alternate media. They don’t get the US media. They don’t get the UK or Australian media. They don’t get the alternative internet media. All they get is the corrupt Quebec media and even more corrupt France media. So there– it’s like a different country when you go into Quebec, and the people are much more compliant and much more brainwashed.

So what I think you’re going to see in the next few weeks, you’re going to see massive propaganda to try to bring back masks in as many situations as possible, primarily in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia. You’re going to see calls, you going to see calls for trying to get people to take the stupid bivalent booster, which by the way they did the first study on healthcare workers. And in the UK, 30 percent of the people who participated in the study could not return to work. One out of three healthcare workers that took their new “safe and effective” bivalent booster were not able to return to work. So they’re going to be pushing the masks, they’re going to be pushing that garbage, and they’re going to try to be scaring families not to hook up with each other this Christmas. And _that’s_ what you’re going to see over the next three weeks. And then 2023 is going to be basically… can’t really predict 2023 until we see how people react at Christmas.

If everybody comes together at Christmas and everybody ignores the government at Christmas, 2023 is going to be an amazing year. It’s going to be a year of revolution of thought and a revolution of action. Covid will be a thing of memory, and people are going to be focusing on the new… tactics of the globalists trying to starve them into submission. And when people realize what’s going on they’re going to adapt and they’re going to overcome. _That_ is what I want to see happen for the end of this year and all of next year.

Viviane Fischer: [04:14:23]
That sounds great. One question with regard to this, to Danielle Smith. I mean, since she’s part of a party, she must have, I mean, is she the only one they didn’t realize that she was going to go in that direction, or is it a mistake–

Chris Saccoccia:
[What I believe] is they read the writing on the wall. Albertans were vehemently against mandates. So they tried to put somebody into power that was going to basically do what Jason Kenney did, which was pay them lip service and then flip flop and do the mandates like he was told the do like all the other. It wouldn’t fly any more. The people in Alberta simply wouldn’t put up with it. And that’s the only reason it’s free. It’s just like in the United States. Look at California. Look at New York. They have horrible restrictions and a horrible way of life. Why? Because the people _allow_ it. You always get the government you deserve. You will get the restrictions that you put up with. It’s that simple. If you’re one of those people like me, and you’re not going to put up with restrictions, surprise, you’re not going to have restrictions. I’ve never worn a mask, because I won’t. It’s that simple. If you have that conviction, you will not be restricted. But if you’re one of those-so called “men” that is so afraid of confrontation and your own shadow that you’re going to put on the mask before you go into the grocery store, because, you know, the little 70-year-old door reader might tell you, “Hey, sonny, put on the mask”, and you don’t have the balls to say, “No”, well then, you _deserve_ to wear the mask, because you’re a fish.

And I’m sorry. That’s the only reason this is able to happen: because the vast majority of people have been weakened, weakened in mind _and_ body. And that’s why they’re compliant. If you’re strong in mind and you’re strong in body, you’re going to be confident, and you’re going to be able to make your own decisions. And the last thing you’re going to want is somebody else making your decisions for you. But if you’re weak, if you’re a man and you never go to the gym and your weak and you know that the average guy out there could beat you up, you’re going to be a lot more compliant, aren’t you. Let’s think about jail for a second. If you’re in jail and some guy says, “Give me your shoes”, and your a hundred and twenty pounds and you’ve never lifted a weight in your life, and you’ve never fought in your life, what are you going to do? You’re going to give him your friggin’ _shoes,_ because if you don’t, you’re going to get your ass kicked.

Meanwhile, if you’re in jail, and you’re jacked up, and you train every day, and you’ve been doing martial arts for 20 years, and some guy says, “Give me your shoes”, you’re going to smile at him and say, “No”. And that guy’s going to realize, “Oh my God, this guy’s confident and will probably beat the shit out of me, so I’m not going to try to take his shoes.” and surprise, surprise. Not only did you retain your shoes; you didn’t even have to fight. Why? Because you were prepared to. The average man is not prepared to. The average man projects that weakness. The average man projects this… aura that their compliance makes them virtuous. No. Their compliance makes you weakness. The measure of a man is his willingness to act. A man is _supposed_ to be dangerous, but he’s supposed to be able to control it. A man that’s not dangerous, a man that cannot take action, is not a man. He’s a compliant servant. And that’s what we have now. We have an entire globe populated by males, not men, populated by males who have been demoralized, have been weakened in body and mind, to now be compliant, subservient slaves. So much so that they won’t even stand up for their own families, for their own children. That’s disgusting.

Viviane Fischer: [04:17:57]
But isn’t that true for women as well? Because I mean, there’s also a lot of strength in a woman that’s determined, who’s determined to, you know, not let them, whatever, let the children to, allow them to have–

Chris Saccoccia:
That’s the problem: the women are leading the charge! When I get calls… about angry parents that don’t want to put the mask on their kid, 90 percent of the time it’s a mom, not a dad. And the mom’s complaining that the dad’s a bitch. And the number one thing I hear from women is: “I wish my husband was more like you.” Let me say that again: “I wish my husband was more like you.” You think a woman wants a husband that says, “Oh, honey, put that mask on. I don’t want to have to… deal with anybody.” Or, “Little Johnny, put the mask on, because you don’t want to upset the teachers at your school.” That’s not a man; you’re a _bitch._ You’re not a father; you’re a bitch. You’re not a husband; you’re a bitch. And I have no problem telling you, because guess what: you’re not going to do anything, because you’re a bitch. Period. It’s really that simple. Every man needs to look at themselves in the mirror and say, “This happened because of me.” If you’re relying on your a woman or your children to be the ones to stand up for your family, you are a disgusting sub-human. When in the history of humanity have the men sat down and let the women lead the charge physically? Ever? Ever? Only in 2022, because you see it in movies. Charlie’s there and going in there and beating the crap out of 17 guys, in one room.

No, ladies and gentlemen. In reality, the _man_ has to fight for his family. The _man_ has to fight for his country. The _man_ has to fight for himself. If you’re letting your woman do that, you’re not a man. You’re not fulfilling your role, you’re not fulfilling your duties _or_ your responsibility. So look at yourself in the mirror, and do what you got to do to train yourself mentally, physically, become stronger, become prepared to be what you need to be: a man. Thank you.

Viviane Fischer: [04:20:06]
OK. That’s a great statement. I was wondering, we have a… point here on the… list. The, George Soros. Yeah? His influence on… the opposition and also the issue of the controlled opposition within the resistance movement. What’s your take on that?

Chris Saccoccia:
If– I was literally just talking about Anarch-apulco the other day. Have you heard of that? It’s the big conference run by Jeff Berwick, aka The Dollar Vigilante. Well, they invited me to speak there. They called me up in September, 2021. And at first, I thought it was a really good event. And I didn’t know much about it except what I had heard through the grapevine. When I got on the Zoom call, I was met by two women. One of them takes out her breast and starts breastfeeding a child, right in front of me, at the start of what’s supposed to be a professional business meeting. So already, I was like, taken aback. It was hard for me to respect them and take them seriously, because I could tell she did this on purpose, because you could have also just breastfed before the call, or she could have kept her video off while she was breastfeeding, and just listened and chimed in with audio. Or, she could have breast fed after the call was done.

But no. She decided to call me on camera, and my first impression with this lady is to see her naked breast on camera, into a baby’s mouth, while I’m trying to have a conversation with her. At that point, I was already turned off. And it was at the time when we had travel restrictions, so I couldn’t fly if I wanted to. _And_ I was on a secret government no-fly list, where they weren’t letting me fly anyway. So I already figured I wasn’t going to be able to make the show, so I wasn’t taking them seriously. And I could barely hear anything they were saying. And I must have told her five or six times, “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you.” And she just ignored me and kept going. So I got to the point where I just hung up on them.

A couple of weeks ago, after– I happened to be in Mexico. My wife and I actually got our Mexican residency. Then I remembered about Anarchapulco. I’m like, “Holy crap, I could probably go now. I’m actually a Mexican resident.” So I e-mailed the stage manager, because I saw an e-mail for the event. And I told them that I’d be… willing to come there. I got an e-mail back saying that they couldn’t pay me to come speak, because they had already paid all the speakers, but they really wanted me to come. I responded saying, “Well, I’ve never charged to speak anywhere, so if you want me to can speak there, it would be free anyway. I’d just come there because I want to be part of the event and I want to network with people.

And they were extremely… happy. And then two days later, I got an e-mail back stating, “Sorry, after speaking to the producer, we… won’t, we can’t have you at the event.” And I’m like, OK, that’s weird. So I went on the Anarchapulco Telegram channel, and I see that they started spinning this narrative that they uninvited me from the event because I was rude to my assistant on a Zoom call, my female assistant. Now I don’t have an assistant, let alone a female assistant. And I wasn’t really rude to anybody on a Zomo call, because I didn’t even know what they were saying. But at the same time, I was wondering why they were trying to manufacture an narrativea of “toxic masculine mysoginist” already. I thought, “That weird for someone from Anarchapulco to do.” So I went on the Anarchapulco website and what did I find? I find a _George Soros logo_ right on their website. Vice. Big. And then at the top, it said, “As seen on Vice.”

So I’m like, OK, wait a second. Why are they showing an affiliation, an association, and promoting a George Soros publication, and not only promoting it, showing subordination to that publication by literally saying, Anarchapulco is so good because it was seen in George Soros’ Vice. So at that point, I made a video calling out Anarchapulco for being controlled opposition, because they are proudly associating with George Soros, and we all know that anything George Soros is associated with, he funds. Am I right, or am I right? He’s got nothing but money. So if his name is on something, 99 percent chance you can tell that he’s funding it.

So then I started looking to Jeff Berwick, the Dollar Vigilante himself, to see why the hell he would be associated with George Soros. Well what did I find? I find this is a guy who makes a living off of giving life advice and financial advice to people. But what is he like in his _own_ life? I searched. Sure enough, what did I find? He has multiple sex crimes against women _and_ men. And he was so _proud_ of his sex crimes, one of them, that he actually carried around the newspaper clipping where he sexually assaulted a man’s wife. And he’s married, by the way, himself. So a married man
sexually assaulting another man’s wife, because he was on too much drugs and alcohol. And then the husband actually took a bottle and broke it over his head. And he was proud enough to carry the article around.

He also is, had to flee from Argentina with his wife when he tried to rape a man in a bathroom. And it went to court, and they tried to make the story that the man tried to rape him and his wife. But the courts realize that it was really his wife and him trying to rape the man. So what did they do? They fled Argentina. On top of that, I also found out he took over two and a half million dollars from people for selling fake passports. Not only did people get scammed for tens of thousands of dollars; many got arrested. Then I found out he was involved in real estate scams.

Then I found out that he was using his channel, “The Dollar Vigilante”, to run what they call pump and dump scams. He would invest into very, very cheap cryptos, worth fractions of a penny, him and his friends. Then he would put out a report telling his thousands and thousands of followers, “You guys got to buy this crypto. It’s going to go crazy.” And when he would do that, they would buy it. It would go up. And then what would he do? Him and his friends would sell, and 95 percent of the people he’d told to buy would get caught in the crash. It’s called a pump-and-dump scam. And he did this multiple times.

So when I found all this stuff about him, I made a video calling him on it and saying, “Why are you going around giving life advice and financial advice, when you’re a known sexual and financial predator? And please explain why you have George Soros on your site. He made a nine-minute-long video that was released a couple days ago, not being able to explain any of it, saying that he didn’t know the George Soros logo was on there. He doesn’t know why it’s on there. He wouldn’t have put it on there, but it means absolutely nothing. And they can use it without copyright law or permission, because “they’re anarchists”. Made a lot of sense. And his reason for me calling them out: I’m a government agent.

So like you said, there’s a lot of infiltration. There’s a lot of bad actors. They get these people a platform. They let them disseminate some good information to earn trust. But ultimately these people are there to make money for themselves. Jeff Berwick’s supposed to be this multi-bazillionaire, and all he wants to do is help you. Meanwhile he’s charging you hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a monthly “service” to give you tips and to give you xxxxx. If he was really about helping people, why are they charging these people? If he’s really making all that money, why does he need your few hundred dollars a month? It’s a scam, ladies and gentlemen. He’s a con artist, and he couldn’t even… explain himself.

The only thing everybody ever says about me, whenever– all I do is tell the truth. You can tell from this interview. I’ll tell the truth about myself. I’ll tell the truth about others. And then what do the people do when I tell the truth about them? They tell everybody I’m a government agent, or they tell everybody I’m somehow discredited. Why? Because you can’t argue the truth. The more you try to argue the truth with lies, the more you expose yourself. So what can you do? You attack the person telling the truth. And that’s what I’ve been going through for the last three years, from the government, the media and all these fake actors in the freedom movement. So Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante, you just got exposed _world wide,_ my friend. And ask– I want everybody to ask him, ask him the same questions I did. He won’t even _deny_ the sex-crime allegations. He just will ignore it. You can ask him, and he’ll just pretend you never asked. And if you ask him about the George Soros thing, maybe he’ll call you a government agent too. And you know, the only– you’re a government agent because you want to know why somebody is proudly affiliating themself with George Soros on a personal website.

Viviane Fischer: [04:28:18]
Wow. So what’s the way out of this schlammachy?

Chris Saccoccia:
Well, the way out of this, number one, is to use the hashtag that I created: JustSayNo. It’s not xxxx xxxxx. It’s not just a statement. It’s one of the biggest actions and the most important action everyone can take. Saying “No” is an action of
self-defense, always. You can’t say “no” to something unless somebody is trying to do something to you. So you are never the bad person for saying “No”, no matter what they tell you. You are always the righteous. You are always in the right if you choose to say “No” to something that you know is not right for you. So that’s all everybody needs to do. And when we get enough people saying “No” around the world, it’s what I call united non-compliance. And when you achieve the critical mass of united non-compliance, the government can _never_ impose mandates. Because if the vast majority of people will not comply, there’s no such thing as a mandate any more, because a mandate requires your compliance. So does the law. So does _anything_ that they try to do. If you just simply not comply because you know it’s wrong, then they can not do it to you. And in order to make people not comply, we’ve got to make them stronger.

Before, I used to say, …like the last couple years I said the only way I think Canadian men or men around the world are going to get stronger is by suffering more. They need to suffer more financially. They need to suffer more through another round of lockdowns to see what it’s _really_ like to have their freedom taken. But then a friend of mine, Jeckoff– who actually, he’s a professional body builder who now lives in Mexico– when I was down there, we had a discussion and he created an app and he’s like, “You know what, Chris? You’re wrong. You’re right about a lot of things, but you’re wrong about one thing.” He’s like, “We can actually _train_ the men and the women in this country and around the world. We can make them stronger physically, mentally, spiritually. And they don’t have to go through any more suffering. We can simply make the world stronger and more prepared to set up for themselves.”

And I was like, how are we going to do that? And then he showed me his app. And his app is a combination of fitness, nutrition, lifestyle routines, but most importantly mental training, mind hacks– all things like this that are going to put you in the right state of mind to attain your goals, to increase your confidence, to be in a position where you’re more likely to make decisions based on what’s best for you and not doing what you’re told.

So that’s one way we’re, we think that we can really help people. So we created the app, and it’s called Esthetics Academy Pro, and you can download it on the Google Play or Apple Store, and it gives you, if you sign up to– free trial going on right now, and if you sign up to it, you’ll get the direct access to Jackov, my friend, _and_ myself. And we do seminars, we do questions and answer about nutrition and fitness, and we do… all these different things to really change people’s minds, so they are more equipped to handle this reality that we’re living in today.

Viviane Fischer: [04:31:19]
Um-hm. And one… question to the, with regards to this opposition. So when we have this like Soros-financed opposition or financed by some other entity that’s maybe on the other side, I don’t know, what’s that, what’s the difference from like, legitimate opposition, is that basically in the long term– they’re now faking it, and in the long term they’re going to switch to whatever, what… then makes sense for the… long-term goal of the Agenda 2030 or whatever. Is that what you, how you think?

Chris Saccoccia:
Well that’s what you have to watch. It’s like pretty easy to see controlled opposition. Number one, follow the money. Who’s funding them? Everybody calls me government-controled, paid opposition. Nobody _pays_ me. I’ve had a business for the last… 27 years. I’ve done very well. Nobody pays me. I sell T-shirts and merch while we’re on tour. And we sell them primarily to spread awareness. Because when somebody walks around with a shirt that says “Just say No.” on it, it’s a conversation starter. And people ask what that means, and now all of a sudden, you’ve got a conversation where you’re spreading awareness and waking people up. So we have a merch line for _that_ purpose. i wrote a book that got banned by Amazon, the first and only book to be banned by Amazon for one xxxxxx. I didn’t write it because I was trying to make millions and millions of dollars. I wrote it because I was trying to wake people up. I was trying to inform people. I was trying to _inspire_ people. I was trying to _educate_ people. That’s _it._ Everything we do is for the benefit of society, to overcome the hardships that they’re doing to us all.

Viviane Fischer: [04:33:00]
And OK what are the other signs of, like these… controlled-opposition people? You say OK follow the money. So they, they’re trying to make money off of it. And then–

Chris Saccoccia:
A lot of people are trying to make money. Everybody needs to… eat. Like my friend Jackov made that app because he wants to have a… way of life, too, don’t get me wrong. However, if somebody is getting money from nefarious people like the George Soros logo, you have to question that. And then if somebody has a past that they’re not willing to address, then you’d have to… look at that. And if you’re just simply telling the truth about someone, and all they can do is not even address it, just disregard it, and they’re, and they… come back insulting the way you look, or accusing you of being a government agent… those are the people you have to look out for. It’s pretty easy. I tell the truth. I tell the truth. So if somebody is going out of their way to try to discredit somebody, or try to talk shit about somebody, or try to… make people not believe that person, yeah you have to suspect that person, because why won’t they just tell the truth? It’s that simple. All the… bad actors won’t tell, they don’t tell the truth.

And there’s only, there’s two types of controlled opposition. There’s the loud ones, like Berwick, that come out and gain a following, so they can lead people astray and they can make money. And then there’s this _other_ one. And they don’t get the attention that they deserve. They’re called the whisperer. These are the people that try to stay anonymous. They have like 20 different social media accounts, all with fake pictures. And they’ll just go on a threat at me, like “Chris Sky’s controlled opposition.” And they’ll run off. They just spread those seeds of doubt. And real controlled opposition can’t even exists without the whisperer, because if I put controlled opposition in there, nobody’s going to trust them until a whisperer starts making the people distrust the real people of the movement. You get it?

Viviane Fischer:

Chris Saccoccia:
So it’s a combination. They set up controlled opposition, and then they set up all these little agents to start sowing seeds of distrust in the masses towards the real people. So it gives the ability for the controlled opposition to rise up and gain credibility.

Viviane Fischer: [04:35:08]
Yeah. So do you have– and then maybe like on, so these… people make a name for themselves, and then all of a sudden, the agenda changes and you know, before they said the truth, or like 90 percent truth or whatever. And then boom, they switch to the other side and say, “Now OK, we do not need any nations any more, because it’s… better in the regions, but the regions should be without any… option for themself, or whatever it is.

Chris Saccoccia:
You’ve got it. The moment they start spewing globalist propaganda and globalist ideas, Great Reset ideas, World Economic Forum ideas, you know a hundred percent exactly what you’re dealing with.

Viviane Fischer:
Um-hm. OK, I have another question from the audience. From Europe, the Q Movement looks to be strong in the US, but mostly people, or this person thinks it could be controlled opposition in order to calm people down. Does this play–

Chris Saccoccia:
I try to tell everybody: Q is the biggest psy-op. Q was going on long before covid, ladies and gentlemen. Long before covid. “Any day now, the elites are going to get arrested. All the pedophiles are going to get arrested. The white-hats are coming.” That’s a lie, ladies and gentlemen. it was a lie before covid; it is a lie now. What have the “white hats” done, for _you_? Oh, you saw something that you interpreted and somebody else interpreted: the so-called “Q drops”. Ladies and gentlemen, Q is a psy-op that’s no different than an election campaign. They’re both designed for one reason: to make you believe that somebody else is coming to save you, so you sit on the couch, do nothing, and sit there and be like, “Oh, everything’s going to be fine. Donald Trump is going to win, and he’s going to save me.”

Or: “Everything’s going to be fine. The white hats are going to be arresting people within weeks.” How many _years, years_ have the Q people been saying the exact same mantra? And it’s always just around the corner, when these massive arrests and all these massive revelations are going to happen. Yet they never happen, but the Q people will sit there and wait. In fact, when I questioned the Q theory, you know what they said about me? I had been replaced by a clone. They literally took two pictures of me taken about six months apart, and started circling random parts of my face that they said were different, that proved that I had been replaced by a clone. You know, they just cloned me, got all the exact same tattoos, they paid off my wife so she wouldn’t care that they just killed me off and gave her a new husband. You know, the clone had a bigger dick, so she was happy with it.

Like give me a friggin’ break. This is the stuff that they actually believe, though. They actually are that stupid, to believe that I got kidnapped, replaced by a robot or a clone, and that’s why I came out and said Q isn’t real. If Q is real, who is Q? If Q is real, what’s Q’s end goal? If Q is real, when is it going to happen? Oh, Q is anonymous. Oh, Q is going to save the world. And oh, it’s… going to happen any time; just keep waiting.

You guys can keep waiting. I’m a man of action. I’ll take action; you guys, you sit there and wait and do nothing. You know what the saying is? “All evil needs to succeed if for good men to do nothing.” And what does the average Q man do? Sit on their couch, look at their computer screen, and wait for the next Q drop to tell them, “Oh, just around the corner, this person’s going to get arrested. The children are being saved from tunnels, ladies and gentlemen. And Chris Sky is now a clone because he doesn’t believe this.

I actually have, need proof for my shit. And you guys posting YouTube videos of somebody _telling_ you, “Trust me, bro” is not proof. It’s ridiculous. Sorry.

Viviane Fischer:
I think it’s–

Chris Saccoccia:
And now I just… pissed off the whole Q Movement. Watch: within two days, I’m a government agent because I don’t believe in the Q Movement. That’s going to be the next thing: I’m controlled opposition because I bash the Q Movement. Hey Q Movement, until you can tell me something concrete, you’re about as crazy as the corona bat. Thank you.

Viviane Fischer:
Well, I guess it’s important that we get.. into action. I mean, that’s true. I really believe that you, I mean that’s also what we do. I mean, we speak out. I think it’s very important that, you know, you keep the… voice of the dissidents going, because I think, especially now that so many, do you know, so many details surface of… the vaccine injuries, and more and more people are waking up to not wanting to take the next shot. And it’s all that, you know. There’s more and more people, at least in Germany, and what we can see like, having more and more questions. And I think it’s a very good time for… waking, wakening up and for also starting to… say “No”, as you say. And then, do you know, like take action into like, trying to push that ship into different direction.

Chris Saccoccia: [04:40:14]
Question, for all the people that still believe in the vaccine: how many times that the government has been proven to be lying to you? When the vaccine first came out, it was “95 percent effective”. “If you get the vaccine, you’re not going to get covid. You’re not going to give covid to others. And you’re only going to need two shots.” Now all of a sudden, you can still get covid, you can still pass it on to others, and you need a shot every couple months. But when you tell people this, they’re like, “They never said you weren’t going to get covid. They never said you weren’t going to have to take more shots.” But that’s _exactly_ what they said, over and over. People from all around the world told you exactly that. You believed them, like idiots. You took the jabs, you got sick, and then they literally just lied to you and said, “Oh, well we never said it was not going to make you get sick.”

The definition of a vaccine means that it’s supposed to provide you immunity from the disease and prevent you from passing the disease on to others. But because _your ego_ and your brain power is so fragile, you will literally allow them to change definitions, on the fly, and literally allow the… lie to your face. I can play you a clip right now of Antthony Fauci saying, unequivocally, “The vaccine is 95 percent effective. If you get the vaccine, you will not get covid, and you will not pass it on to others.” And then I could play a clip of him six months later saying, “Oh, the vaccine was never meant to prevent you from getting it, and never meant to prevent transmission.”

And you show that to the average vaccinated person, and even after showing on the first video, they will still look you in the eye say, “He never said that.” It is mass psychosis, mass brainwashing, and ultimately mass denial, based upon weakness of
mind. It goes back to that weakness. A strong person will acknowledge, “I made the wrong choice. I got played for a fool.” A weak person will literally deny the bald-faced, indisputable evidence in front of their face, just like the cheating woman. You show her the video of her husband having sex with the other woman. “Oh it’s not him.” Or, “That video’s from before we met.” They come up with any rationalization to continue believing the lie.

And that’s where we are now. If you’re one of those people that took five shots, you’re one of the stupidest, weakest, most easily manipulated humans– not just on planet Earth today, but– in human existence. And of course you don’t want to _admit_ that. You want to pretend like you’re doing the right thing, that you’re making the right choice. No. All you were doing was refusing to do any research, refusing to actually make your own choice, and just literally doing as you were told, because it was easier. That’s it. And because you took the easy way out, you screwed yourself. How many people do you know of that lost their job, career, etc. because they didn’t take the vaccine? I know many. How many of them regret their decision for _not_ taking the vaccine? None. Not one.

How many people do you know, took the vaccine against their will, said, “I had no choice.” The big lie. “I needed to take it for work.” “I needed to take it to travel.” “I needed to take it to see my grandmother.” None of those were needs. Those were all you, making the easy-way-out choice. “I don’t want to look for another job.” “I don’t want to wait to travel, so I _chose_ to [take] the vaccine.” You didn’t have no choice. You made the choice that you felt was easiest. And guess what. How many of those stupid people regret taking the poison injection, if they’re even alive to regret it? Answer: very, very many.

So: was it a good idea to take five jabs and wear three mask? Obviously not. So if you still think it was, you’re one of the stupidest, the most easily manipulated people that ever graced the face of the earth. And you’re going to pay the consequences. If you don’t think, if you don’t know that every single covid jab you took made you less healthy, reduced your life expectancy, then you’re a complete moron. And every single one you took caused exponentially more damage to your body. It’s that simple.

Viviane Fischer:
I like that you’re so outspoken about these things and also I like your dynamics, you know. I mean, just to… that it’s so important, really, just to stand there and say “I’m not complying. I’m just not playing along”, you know. That’s it.
And I’ve experienced that– do you know, I’ve experienced that myself also, you know. You just, I… like in the kindergarten, I went up the stairs and, you know, without a mask. And no one ever asked me to wear a mask, you know. It’s just, it’s your choice. You really can– it’s… also the, I don’t know, I guess it’s the… strength that you exude, you know, like by doing these things that you believe in. I think it’s… good; it helps you.

It’s never easy to do the right thing, but it’s always _right_ to do the right thing. That’s what people need to remember.

Viviane Fischer:
That’s great. Yeah, I guess it’s a great closing statement, unless you have any more to add.

Chris Saccoccia:
Honestly, I think we covered it all. I just want everybody to realize that they have the power. And we’re at a special time in the world. We have never had more people awake and aware and connected globally, than we have right now. So we can use this to our advantage, and we can use this as an opportunity to reshape the globe, not in the way _they_ want for their Great Reset, but in the way _we_ want, for our new beginning. That’s what I’m telling everybody. We can make this work for us, and we’re going to.

Viviane Fischer:
Yes, I think so, too. Yeah, definitely. Thanks so much for your inspiring words, and–

Chris Saccoccia:
Thank you, guys, and I absolutely love Germany. Berlin is one of my– I hate cities; I’m going to be completely honest. I hate traffic; I hate crowding. When I was in Berlin, and I’ve been there multiple times, three times now in my life, I love– I’ve been all over Germany, but I just… love the organization, I love the efficiency, I love the attitude of the German people, except for the wokeness that is now creeping into German society. We got to stop that, because it reminds me a little bit of Canada, and it’s quite scary. And I know you know what I’m talking about, Wolfgang. Thank you, guys.

Viviane Fischer:
Thanks so much. Thanks for talking to–
[switching to German with English translation]
This takes us to end of our session, and I’m happy to repeat what we have said in the beginning. We are now as a registered foundation, and I’m happy to not have the responsibility on my own for what’s going on, but that we have a great team, with Ulrike Kammerer, Stephen Kurtz, Renata Holzeisen and others who will also overlook the incoming money. And it’s all going to be transparent. And I hope that with respect to our constitution, I will be able to share some more good news next week. We have a new bank account, and we would be very happy to receive donations now to this clear-cut form.

Wolfgang Wodarg:
I can only second that. Help Viviane. She has a difficult time here. She’s just continuing what we set out to do, and I would really want to help her. And I think she needs help. And the Corona Committee needs to continue, In a critical way it’s unprofessional, but we want to remain honest. We want to bring the tasks that we assumed to an end. It’s not an easy thing to do, these days. And I would be happy to see a lot of people sticking to us, because we will get stronger, and we will certainly find more people. And it’ll certainly grow and I was very happy I… It’s not my way of speaking, the way your man did just now. It was really thrilling. There’s a lot of truth in it. Life is hard, but we grow stronger if we accept this.

Viviane Fischer:
Wolfgang, I’d like to add that life is beautiful, and I want to reject that we are not professional. I think we are very professional, and I think others who want to be more professional than we are–

Wolfgang Wodarg:
Professional is always if you do something for money.

Viviane Fischer:
Ah, OK. Good. Well, in that sense, we are not professional, but content-wise, I _do_ think we are. And I also do think that it’s very important that discussion is going on. And I think it’s a very important topic to me that we are live here. And I think that is, it shows that we are honestly working on the things that was our intent right from the beginning. And that we don’t go with nice and retouched videos. And mistakes happen, and we see it’s not manicured, and I personally like that very much. Naked skin, so to say. And in this sense, I wish you all a wonderful evening, weekend, and see you next week. Bye-bye.


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