Corona Investigative Committee, 119th meeting on September 2, 2022

Viviane Fischer (economist and co-founder of the Corona Committee)

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Vivian Fischer: [00:00:04]

Viviane Fischer

Yes, hello and welcome to another meeting of the Corona Committee. This is our 119th session. It is called Law and Order. This is due to the fact that today we are devoting ourselves to a new legal approach. I am very curious about that. Renate Holzeisen will present this to us. And we also deal with the Nuremberg Code. It just celebrated its 70th birthday in Nuremberg.

Today is a special day. The committee will take place today and until further notice without Reiner. There are inconsistencies for which we are waiting for constructive solutions from Reiner. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words, and actions are also necessary so that the committee can continue to work undisturbed. But I am really optimistic that everything that is happening now, seen in the overall context, will ultimately be for good. Sunlight, as Reiner always says so beautifully, is the best disinfectant. One thing is quite clear: we will devote ourselves with unrestrained equal intensity to our articles of association, the goals of education, and work-up in terms of the dangerousness of the virus and the consequences of the measures.


Corona Investigative Committee, 119th session on September 2nd, 2022

Vera Sherav – Human rights activist and Holocaust survivor

Uwe Alschner – Author and blogger on

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Viviane Fischer: [02:08:54]
…have with us Vera Sharav. She’s been with as before, and she’s a medical activist against reckless medical experiments for more than twenty years. She’s the founder of the Alliance for Human Research Protection, and her website is the abbreviation of that, is ahrp dot org. So you can find her information there. And she’s also a holocaust survivor of Jewish descent. And we are also excited to have with us Dr. Uwe Alschner. He’s been also very involved in like speaking out and doing, adding to a lot of things in the, well, the people in the, well, let’s call it resistance movement. He’s a business consultant, and I’m excited to talk to you.

Vera Sharav:

Vera Sharav

Thank you for having us.

Viviane Fischer:
Yeah, great to see you. So we have you here with us today because you just participated in the recent events in the memory of the Nuremberg trial that was on August 20th in Nurnberg, and you gave a speech there which has been quite impressive. We, maybe before we start, I would like to show like some highlights of your speech there. If we could see that…

Vera Sharav: [02:10:24]
I came to Nuremberg to provide historical context to the current global threat confronting our civilization. Since the Nazi era, the study of history and most of the humanities, including philosophy, religion and ethics, have been overshadowed by an emphasis on utilitarian science and technology. As a result, few people recognize foreboding similarities between current policies and those under the Nazi regime. By declaring a state of emergency in 1933 and 2020, constitutionally protected personal freedom, legal rights and civil rights were swept aside. … This time, there will be no armed forces to rescue survivors. Be aware of that. No rescuers. Unless all of us resist, “never again” is now.

Viviane Fischer:
Wow, these are moving words. Like could you, you see a lot of parallels, what has been going on in the, well Nazi times and what we see here now, in the sense of what you, what alerted you to the, do you know, that you have to speak out in the sense of, that we must be aware that it’s not going down that slippery slope, that we are under like, some health dictatorship or maybe could you elaborate on that.

Vera Sharav: [02:12:19]
Well, I’ve been talking about parallels for quite a while. And if anything, they are more prominent, they are… more foreboding. One of the… problems is that, you know, contrary to constitutional law including German Article Five of the Grundgesetz, which says every person shall have the right to freely express and disseminate his opinions in speech, writing and pictures, and to inform himself without hindrance from generally accessible sources. Freedom of the press and freedom of reporting by means of broadcasts and films shall be guaranteed. There shall be no censorship.

Well, we are now totally under censorship, both scientific censorship, political censorship, ideas, history censorship, the censorship of our common history. All of this is being suppressed. And one has to ask why. Why is it being suppressed? Why is it that this– you know, I made this trip to Germany, which was very difficult. I had a lot of trepidations about it. But I decided to do it and to face the people. What I can say is that the people responded much more favorably than I thought, because I brought a dark message. I thought that it would be pretty much silence. But there wasn’t. The people do recognize that what is happening now is very, very ominous, and they have to get out of it. Now I have been– whether you know it or not, but a criminal complaint has been filed against me for my speech with the police. Now I spent a week in Germany. And I visited … Sophie Scholl’s grave. Vut I was especially disturbed by the, kind of heroic, monument in Munich for Stepan Bandera. This is a mass murderer, who collaborated with the Nazis. Very definitely, the history, again, history has a way of coming to the surface, despite the efforts to rewrite it. What I’m wondering is why, why would Munich, why would he be given the kind of monument that is being used essentially by neo-Nazis as a place to honor? Why?

Viviane Fischer:

Vera Sharav:
Why does– yes, exactly. It’s very, very strange. And… you know, the…, this last year where we’ve had the scare about Ukraine the war. This, again, this resurfaced, the neo-Nazis in full view, but most of the press didn’t mention it at all. The Azov battalion, neo-Nazi battalion with all the Nazi regalia– the flags the… cross. the… everything– they never stop. And they have made, in Ukraine Bandera and the others are heroes. In fact, the ambassador, Ukrainian ambassador visited Germany and stated that Bandara is a hero. They have a law that forbids anyone from questioning the heroism of these Nazi collaborators.

So, you see, history, instead of teaching people how to avoid another holocaust, whoever the targets might be– and in Ukraine and some of these demonstrations there is already, of course, the rise in anti-semitism. How not? It’s an easy, known target. But I spoke to people in Nuremberg, to people of the world, really, because it isn’t– Jews are not the only ones who are now targeted, not at all. It’s the entire human family. And I stress, and this is something that I wish people would really understand: we are one human family. And when those– this time it’s electronically, this time it’s digital weapons. This time it won’t be bayonets. They’re using biological, biochemical, digital warfare.

And we really need to have people wake up, because we are at a precipice. If… we do not resist by the millions, the entire human civilization is gone. That’s what they have in mind. And it’s very difficult for most people to comprehend that there are absolute evil people. And they have somehow managed to take charge of governments across Europe, across the United States, Canada, Australia. This is… this didn’t quite happen under the Nazis, although they had, Hitler had his sights– Jews were just the first page, and then it was going to be the Poles and the Slavs and it went on and on. But he never got to his goal.

Now things can happen rather fast. We have seen how governments, for two and a half years, have essentially held people in absolute… it crippled their ability to think. People have been so terrified of a virus. And everything that has been ordered, every, every measure that was ordered by governments for us to do, was opposite, opposite of improving our health or protecting our health, had nothing to do with health.

Viviane Fischer:
Yeah. … sorry, During… sorry.

Vera Sharav:
No no, that’s, you know, I mean my message is plin and clear. I think we need to speak to the people clearly. This is something I– again, the rhetoric, what kind of rhetoric we tell the people, is very important. And i’m afraid that a good deal of the scientific community is very much wrapped up in details that really do not come across to people. We– those arguments need to be held, need to be done, but really not– the people need to hear clear, helpful ways to get out of this morrass.

And I really– look, everyone has a role to play. The the legal arm– and of course, I realize it’s very, very slow and difficult. In the United States, we have had more success with the judiciary. There are some– again, even judges are under influence. They’re not out of space. It seems to me as though now there is a window, because more and more people especially– and I have to emphasize. I think the dam was a bit broken when the FDA gave its seal of approval to inject theseexperimental vaccines, so-called, into babies. The mamas said, “No.” That is our hint. We can wake people up. We need the right approach.

Viviane Fischer:
I think it’s really important to point out also that, I mean, as we have done like all together with the scientists for a long time now. These… you know, the the growing amount of vaccine damages and injuries. And I think that is also an Achilles heel of the… system. Because that, that’s where it becomes really obvious. And I think what we can say, you know, I mean, when we see what, why Nuremberg is so important, because it was like a trial against, like the… doctors who committed these horrible crimes, experimental, do you know, doing medical experiments on people. And that is such a horrible thing. Like what Renate Holzeisen just pointed out, we are now looking in this case like again we, with experiment, as an experimental new drug which didn’t undergo the… scrutiny that it should have before hitting the market. And that is a thing, you know, that’s why we have to look at the Nuremberg Codex that was developed after this horrible experience, where we said there can be no experiments on people.

And now we see that these… do you know, this iron–
well I mean, these principles written, seem to have been written in stone, basically, are now are trampled on, do you know, with the feet, and not paid… any attention to… any more. And I think that’s why… it becomes really important to point out, do you know, what happened in the past. We really must take that in consideration to, with the things that we do today.

So I think it’s very important that you make these references. And… I think they… cannot be misunderstood as something else. Because I think this… is really what I mean. Also, from my own family history, this is what I took also as a message. You know, when you see something that’s not right, then point to it, and make sure that everything that you can do, so it doesn’t happen again.

Vera Sharav:
Well I think that the clamping down, the censorship all across, is really a sign of weakness. Why would you censor?

Viviane Fischer:
That’s a good point.

Vera Sharav:
You see. Why would you censor? Why not argue? But they don’t ever want to come near arguing with anyone, not with scientists, not with… professors of any kind or lay people. They do not want to go near an argument, because they know that they really do not have a leg to stand on. The morals and the evidence are against them. And I stress morals first, because that is… what led society astray, then and now. If you discard morals, then that’s the end of the civilized society.

Viviane Fischer:
Yeah it’s our door to to hell, basically.

Vera Sharav:
That’s right, it’s gates to hell. And… I think we’re very far into that. I mean, the fact that a book like The Rise of the New Normal Right is banned– why? Why is C.J. Hopkins’ book banned? But the Ukraine propaganda and Banderas can be made into heroes. What kind of… society is that? And who is… forcing Germany to be, to give its… soil to this kind of, you know, adulation? When you see that grave site, you see this is a place where people come to pay their respects.

So being a home to that, I think, is something people should ask. Germans should ask, “Why?” It’s more than… symbolic. It’s lending support, yeah.

Viviane Fischer:
I mean, interestingly, when I was in Israel to set up the Israelian outpost, basically, of the Corona Investigative Committee, you know we met also with… people from Israelian who are the sons and daughters of holocaust survivors; and also, of course, critical toward the measures. And the way– when they spoke out against the measures and pointed to like issues with democracy and also the health problems that come with it, they were also, do you know, attribute to some sort of, as if there were like, holocaust deniers. I mean, also in Israel, this is taking place. It’s not a German phenomenon.

But it’s like, I mean, do you experience that, do you experience this now in Germany? Or like that you, do you know make– it’s relative, what happened there? I mean, it’s not relative; it’s like, it’s the singular and… horrific event, obviously, what happened in the past. But we must draw our conclusions from what we saw back then. And it’s interesting that it’s just being, I mean, this is being used basically as a tool to… show people, “Oh, this is a no-go zone”, do you know? If you say something here, you are, like, immediately considered a holocaust denier or whatever, something terrible that you don’t want to be. And then people are, this is a restricted road, and you must not say anything. Don’t look that way, basically. That’s how I see it.

Vera Sharav: [02:27:53]
Well that… gives you the clue that this is where it’s at. You wouldn’t put such… chains around a historic fact, if… you weren’t afraid that something would come out that you don’t want to deal with today.

After all, what’s then is then. The whole purpose of the Nuremberg Code was to make sure that future generations never go down that road again. It had already happened, and as Primo Levy, very soon after the war ended, said, “It happened. Therefore it can happen again. It can happen everywhere. And we’re seeing the ingredients, the percolating ingredients, the poison that has overtaken– it’s like a, like a terrible blanket of poison, that is– it’s blurring people’s vision, and they did it exactly in the same way the Nazis did with the constant propaganda– good, bad; good, bad.

And you categorize things in that absolute way. And there is, there are no in-betweens, you know. And people can just be discarded as enemies of the state, right? Polluters of the genetic pool. All that, you know, was already prepared under the Nazis. And now it’s being the science with the technology has really gotten away from all measures of… reasonableness. It’s “if you can do it, do it.” And it can be done to any child, any person. because they discard a lot of us as untermenschen. They do, they really do believe that they are superior, your know, supermen, ubermenchen. They do believe it, people like Klaus Schwab, absolutely. And they want to live forever, so they’re doing all kinds of experiments. Not all of them do we really know fully about them. It is a horror.

Viviane Fischer: [02:30:31]
What’s the whole transhumanist agenda that we can see the– as you mentioned, the– so if you are an untermensch, then the other one is the homo deus, the ubermensch basically, you know, who creates the new… person, like that’s a very, I find that a very problematic agenda. Because I think we are– you know, we are good the way that nature or a creator or whoever like, do you know, made… us people to be. And human beings, and I think this is our duty, and I think we are not supposed to interfere with that kind of thing. at least like not in that, the way, in this experimental way that we doing this now. Or like, not we, but others are doing it.

Like, what– like in Nuremnerg, I think we have a,some… newspaper article. It was like an event where like three thousand people attended and there was a very small crowd like protesting, like a hundred and fifty or two hundred and fifty people like, like, saying that this is, you know, not okay to talk about the Nuremberg Codex in that sense. And you were then, later on, reported to the police, as you said, like for holocaust denying. And, do you know, well, I mean, what to say about that.

Can we maybe see the article? Yeah, here. And Uwe Alschner– Uwe, could you maybe comment, on what happened in Nuremberg. Because you attended this important event as well.

Uwe Alschner: [02:32:11]

Uwe Alschner

Yes, sure. Thank you. So the… issue was of course that if there is someone such as we Vera Sharaf, who is a holocaust survivor herself, who would have no interest whatsoever of trivializing or… denegrating anything concerned with the fate of her family, even. So if this is the case– and we have seen, as in Brussels in January, where Vera also spoke about her analogies; and how then the whole rally in Brussels with several hundred thousands of people was disbanded before Vera could speak and address the crowd.

Therefore it was very, very clear that maybe something similar could happen in Nuremberg. And it was very symbolic for Vera to speak on the issue. And it was also very hard, as she said, to come to Germany and speak there, but it was much more powerful. So therefore we a group of… organizations [Ertsur aufklarung] and… [die menschenheit Nurnberg] and… many others were really working hard to to get this… together to make it happen, and to minimize the risk of it being blown up.

So therefore it was not known to many people that Vera would be speaking. And Vera spoke first basically on stage. And she delivered a very powerful speech, which in many ways is also touching on what Dr. Wodarg has mentioned earlier, about the corruption and the conflict of interests and the continuities during history.

So therefore, I encourage everyone to to read Vera’s speech. It is available on [Ertse auf Klarung], is available on my page. [] It is something which lays out very clearly the concerns Vera has. So I am, as a German, of course, I’m very… cautious. I’ve been brought up to be cautious about going nea… as monstrous as the holocaust. But I do understand that if someone like Vera says so, that it is encouragement for us, and it is urging us to look at what she’s saying and to clearly analyze the facts.

Now, we haven’t been able to doing that because people have, have tried to prevent this, by framing those who raised questions as right-wingers. as neo-Nazis, when in fact it might even be quite the other way. So this is then the output of a Nuremberg paper, which incidentally is published at the address of where one of them most vicious Nazi propagandists, Julius Streicher, published his hateful and inciteful, inciting newspaper Der Stürmer. So Nürnberger Nachrichten, this paper, is published at the same place where Streicher published Der Stürmer. Therefore, this is, this, I can’t even call it ironic. It is really tragic that a newspaper which would have the responsibility, professional responsibility to, you know, to speak to someone like Vera Sharaf and ask her, How do you mean it? Where is your, where is your proof? What are the sources you are–

They… didn’t do any of that. Instead, they… gave room to… people who were really inciting Vera in many, many ways. And even the paper itself went very close to something which I would call bordering on anti-semitism by a portraying Vera as a Romanian, when in fact she is a US citizen, just happened to be born in Romania. And we all know that, for example, in Germany at least, Jews who were born after 1935 when the race laws were passed, they were not even Germans, even though they were born in Germany. So therefore this is absolutely horrendous to going there in the first place, and this is done by a newspaper, and you have to ask why.

So therefore we are right over target with asking these questions. Vera is entitled to do so. And for people who want to call this anti-semitic or denigrating the holocaust, I encourage everyone also to read the report to the president which was… given by Elie Wiesel’s commission on the holocaust in September of 1979, which is very long ago, but it was very powerful. Elie Wiesel, himself an Auschwitz survivor, and his commission, they… implored the public, they implored the president to make it happen that it, that learning can be, lessons can be drawn from… this by also comparing future events. So this is something which is no way anti-semitic or relativising the Holocaust. It is something which the holocaust commission itself has urged us to do, and it also recommended that people of moral integrity– and I wouldn’t know of anyone better than Vera Sharaf, herself a holocaust survivor, to have the right to issue cries of desperation. That’s the term which was in this… document about similarities they see.

So whether or not these similarities actually are there, this needs to be investigated. But as I said, I have good reason to assume that Vera has done a fair bit of investigation herself before going there in the first place. And if… I see this reaction from the German press, I’m ashamed. I am German myself, and I’m really, really sorry that this is something which had to happen to Vera Sharaf again.

Viviane Fischer: [02:38:46]
I think it’s a very important statement, you know, like making reference again to what Wolfgang said before. It must be possible to be suspicious about what’s going on and just to raise questions, and even, you know, express the feeling that something might be going in the wrong direction, without being at risk of then being accused of… misusing the past or something. I think that’s what we… should be able to do in a democracy, you know, like learn from the past and point out to things, to… developments that we find problematic. And it’s interesting that this is not possible.

I thought it was also interesting that you see, in the… article that we just saw; people, I think this was from the counter demonstration, the… picture, if I understood this correctly. And they had this… is that, did I understand that? dig deep into the… So this seems to be like the Verdi Group, is that right? And that says health instead of profits. I mean, like, do you know, when we look at what Wolfgang just told us, that we have a useless product with a lot of, you know, problems involved, health risks. So it’s… basically, well it’s mind-boggling, what we see here as a statement.

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD: [02:40:09]
I was… more than fifty years members of Verdi, and I think my colleagues are just misused, politically misused. I don’t think that those people working in hospitals, that they feel like that, that they fear– that they are content what is done with them, that they have to be jabbed, that they have to, all this pressure, that they have to wear a mask, although wearing of masks in a hospital is long established only in special… situations, and that there is lots of scientific evidence, and that they are just, they, that they have to experience that the relatives could no longer come and visit their dying… family members. It was so, it was really horrible, what those people being employed in hospitals, in… places for old, elderly people or handicapped people, what they had to experience in this time.

And I thank you, I say thank you to all those who did not bow down, but who stood up, and who are fighting for the rights of their… profession. And were fighting for the rights of their patients and were caring for their patients. There are lots of them, much more than we think.

Vera Sharav: [02:41:27]
You know, I would add something. I would question: why is it that they insist that doctors and health care workers be jabbed? Since we are– the evidence is accumulating, what these jabs are doing, particularly one after the other. Now, is it… conceivable that they want to actually eliminate much of the medical profession? You don’t need to care for people that you don’t care about.

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:
I think there is the situation, we– that we have big concentration, monopolization of the health system. When you see that Google is preparing a health… provider, as a health provider, that Amazon is preparing to provide people– they are those, they are… not organizations where there is solidarity practiced, where you are close to the next one, to your neighbor, to your… to people you know, where you organize help among each other.

And this is completely different than– we.. are a social state in Germany. We have in our constitution “Deutschland sind die ach Staat”. That means that we are very– we are obliged to help each other and to organize this. And this is now auf gotten. There are big, big companies who take it over, who just destroy solidarity. And you see this with the– we see this with how they tried to… close down hospitals which are smaller hospitals closer to the population. And they have arguments that they can do it better, and that they have computers that the others don’t have. And they digitalize. What do I need digitalization? I need my next neighbor who helps me and who stands at my bedside, and… need the doctor who knows me, and not someone from Google.

So– and they destroy all this. And this is a very, very bad situation they misuse to take over. They misuse what is happening now for taking over the health system, because they know it’s a very, very big business. And if you can keep, make people afraid from illnesses that you can say to them, “Oh, you’re endangered by some cancer” or “You’re endangered by some monkey pox” or whatever– then… you can have a new business. You can… treat them, and you can offer them something, and you can sell something. This is what they do.

Uwe Alschner:
So this is–

Vera Sharav:
It’s more than business. It’s more than business. It’s more than– controlling medicine is more than business.

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:
I’m afraid you are right.

Vera Sharav:
…you control who lives and who dies.

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:
You are right.

Uwe Alschner:
So this is something which, again, some, someone who… may listen to this recording afterwards, say, “Okay, here they are again giving out, spreading conspiracy theories. For those who want to do this, they have to call Elie Wiesel and his commission also conspiracy theorists, as they would have to call President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who was quoted in Vera Sharaf’s speech in Nuremberg, a conspiracy theorist, because they have shown us already back then, the viable threat, the real threat of something monstrous happening to us by means of technology.

So I’m quoting from Elie Wiesel’s commission’s report, where it says: “Not only has the moral landscape of human reality been altered by the holocaust, but the acceleration of technology now threatens human existence itself. By focusing on the dangers inherent in the ends and means of a technological, bureaucratic society, study of the holocaust and its implications can encourage a renewal of commitment to sanity and humanity.”

So this is an encouragement, encouragement to go there and look at it. And so there’s the issue of profiteering which you’ve mentioned, Dr. Wodarg, but there is much more, which is the legacy of eugenics, which also was mentioned by Vera in her speech. This is something which needs to be investigated, investigated on a legal but also on an historical perspective. It has never been done. It has never been done. We have heard from from Vera that Bandera is buried in Munich. You ask, why Bandera be buried in Munich? Munich was the center of the German intelligence society, set up by the American intelligence society after the war, under the leadership of former Nazi generals, okay? Reinhard Gieland, the president of the Bundesnaar Existinz was a Nazi general. Until very late in the 1960s, he met with Hans Globke, Adenaur’s Nazi chief of staff.

And they were– this is all recorded– they were deliberating on personal positions which person will come there. Even the historic commission, Institut fur Zeitgesischte, in Germany was… put under leadership of former Nazi sympathizers, instead of being put under leadership of, for example, communist historians. So they made sure that only the right people were judging on what is historic truth and what is not truth. This is fact. We have to look at this. And no one has dared looking at this so far. And I’m extremely grateful to Vera Sharaf for stepping up and calling it out as it is. This needs to be done, and it needs to happen now, because it is very well possible that eugenic ideology is indeed trying to the use technology which is far more sinister than anything possible to any decent doctor or nurse or whatever. They are, maybe, up to far more, something far more sinister, as also Dr. Mike Yeadon has… written about just recently.

So this is something where I’m very grateful to Vera Sharaf, and I’m… glad that I can help her in… doing… this work.

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD: [02:47:50]
She, I think she’s, it’s very, very important that we speak about this now. I remember in… 1998, the German Bundestag. There was a movement among parliamentarians, critical parliamentarians, who were critical because the bio science the bio science could do many things never be possible before. So it’s about stem, embryonic stem cells, harvesting from embryos stem cells. They wanted to make pharmaceutical product out of that, and such things. And we recognized it.

And I proposed to have this enquete commission, and I fought for it. And there was, there were parliamentarians from all parties, and we gathered in this, in, at the… Rhine River. And we… made a “bundes fur menschen werde”. We had to churches. We had many people from leading citizens, from organizations who were fighting against the slippery slope of technology.

Vera Sharav:

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:
And we were… making this enquete commission, and it worked for seven years. We made reports. We were… parliamentarians from all parties. And there were scientists, and we were fighting a lot, were fighting to… yes that… such things that there’s no patent on life, that it’s not possible to harvest from embryonic cells. That at the end of life and at the beginning of life, there’s no business. That people are in their dignity, and that they are assisted in their dignity. We had many good discussions, and we had very, very good papers and very good scientists and hearings.

This was all done by the German parliament, and they call it “Standstund des Parlaments”, because all those decisions were made without parties, they, parties could not interfere. I would… hope that we have in parliament such “Stanstunde”, that those people are encouraged to speak up and to… get rid of this pressure which is upon them. I really feel it. There’s pressure from party leaders, from… the media. They are all afraid. Who as a… politician now speaks up? He will be destroyed by public, immediately. He will… be called a right-wing… even if you’re a socialist, you will be called a right-wing. And… they would just try to… kill you politically. And I think they, those parliamentarians [to] whom we entrusted our power … they have to stand up. We have– what can we do? Or we have to find some– we have to, we have to find some– without parliament what can we do?

We can go to the streets, but we need some, we need rules. And there is no other justice. There is no other court where we can go. There are only those courts who are institutionally corrupted now, who are under the pressure of politics. And it’s… very difficult in Europe to find a court where they… free themselves from the pressure, where they say, “Yes, I’m, I’m a… good lawyer, and I am, I really try to find out what is true, and I make all this research I have to do to find… out what is true. And, you know, a judge who does this, he… will have difficulties. We experienced this. And then there are many judges and state attorneys who try to organize against this. And this is the organization of… those professionals. And they, I think they will, I have big hope in them. And I hope that they will, yeah, they… will try more, and that they will have more success. And we should… help them to do this. Yeah. I think–

Vera Sharav: [02:51:56]
Is there any way for… jurists, different countries, to get together? Because, as I said before, I mean, in the United States, it’s… still more possible to get through…

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:
I think… the Krista people the [Netzwerk xxxxx Staats xxxxxx] that they are trying to have contacts to others. There used to be … the Council of Europe, where I was as politician too. And there was, used to be the… And this Council of Europe was always living from the opposition. It was very interesting, because the parliamentary assembly had not only the governing parties, not only the governments, but there were the oppositions.

So if you wanted to table something it was successful. You could table things which were prohibited in your own country. It was… a very good possibility, and even in, when… they started with this vaccination topic, there were parliamentarians in the Council of Europe, and they decided that nobody should be forced and put under pressure if he doesn’t want this vaccine, this so-called. They decided it. And now I don’t hear any more from them.

Vera Sharav: [02:53:10]
Hm. That’s… a tragedy, because the leadership, in other words, isn’t leading. The leadership is kind of waiting to be pushed.

Uwe Alschner:
So this is… also a time to… point out another striking similarity. now today, policy decisions are being shaped by NGOs and… foundations, such as in Germany, the Bertelsmann Stiftung. So the foundation which owns Bertelsmann, Bertelsmann being, by the way, a company which in the late ’90s had the audacity to call itself a… fighter of the Nazi regime, when in fact they were profiteering from it until the very end, with the biggest contracts of… Wehrmacht printing orders. And the only reason why Bertelsmann was getting problems is because they were cheating even on the Nazis. So that’s what they were.

But they were publishing also and 1933 already books on euthanasia and… other stuff which is clearly linked to Nazi ideology. So to say that they were against the Nazi regime is a blatant lie. I would call it a blatant lie. And… this is… a fact…. And their foundation, which owns the shares of the enterprise, they are shaping, as we know, politics, in Germany and… in Europe. But these foundations are all over the place, and they have been there for a long time. They’ve been there at the beginning of the century. And in 1952 or ’53, there has been a commission in the US Senate on those tax-exempt foundations and what they were about. This has never been really highlighted, also. But those foundations have in their minutes from the early 1900s have in their minutes their deliberations on how to change society by war, and by education, and also the Bertlesmann foundation in Germany is very strong in education and in infiltrating the educational system.

These are the similarities we need to look at… as a
society, if we want to continue as an open and liberal and educated society. But we are about to… throw out the… baby with the bath [water] by listening to the advice they are giving in all sorts of areas, even in health care, where they are calling for… privatization, and for the influence of private corporations, and… profiteering from… not only profiteering, but… also.

So this is something we really need to look at, as a society, And… again, this is a deep thank you to Vera Sharaf for… seizing the opportunity to, speaking, on behalf of all of us, on the occasion of 75 years of Nuremberg Code, which was one important milestone. But it’s not the only one, and this debate has to continue.
Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:
Thank you.

Viviane Fischer:
Thank you. Well… is there anything you would like to add, Vera?

Vera Sharav:
Just this: people need to really, really understand that we are the many, and numbers matter. Numbers right now matter a lot. And if people get together, forget their differences– you can argue later. Right now, we have common enemies, and those common enemies are making our lives miserable, and they really intend to make it even more miserable. They intend to get rid of many of us. Population control is what the new medicine is focused on, rather than healing and extending life.

Viviane Fischer:
Wow. OK.

Vera Sharav:
That’s… there isn’t really much more to say, because medicine was perverted then, and it is being perverted now, in a very, very substantive way.

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:

Viviane Fischer:
OK. With these words, I think we’ve come to the end of our session today. And, but we have prepared a… film of your important speech in Nuremberg, and we’re going to show this now in the, like right after I say the closing words.

Vera Sharav:
Well, you know, one of the things about all these different videos that many of us make, I mean, the more places that you put it the better. Because– YouTube, I just got word of another one that it pulled down. They’re… in a race to shut us up. And we have to show that we’re not going to be shut up. So I think one of the things, one of the positive things that has happened in these two and a half years is: there are more internet outlets that people can get credible information on, that aren’t muzzling, than ever before.
So while they de-platform as from the major ones– YouTube, Google and all that, there are others. And the more of those others, they start to multiply as well. So we have to outsmart them in whatever way we can. … “It’s not over until it’s over”, okay, that’s another thing. And we’ve got to make sure that we, you know, win. Because there is– I’ve stressed, you know, those of us who lived through the holocaust were rescued. There will be no rescuers now. There are no armed forces who would rescue. It’s– we have to do it ourselves, or it’s over.

Viviane Fischer:
Yeah, so we’re all the cavalry.

Vera Sharav:
Yeah, that’s right.

Viviane Fischer:
We have to really like, get our, get off the sofa and start to fight with everything that we have, with words and with, well, with all our might


Yeah, I’m not quite sure if we can like in the stream show the video now. Otherwise, we’re going to post it on Telegram. Maybe, I don’t know, if I could get some input from the régie…

Okay. So I hear we have it, and we can show it like within the stream, so people don’t have to switch to another channel. So that’s great.

Okay. Yeah, thanks so much for all these important information. I think we’ve added another piece of the puzzle, and like have added like more food for thought and for people like to get activated. And yeah, thanks everyone for contributing to this seeing, like do you know, like even fuller picture again.

And so, yeah. You can see the video now and I’m looking forward to the next week, then. Have a pleasant Friday afternoon and a nice weekend. And, yeah, see you next week, then. ‘Bye.

Uwe Alschner: [03:00:55]
All the best to you. Thank you.

Vera Sharav:

Wolfgang Wodarg, MD:


Corona Investigative Committee, 119th session on September 2nd, 2022

Post-session video: Vera Sherav – Alliance for Human Research Protection, Holocaust survivor

(Original language: English)

[Transcript from Team + Ed]

Restored from:

Vera Sharav: ‘Nuremberg Code Is Our Defense Against Abusive Experimentation’

Editor’s Note: Following are remarks delivered by Vera Sharav, founder and president of the Alliance for Human Research Protection, on Aug. 20 in Nuremberg, Germany, at an event hosted by Action Alliance, a group of German activists, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg Code.

Vera Sharav: [03:01:06]

Vera Sharav at Nuremberg 75

I came to Nuremberg to provide historical context to the current global threat confronting our civilization.

These past two years and a half have been especially stressful as painful memories were rekindled.

In 1941, I was 3-and-a-half years old. My family was forced from our home in Romania to Ukraine.

We were herded into a concentration camp essentially left to starve.

Death was everywhere. Death was the cloud above us. My father died at the camp of typhus, an infectious disease that was rampant in all the concentration camps and ghettos, for lack of any sanitary conditions.

In 1944, as the Final Solution was being aggressively implemented, Romania, dislodged from its alliance with Nazi Germany, and the government allowed several hundred orphan Jewish children to return to Romania if they had a relative there.

Although I was not an orphan, my mother lied to save my life.

I boarded a cattle car train, the very same train that continued to bring Jews to the death camps.

Four years elapsed before I was reunited with my mother.

The Holocaust serves as an archetypal symbol of unmitigated evil:
– Moral norms and human values were systematically obliterated.
– The Nazi system destroyed social conscience.
– Millions of people were worked to death as slave laborers.
– Others were abused as experimental human guinea pigs.

The Holocaust did not begin in the gas chambers of Auschwitz or Treblinka. The Holocaust was preceded by nine years of incremental restrictions on personal freedom, and the suspension of legal rights, civil rights and essentially human rights.

The stage was set by fear-mongering and hate-mongering propaganda.

A series of humiliating, discriminatory government edicts demonized Jews as “spreaders of disease. We were compared to lice.

The real viral disease that infected Nazi Germany was eugenics. Eugenics is the elitist ideology at the root of all genocides.

Eugenics is cloaked in the mantle of pseudo-science. It was embraced by the academic, the medical establishment, as well as the judiciary, both in Germany and the United States.

Eugenicists justify social and economic inequality.

They legitimize discrimination, apartheid, sterilization, euthanasia and genocide.

The Nazis called it “ethnic cleansing”, to protect the gene pool.

Medicine was perverted from its healing mission and was weaponized.

First, it was to control reproduction through forced sterilization. And then it was to eliminate those deemed to be “sub-human” Untermenschen.

The first victims of medical murder were 1,000 German infants and toddlers under the age of 3. The murderous operation was expanded to an estimated 10,000 children, German children, under the age 17.

The next victims were the mentally ill, followed by the elderly in nursing homes.

All of these human beings were condemned as “worthless eaters.”

Under Operation T-4, designated hospitals were turned into killing centers, where various extermination methods were tested, including Zyclon B, the gas that was used in the gas chambers.

The objective of the “Final Solution” was to annihilation of the entire European Jewish population, which at the time was 11 million.

The Nazis enacted discriminatory laws. They utilized modern technology, low-cost industrial methods, an efficient transportation system and a highly-trained bureaucracy that coordinated the industrial genocidal process.

The objective was high speed, maximum efficiency and low cost.

The human casualties of this unprecedented genocide were 6 million Jews and 9 million other people whom the Nazis dehumanized as Untermenschen.

The purpose of Holocaust memorials is to warn and inform future generations about how an enlightened, civilized society can be transformed into a genocidal universe ruled by absolute moral depravity.

If we are to avert another Holocaust, we must identify ominous current parallels before they poison the fabric of society.

Since the Nazi era, the study of history and most of the humanities, including philosophy, religion and ethics, have been overshadowed by an emphasis on utilitarian science and technology.

As a result, few people recognize foreboding similarities between current policies and those under the Nazi regime.

By declaring a state of emergency in 1933 and in 2020, constitutionally protected personal freedom, legal rights and civil rights were swept aside.

Repressive, discriminatory decrees followed. In 1933, the primary target of discrimination were Jews. Today, the target is people who refuse to be injected with experimental, genetically engineered so-called vaccines.

Then and now, government dictates were crafted to eliminate segments of the population.

In 2020, government dictates forbade hospitals from treating the elderly in nursing homes. The result was mass murder.

Government decrees today continue to forbid doctors to prescribe life-saving, fully-approved FDA medicines. They must follow government-dictated protocols, and those continue to kill.

The media is silent, as it was then. The media broadcasts a single, government-dictated narrative, just as it had under the Nazis.

State censorship silences opposing views. In Nazi Germany, few individuals objected. Those that did were sent to concentration camps. Today, doctors and scientists who challenge the approved narrative are maligned, and their reputations are trashed. They risk losing their license to practice, as well as having their homes and workplaces raided by SWAT teams.

The moral significance of the Nuremberg Code cannot be overstated. The Nuremberg Code is the most authoritative, internationally recognized document in the history of medical ethics. This landmark document was formulated in response to the evidence of medical atrocities committed by Nazi physicians and scientists.

The Code sets forth moral boundaries of research involving human beings. The Nuremberg Code rejects the ideology of eugenics and unquestionably asserts the primacy and dignity of the individual human being… the primacy of the individual, as opposed to the greater good of the state… or society.

The American jurists who formulated the Nuremberg Code incorporated the official 1931 German ‘Guidelines for Human Experimentation’. They were authored by Dr. Julius Moses. Now the Guidelines remained legally in force until 1945. But of course, the Nazis completely disregarded them. And they deported Dr. Moses to Theresienstadt, where he died.

The Nuremberg Code defined foundational, universal moral and legal standards, affirming the fundamental human rights. The human rights apply to every human being, every race, creed and color. It makes no difference: we are one human family.

Equally important, the Nuremberg Code holds doctors and research investigators personally responsible to ensure the human subject’s safety and to ensure that the person freely gave his voluntary, fully informed consent.

The standards of the Nuremberg Code are incorporated into the International Criminal Code. They are legally applicable today in peacetime and during war.

The objective of the Nuremberg Code is to ensure that medicine never again deviates from its ethical, precautionary principle, ‘First, do no harm’.

The Nuremberg Code has served as a blueprint for subsequent national and international codes of human rights to ensure that the rights and dignity of the humans are upheld, and to ensure that medical doctors never again engage in morally abhorrent experiments.

Like the Ten Commandments, not a word of the Nuremberg Code may be changed.

The first of the ten ethical principles lays down the foremost ethical requirement, which is spelled out in great detail, and I’ll read it.

“The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.

“This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.

“This requires that before the acceptance of an affirmative decision … the subject should be informed of the nature, duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and the means by which it is to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected; and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment.”

Were any of you told about all of this when you were offered the injections, the experimental injections? I doubt it.

Now “The duty and responsibility for ascertaining the quality of the consent rests upon each individual who initiates, directs, engages in the experiment. It is their personal duty and responsibility, which may not be delegated to another with impunity.”

The genocidal culture that permeated the Nazi regime did not end in 1945. It metastasized in the United States. At the end of the war, U.S. government agents helped 1,600 high-ranking Nazi scientists, doctors and engineers to evade justice at Nuremberg.

These Nazi technocrats facilitated the murderous Nazi operations. They were Hitler’s partners in crimes against humanity. They were secretly smuggled into the U.S. under Operation Paperclip. And this was done in violation of an explicit order by President Harry Truman.

These Nazi criminals were placed in high positions at major American scientific centers, as well as medical centers, and they continued their work.

What’s more, these Nazi technocrats trained a generation of American scientists, doctors and engineers. This is how Nazi methods and the immoral disregard for human values were entrenched in America.

In 1961, in his farewell address to the nation, President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned against the increasing domination of “the military-industrial complex” whose “total influence — economic, political, even spiritual,” he said, “is felt everywhere.”

Eisenhower warned: “We must be alert to the danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.” This is behind the covid pandemic.

In 1979, a report to the President of the United States, by the U.S. Commission on the Holocaust, chaired by Auschwitz survivor Elie Wiesel warned, “the inclination to duplicate the Nazi option and once again exterminate millions of people remains a hideous threat.”

Those who declare that Holocaust analogies are “off limits” are betraying the victims of the Holocaust by denying the relevance of the Holocaust.

The Nuremberg Code has served as the foundation for ethical clinical research since its publication 75 years ago. The covid pandemic is being exploited as an opportunity to overturn the moral and legal parameters laid down by the Nuremberg Code. The Nuremberg Code is our defense against abusive experimentation.

Humanity is currently under siege by the global heirs to the Nazis. A posse of ruthless, interconnected, global billionaires has gained control over national and international policy-setting institutions.

They have embarked on implementing a diabolical agenda, which includes:
– the overthrow of democracy and Western civilization;
– to depopulate the global population;
– to eliminate nation-states and establish one-world government;
– to eliminate cash and establish one digital currency;
– to inject digital IDs and artificial intelligence capabilities into every human being.

If these objectives become a reality, we will be digitally [surveilled] 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In May, 2022, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Klaus Schwab, the architect of the dystopian Great Reset declared, and I quote him: “Let’s be clear: the future is not just happening; the future is built by us, a powerful community here in this room. We have the means to impose the state of the world.”

The ultimate goal of these megalomaniacs is to gain total control of the natural resources, the financial resources, and to replace humans with transhuman robots. Transhumanism is a biotech-enhanced caste system, the new eugenics.

Klaus Schwab’s lead advisor is Yuval Noah Harari, an Oxford University-trained Israeli. Harari is a proponent of the new eugenics and transhumanism.
Harari refers to humans as “hackable animals”. He declared, “We have the technology to hack humans on a massive scale…”

Transhumanists despise the concept of God.
Transhumanists despise human values and deny the existence of a human soul. Harari declares that there are too many “useless people”. Remember the Nazi term was “worthless eaters”.

This is the “New Eugenics”. It is embraced by the most powerful global billionaire technocrats who gather in Davos: Big Tech, Big Pharma, the financial oligarchs, academics, government leaders and the military-industrial complex. These megalomaniacs have paved the road to another Holocaust.

This time, the threat of genocide is global in scale. This time instead of Zyklon B gas, the weapons of mass destruction are genetically engineered injectable bioweapons masquerading as vaccines.

This time, there will be no armed force to rescue survivors. Be aware of that: no rescuers. Unless all of us resist, “never again” is now.

Thank you for inviting me, and thank you for your patience.


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