Foundation Corona Committee, 113th session on July 15th, 2022

Golan Ashton Human Rights Attorney – civil law & labor law

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Viviane Fischer: [00:36:00]

Golan Ashton

Now I think we have in the Zoom, there should be an attorney at law from Israel. His name is Golan Ashton. Are you here with us?

Golan Ashton:

Yes, I am here with you. Have a nice day. Have a good afternoon.

Viviane Fischer:
Hello. Nice to see you. Yeah, so maybe, can you tell us, you have done a…, been a human rights attorney. And you specialised in civil law and labor law. And you have, in this quality you have worked on a legal cases here or like, have consulted with, I think, with a bigger company and have had some success, at least, from saving people to get vaccinated. Maybe could you elaborate on that?

Golan Ashton:
No problem. First of all, I would like to refer to the information that there was a big chaos in here from the beginning of March, 2020 and the beginning of the vaccinations. Because what was ruling in Israel is that the government forced people to take injections. So they start to fire people from their jobs. They asked them and required them to, between injections, two tests in a week or three tests.

Now when in regards to the courts, the labor law courts said in Israel in the beginning that they allowed people to choose if they take the vaccine, or to take the tests. So what really happened is that they were giving options to the workers. So they have to take a part of this… tyranny and this breaching of any kind of civil rights. Because they say to the worker, “You want to earn money and keep your economy, we should force you.” I call it a determination of rape, civil rape. Because they have given no determinations to be able to analyze these vaccines, to check the side effects, to be aware of information and knowledge. They say to them, take it, or you should be fired. So the court defended them. And the most horrible verdict was from the supreme court of Israel in September 2020. it’s called the bakat stavihoke.

In this judgment, the supreme court of Israel said it is allowed to discriminate people. To not allow them to go to the malls, to the supermarket, to movies, to theatre, to cinema, to restaurants if they don’t have the green passport– means the declaration that you have vaccinated yourself– or you have made tests: shoved to your nose or to your mouth or God knows where, those PCR tests that have no effect of nothing.

So the real truth is that there is no defense in the courts, in the labor law zone or in the civil law zone in Israel. But what we can, what we could have learned to do is to attack them by side.

What do I mean? What I have done, and so many lawyers have cooperated with me, we– because the regulation was so no reasonable and each of this contradict the other of this, what we started to do is, to attack them with letters for asking for compensation, for asking for explanation, for asking for seeing regulations. And when we attack them, they didn’t know how to answer us. Because for example some was with it seems to means if you are not vaccinated, you will not get medical care. So I say to them but there is a regular terms of the minister as it says,also the supreme court that the only matter you cannot discriminate is on the medical care. So when you make them to be confused and make them to be fired upon the regulation of each other, the government said like this. The administers said like this. the internal office says like this.

And everyone has so many regulations they cannot find their legs and their hands. Then somehow you can find a way to give people the head and their assistance. I had three cases of people who needed to take care– to be given medical care in hospitals, which the hospitals did not allow them to take this care without a vaccination or test. And after we wrote a letter and made a lot of mess, and I promised them that we would take this communication, not to Israel, to the global communications, to know how Israel take care upon the civil rights of the Jewish people in the nation of Israel– then somehow they gave her all the tests and all the medical careshe needed.

So unfortunately, even though I am aware of all the verdicts upon the world, in israel I have no such a claim to say to you, because there is no one verdict it says that these vaccines– injections, I don’t like to call them vaccines– injections are not allowed. No one judge in Israel said, “Can we we see any kind of information, side effects?” Because you know in Germany and England, in the United States, when people they took this injections, they have to sign, to sign upon the information that they were up on the side effects. In Israel, no one asked the people to sign upon awareness of side effects. And when there is side effects, as before the woman they interviewed, they have got no way to get compensation. Because the government says, “It’s not us.” The health minister says, “It’s not because of the vaccine.”

And all the doctors cooperate with this scam, so people left with no rescue at all, you understand? They forced people; the system, the legal system, did not protect them; and now when there are damages, no one is willing to compensate. Do you understand the absurd? This is ironic; this is catastrophe.

Reiner Fuellmich: [00:41:49]
Do you have access to all the information that the world now has? Meaning there is no necessity for the vaccines, because there is no pandemic, only a PCR-test pandemic. Also, there are alternative real methods of treatment. Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D. Plus, despite the fact that there’s no necessity for these so called-vaccines, they’re still using them but the are not effective at all. The whole world is looking at israel and the UK, because you are two of the most vaccinated countries, and 92 percent of all the people are hospitalized with covid symptoms have been twice vaccinated, or even boostered.

Plus, this is not safe, because we can see– for example, a German case that was just lost before the highest administrative law court here in Germany found that among the military after the start of the so-called vaccines, illnesses shot up, illnesses that needed to be treated shot up by four thousand percent. Are you aware of these things? Are people in Israel aware that there’s no necessity, they’re not effective, and they’re extremely dangerous?

You ask a very excellent and amazing question, because one of the major problem in israel is, and that’s what we doing it, and i’m doing it for a lot of the two years, all abroad, and also in Israel, because the people in Israel are asleep. They do not understand what you say. You know, you say something now that is very important, because before two weeks– they also– the only– they brought this vaccine, these injections to babies! To babies, do you understand me? Babies are now allowed to take in Israel injections. These injections that make so many side effects, so many strokes, so many heart attacks. Now the health minister of Israel, the office minister, the health office of Israel says, “Give it to your babies!” Babies.

So if you ask me are the people awake and aware, when I tell them upon the verdict of Ireland, Germany, New York, Portugal and Spain, they all say to me, “No, I trust the government of Israel. Whatever they give me, i will take.” And they take it. Even today they published, the sponsor of the corona virus say, “On october, we believe there will be another attack of the corona virus.” So they advised to take now the injections, now in the summers. you understand? You can speak to the people as much as you want but they do not aware and believe that this is a scam. And this is the problem. This is the problem.

I say to the people: you see young people dying in the streets, the sirens of ambulance not– that do not stop, do not stop. People, young people, die from stroke and all the day, from dawn to night and they say to me this is the circumstances thing. This is not something new. All the time, people die.

So this is the most difficult problem in the land of Israel: to awake the people. Because they’re Cinderella or Snow White. The sleeping people i didn’t hear this nation. It’s very, very difficult. And when I say difficult, I’m not speaking on only the common people. You cannot talk to lawyers. You cannot talk to doctors. You cannot talk to engineers. You cannot talk to no one, They do not want to listen and to be awakened. From them, if the government says you have to take seven, eight injection, they would they take. Most of the elderly people took five injections. Five. I speak up on five, and there will be six, they would be taking, and six thousand.

So … the people do not understand.

Viviane Fischer:
But Avital, you told me that the rate of the uptake has been much slower now.

Avital Livny:

Viviane Fischer:
So for the first vaccine and second and maybe even third there was still in a lot of fuel, but now it’s kind of dying down, the interest. Is that right?

Avital Livny:
Yes. As far as I see, I see a decline, and it’s coming, the numbers are getting lower and lower. But it depends where also, because you have some kind of cities that the majority of the people will, like Golan says, they will keep on, especially intellectual and economic and social, societies– they will go like he said. They say on the news to go and take the the other vaccine, they will go and take it. But I think on– all in all, if you look at the numbers, i say approximately; the first two shots, I think around six and a half million people, I think, took it, out of 9.3 million people in israel. And I think that the fourth one– I’m not talking about the fifth, but the fourth one– I think less than a million.

So it’s coming down, but it’s also going with correlation to the green passport and the mandate. Because the majority of the people in Israel, they took it. And they say out loud that took it because they want to go everywhere. They want to fly, they want to go to their– the theater, the they want to be free. They want to be able to do whatever they want, not because of medical reasons.

So once obligations are off, of course they will not go and vaccinate. But we have to see if–

Golan Ashton:
…Avital, there will be obligations. Take all the injections. Don’t be even, don’t have doubt upon it. This is, this is what we have seen. And for example, there is a city in Israel called Modiin, Macadiim Modiin. This is, the percent of the people who are vaccinated this city is 98.7 percent of the people. And the number of the sick people, the sick people of corona virus, the number is the highest of all.

Now, when you talk about the details of the UK and Israel, we have seen the researches. The researches have showed that those, the nations that have been most vaccinated are the most sick nations. So on the contrary, it seems to be those who haven’t been vaccinated so much, their immunity system was so strong to deal with this virus, by its own, by its own. But those who take the injection are sick, and sick. and never had something, maybe herd immunity system, maybe goes to other damages. But the… statistics show that those who are injected a sick. And those sickest who are injected the most are the most, they are most people sick in there. And so are about nations. And it’s not by mistake. If i’m wrong, you can correct me, but Israel is on the top of the sick, of the sick people of the covid-19 in the world.

Reiner Fuellmich:
Yeah, you’re right. Golan, on are you aware of the fact that it’s not just the most vaccinated country– among them, of course, Israel and the UK, which the most vaccinated countries, that have the highest rate of hospitalized patients. But are you also aware of the fact that this is– are Israelis aware of the fact that this is a man-made virus? It was man made, by way of gain-of-function experiments. Americans, Germans and Israelis, and others of course, were involved in this. Are people in Israel aware of this?

Golan Ashton: [00:49:27]
The people aware of this, but they call these words of yours conspiracy.

Reiner Fuellmich:

Golan Ashton:
It’s like a lutin, fantasy, it’s a lie. There’s a lot of explanation [5 seconds sound loss] before a lot because there was a committee in Davos. Everything was planned. The ninety 2018 This is an engineered– I call it a biologic attack upon human beings. Biological war. But people say to me, “Are you crazy? Should a nation attack us? Should the rich people will try to destroy us?” I say: the proper, the purpose of this is to reduce population. Since this injection, they are reducing population. The number of deaths are increasing. The number of newborn is down. And the number of abortions and death and lack of ability to get pregnancy is higher and higher and higher.

So all you cannot look upon the facts, and you can deny them. Or can you say the truth yourself? Maybe it’s very difficult to say the truth. But this is not [real] disease. This is disease that was designed. And unfortunately about this I have also bad news. Because the majority of Israel believe this is the kind of a disease. It came from nowhere. And we were saved not by Moses and God, but by Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and all of those firms that are the new god of the world.

Reiner Fuellmich:
Here’s another conspiracy theory. I hope our our technical department is able to show this. In the United States, a group of undertakers have come forward and are saying that since the beginning of the so-called vaccinations of children– that’s in December of ’21– about a year after the actual vaccinations, so-called vaccinations of grownups started, there has been a demand, a rise in demand for children’s coffins, caskets, by four hundred percent. Can you please show this to us. [Four hundred per cent anstieg in kinder sagen fragen.]

And it sounds, if you don’t, if you don’t know the background of this, it sounds like a conspiracy theory. But if you look at what the, what the undertakers are posting, it doesn’t look so conspiratorial any more. [Konte das bitte da es, ja]

See this? “My family owns a casket manufacturing plant. I’ve said this publicly many times. We may coffins. Yesterday my cousin received a request for a bulk order of under 5 foot caskets. Never has that ever happened in 37+ years. For you idiots, those are children sized coffins.”

The next… the next post reads: “[For your information] to anybody who’s paying attention to what I say. My family received another bulk casket order for youth size coffins. That marks the 2nd ever bulk order in almost 50 years. Both of which were placed in the last 7 months. Vaccines are killing children. If not, what is?”

And we know this is, these numbers– I don’t know where that slide went, but the numbers went up four hundred percent. Four hundred percent. The german military just reported, as I said, after the start of the so-called vaccinations, an increase in illnesses that needed to be treated– not just a headache or something– by four thousand percent. These are not conspiracy theories.

Viviane Fischer:
No, is this real. Wolfgang, do have an oversight of the… the studies that have come out lately, with regards to what’s– or like, the statistics that we see something that’s become more, you know, is tangible already? I mean, I had the information– I think I mentioned this in a… different session– that from some eastern German hospital, that there was a lot of miscarriages going on, and like a 50 percent decline in that area on births, or successful, like living birth basically. So Wolfgang, do you have any further information?

Wolfgang Wodarg: [00:53:51]
I got several informations about that, about infertility warnings, and they were, there were two, I was told numbers about 15 to25 percent from different countries. But I don’t have this at hand now. I don’t have the– I cannot cite it, because I don’t have the data now here. But I remember there were four or five such messages from different countries coming, and from fertility centers. Though we had such a news, such news before, when we started already. And it seems to get more. And I want to re– I want to remind you that we know that corona is not a problem for children, has never been. And there were no children– if you see the data where children got ill from some… corona virus, whichever, doesn’t matter which one. Children were not attacked by corona virus. They had normal flu, as ever. And there were less people going to the doctor because illness in terms of… acute respiratory diseases, in the time of corona 2020-2021.

So children were really not at risk. So it’s a big, big nonsense to to give children this injections and to change them genetically to produce that spike, toxic spike proteins. This is what is to be done, what is going to be done, and it’s a crime. And the fertility: we know, we have several theories. There are several theories how this could happen. And I– we… had this with Mike Yeadon, that was the first one. But we know also, we also know that there are those effects with thrombosis. And there are other effects that genetic– that our cells are genetically modified, so that they don’t function well. This might also happen with the cells of… the ovaria and of the of testes, so that there is infertility when the parents want to have children.

So with– there are many many reasons, yes, there are many many reasons with all the other diseases that come with those injections, because we don’t know the targets. We don’t know where the stuff goes. We don’t know exactly how long it stays. Now we learn that this, those genetic modifications stay at least five months. Now we know that the spikes are shedded exosomes. And we have so many, we have so many new informations. And it gets more and more, and it seems that it’s a very very serious problem. And it may become also a serious problem for those people that close contact vaccinated people who are not vaccinated themselves, who didn’t get the jab themselves.

So maybe the shedding problem will be very serious. And we know that children now– there are more than five hundred cases worldwide of hepatitis which is an auto-immune disease in this, in those cases. There were no hepatitis viruses. The children would get a destroyed liver. And we want to know whether there was shedding from mother or father. And it is not even examined. So there is a big risk for children, which arose first when those jabs were given to the parents, and given to the children now.

It’s very– there was no risk before. Children are at risk after this action of spreading the mRNA to all the people.

Viviane Fischer:
Avital, in this context I think you told us, told me yesterday that there was a lady who wanted to get pregnant and had some examination before, before she took the jab. And could you tell us about that?

Avital Livny:
Yes, there was a lady who shot testimony to the project. At the time of the testimony, she just reported about having vaginal bleeding. But a few weeks ago, I spoke to her. She said, you know, I have fertility damage from their so-called vaccine. I told her, I asked her, how do you know? She told me that prior to the vaccine, she took a test to see how much eggs does she have. Because she wanted to, she was thinking about getting pregnant, and everything was normal, ok. And after she got the vaginal bleeding, she was starting to be afraid of maybe she was damaged in some way. So a month after the vaccine, she took again these tests. And this time they told her, listen: you have a great problem. You don’t have enough eggs. And now she’s going through fertility treatments, trying to get pregnant.

So she has a test in two months far from the first one to the other one. The first one was perfectly okay; the second one shows fertility problem.

Wolfgang Wodarg:
I think this is an observation that should be published by the doctors who observed it. It’s a very important observation.

Avital Livny:
I know, but hey’re not willing to speak.

Golan Ashton:
The doctors in Israel are not publishing, most of them, nothing. Most of them are silent. Most of them keep the silent, the right to be silent for all of the crimes. And the fewer that speaks, speaks in quietness. There is– I don’t know what is happening in the world, but in Israel, the majority of the doctors cooperate with the system, and with– and they hide information. And if you go and speak to the people inside the hospitals they will tell you what you know, what you say.

But outside, no one will speak on this. No one will publish this information. No one will try to save other people’s lives. For me, they are criminals, like those who have cooperated with this, because you cannot be silent. They know the side effects, they know the consequences. They risk the life of children, babies, pregnant woman, and they choose to be silent, because they are afraid to lose their jobs.

So it’s better to lose these job seekers there is nothing in the hospitals and the– or health minister, at least in Israel, because tohurt people, to make people sick, and you don’t speak upon but how many people suffer from these injections, from illness from the heart: madness and depression. And they need to take pills all the time. And everyone is so silent in Israel. This very beautiful. All, the health minister, all the hospital, and other doctors and other professors, most of them just sit and let them, let it go through them, bypass them. They just say, “The consequences we know, but the future will judge us.”

Wolfgang Wodarg:
Do you have an initiative of doctors who is, who’s against this, who is speaking up? Do you have an initiative–

Golan Ashton:
We have… I don’t, I– we have few doctors, few doctors that defy and say the trueth and preach the truth, that speak upon the consequences. But the most– the majority do not speak. Any I will tell you even more. Some of those doctors will try to get interviewed on the mainstream channels and to say, “You know, this is your opinion, but this is my opinion because you know if uponscience, upon medicine injections– the more you have opinions, more you can doubt and see what is better for the people. I don’t know what it is in your nation, but in Israel there is no other opinion. If you say something against this injection, your are a conspirator, you are a lier, you are a criminal, you are against the system.

And they try to shut you, shut your mouth and not– that the voice of you in the future will not be heard. So even if they are good doctors that speak, and say some– criticize the system and these injections, the channels and the doctors, other doctors just kill them. Kill them. Make upon them nonsense, make upon them like, to look like fool people, humiliate them. This is how it goes. That’s how– this is why you don’t have criticism upon this… kind of medical taking care of injections.

This kind of lie cannot be stopped, because no one let our– other people say the truth. And this is why people like you and me will not be in the mainstream, on the channels of the TVs. because no one wants to hear the truth. Because no one wants the… side effects to be known to the world. The people should be awakened and be underlined that they have been deceived for two years. And if they will not be wakened up, maybe there will not be two years, more two years for them.

Viviane Fischer: [01:02:55]
But you know, then again, like the experience now that I’ve had here in Israel. I’ve been here like, for since Sunday. And in completely random context, you know not related with like activists or so, I spoke to a variety of people. And strangely, they are, some of them you know like were, I mean all of them basically, were really aware what’s going on. And like one lady, she took like two shots. But she said she doesn’t want to do it any more. Her husband is unvaccinated. And like I– in this area of the you know, like the flea market area in Tel Aviv, you know, I spoke to several people there was also people saying you know, Yeah, we didn’t get the shot, my wife, I didn’t get it. My wife didn’t get it. And another person who’s very much aware of, you know, has been aware for long time of corruption going on in general, you know, all around the world, in politics and so on. And this person was not one hundred percent aware of what was going on with corona. But like very suspicious, you know, of the whole story.

So I think there’s a great potential here you know but people just have to be exposed to the truth.

Golan Ashton:

Viviane Fischer:
And I see as lot of activism also going on, I mean there’s a newspaper. There’s other things, you know, a lot of for activism.

Avital Livny:

Golan Ashton:
The activism is working very nice, but you have to understand, the only way to judge the people of Israel is if they will give another… a green passport again. If they will say to them, “You will not go through your jobs, you will not go to your cinemas and to your restaurants.” I believe if they will put such kind of boundaries upon them, they will take the injections. So this is what I’m speaking upon. That you have got no awareness of what are the side effects. Now they are aware because amazing– Avital made amazing movie upon all those that have been hurt from these injections and all the side effects, like the people you interviewed before.

But this is not enough, because you can judge a nation upon the strength of the will of the spirit. If you are strong enough to go against your nation and say, you will not discriminate me, not by your restaurants, not by flying abroad. I don’t give a damn even if you close my TV. I will not take this poison into my body. It’s okay. But now these days you cannot tell me that people of Israel do not take the injection. They do not take because no one say to them, “If you will not take, we will not let you do A, B, C, D.” Okay now everything is free. We are now in the time of the election in Israel.

So when there is freedom, so people will not take, and they will listen to you and me. But if you will tell them, “You will be fired from your job, or you will not be allowed to get to your restaurant or to go to bus”– then I will see if they took injections, because if they will not that then, you are right: they have awareness and awakeness and understanding of what are the side effect of this poison.

But as long as there will be struction and they were cooporate with this, nothing has changed.

Viviane Fischer:
But that’s the… same around the world. It’s been a, you know, it’s been a major problem. And I mean, it’s the psychological, you know, dynamics that also going on. I would like to know, you have, you, you here have the information that you got a group of about 300 workers of military xxxxx companies to successfully stand up against the covid, the vaccination mandates.

Golan Ashton:

Viviane Fischer:
This is what I have spoken before, that there is no success in the courts, but the success come when you will take, bypass. And what does it mean ti take bypass? I say to the people that the only way to destroy and breache these evil laws, this evil way of hurting democracy and human rights, is to be united. So this military unit that I represented, I say to them, “We should make strike. We should tell them: we will not take the vaccine, We should not make protest. You won’t fire us all.” find yourself new engineers, new wateries, new techniques, whatever you want. And when we had the power, and when we had strike, and we had determined the voice, you will not believe what happened. They negotiated with the workers, negotiated. And they even allowed us to build a committee that deals upon the discrimination of corona virus.

And they did not took the injection. They were not fired, and no one limitated none of them. And I’m speaking to you a place that is connected to the government of Israel. This is not a private place. So this [is] what I have spoken for the last two years to the people of Israel. I don’t need courts, and I don’t need no judgment of any judge to tell me what are my human rights. My freedom and my human rights come from God, and God only. Not from the judges. And if they want to fight, we can do it together. Because no factory, not in Italy, not in Germany–

You know, in Italy, there was amazing for this. One hospital in Bergamo– maybe I said the name of the city–

Reiner Fuellmich:
No, Bergamo is correct.

Golan Ashton:
Ok. So to say to them, “If you will not take the injection, you cannot work”– all the doctors nurses and the techies went down, went down and after half an hour, they say, “Go, go, go back and work.” So this is a test. All of this corona virus, all of this scam, it’s a test of the will of the spirit. If it’s strong and resists those evil people, you will win. And this is what I have shown to these people in this factory of the Israeli army. Rebel. Rebel and be strong, and they will give up. And they give up. They have given up, and this is what all the people of the world must do. Because if this issomething that i want to save on the corona virus. The corona viris killed distinction, killed discrimination, killed the agenda and killed religions.

We are one mankind, solid by holy spirit and strong and united. And we’ll all be– Germany, England, France, Italy, United States– stand against them and show them that they can shove their vaccines, and we will never be victims, and we will not agree with their criminals. And we will judge them. Maybe there are no Nuremberg laws, new Nuremberg trials, but there will be trials. And people will be judged, and people will pay compensation for all what they have done.

So if you are Bourla, Moderna or the xxxxxx, I don’t know who are there, they should be afraid. They should be afraid to the crimes, for what they have done to mankind.

Reiner Fuellmich:
And Golan, they are. Well spoken, Golan. Very well spoken. They are afraid. They’re much more afraid of us than we are of them. But here’s the thing: when you– people have to understand what’s really going on. It’s not enough that you think that maybe I’m going to have to bow to authority. It’s important to understand, to see the whole picture. It’s important to understand what you mentioned a while ago, that this is about life and death. It’s about population reduction. This is no mistake. They’re not being, acting negligently. They’re acting on purpose. Let us take a brief look, just so that people understand what I’m talking about. There is another slide about the New World Order. It’s both in English and in German. And it spells out exactly where we are and where we’re headed right now. [Kann mit uns kurtz sehen.]

See this? At the [top] you have the English translation. At the bottom you have the German translation. It’s the New World Order agenda, the analysis.

The first step is destabilization. We’ve been through that. That’s restricting economic freedom, increasing the volume of money printing, produce conflict, promote fear, over-regulation of the current legal system. That’s exactly what we’re seeing.

Second step is deconstruction. That’s where we are right now. Inflation, lower purchasing power, bankruptcies, restriction of economic freedom, suspension of current arrangement systems.

And the third step is reconstruction; setting up a new financial system. Then they will pop up and play the savior. Those who are trying to kill us will all of a sudden pop up and play the savior, assume the role of savior in times of need. Universal Basic income is what they’re going to offer us. Centralization through supranational structures.

In the final step is the end result: control over all resources, transfer of personal responsibility and global laws. This is not a conspiracy theory. You can read it in The Great Reset. This is not a conspiracy theory. But if people do not understand this, they will not make the right choices.

But very well spoken, Golan. You put it– you hit the nail on the head.

Golan Ashton:
Thank you very much.

Viviane Fischer:
This is the spirit in which I hope and believe the Israelian Investigative Committee here will… continue the investigation. And we’ll do everything that we can to get the Israelian people here up to speed, or like help with the information that we have, you know, gathered in the last two years. And so they can really, like in a very condensed way, in case they don’t have the information yet, can… yeah, get all the information they need to make an informed choice about their future. And it’s really about a future not only on a– in the health sector, but really it’s on life. How we want to live it. And I think this is the spirit: we must connect and will connect, like on a human level. And Golan what you said, that these people, like just three hundred people getting together and saying “We’re not playing along.” And you know, that’s enough to stop this whole thing. And like–

Golan Ashton:
Yes, yes. I would tell you something. I don’t think it’s only about the three hundred people in Israel. You know, the three hundred reminds me the movie of Job Butler, The Three Hundred. How the 300 stood strongly against the Babylon [intrusion]. And this is not only a movie; this is the spirit. Now believe, think to yourself, that not only the three hundred of Israel, but two billion, three billion people in the world will cooperate. Because they could– I thought, I must tell you, I’ve seen amazing things happen in England, in Germany, in Italy, in France, in Spain, in Brazil, when I saw millions of people marching on the streets and protesting against this evilness.

And believe me, you don’t understand how the presidents and the rich people of the world are afraid of this. Because when they see us united, they’re afraid. All of their scams is to divide us, to create separation, to lock us. What was the purpose of quarantine, that we should be located, that we should have no connection. We should not be able to xxxx but to be afraid, that we should be saved by our homes and hide underneath our blankets. But when this crap shit has collapsed, now it’s time to get united. They will not win. I’ve got bad news for them: they will not win.

And on this economy crisis, all of these wars, they will not win. There is one above strong God, and he will win as always. And we, as human beings, must be collided in all voices to speak and fight against them. Because what we’re doing, all of us, in all over nation is working because people listens, people follows. And if we every day wake up one person in the would it saves… it’s consideration of saving the whole would. There is a standard of evil [Hebrew…] if you save one soul, it’s like you saved all the souls. And this is our purpose: to be the light of God, to be the light of the world. It’s not the– it’s not easy; it’s very difficult. But it’s better to be a light than to be led into darkness.

Viviane Fischer: [01:15:27]
That was very well said, you know. But I would like to, then again point out, you know, I mean this like marching in the street, like demonstration. I think that is one thing, you know, this large demonstration that has not– maybe they stopped something, but… we saw in Germany as being, like very effective. is that people took to the street, but sort of like it is seemingly like to know disorganized way. So every Monday, they would meet in the village and just walk. It was like in the beginning with ten people. Then it was like a hundred, and it was like five hundred, and so on.

Now, it’s died down a little bit during the summer, because they let loose a little bit with the… restrictions. But I’m sure they play the “Oh, there’s another wave of the virus” sound again, you know people are going to take back to the streets. And I think that is very good, because it was, like very of uncontrollable for them. It was, like 2000 cities in Germany alone, where people did this, like every Monday. And was also a great place for them to unite and for people, you know, who have understood what’s going on to talk to people who are maybe just fed up of the vaccine, or you know, have other topics and don’t see the full picture now. And I think it’s really important that we see the– you know the value of one individual, who as you said, maybe talks to another person and gets him or her convinced to do something, or just not to play along.

But also these things that maybe like ten people in a… you know in a restaurant, say, “We’re not playing along” you know. So it’s I think this is like uniting on a very local level, you know, and like small groups. And not only think, “Oh, we need to be like ten million now walking on the street, and then it’s going to change something.” I think it’s this like, the system here and there and there, you know, that’s also a lot of it.

Golan Ashton: [01:17:17]
I would like to explain something. This issue is not local; it’s global.

Viviane Fischer:
Of course it’s global.

Golan Ashton:
So if we are not united in the global matters, maybe as you said, in the local places, to be united. But if it’s not work upon the global, it will have no effect, because we have to destroy all the cells of the cancer. They are cancer, these rich people. Those governments are cancer, and we shall not be destroy this cancer, so we will destroy one cell, they will get into another cell. So we have to clean all the cells. Means all of our nations; all of our nations. All the people must be awakened, and we must preach this word. And we must show them the numbers and the details. And to show how they have risked and hurt human beings, life; how they have been giving injections that have been more than– less than medicine, but more than poison.

How they sacrificed people on the altar of whom? On the altar of whom? Who are they to decide what is the number for population in the would? Only God–

Reiner Fuellmich: [01:18:24]
Golan, they’re crazy psychopaths. We know this. And you know what? The way that vivian meant it is: we have to start on a local level, because that’s where we’re the strongest. And then we have to connect– have one community, local, regional community connect with another and another in another, internationally. Because all it takes– that’s what they say– all it takes is a few good men, or women; a few good men or women.

As long as we have people like you, with your spirit, I’m not really worried, you know? You’re right, we’re going to win. Of course we will. And they’re going to be taken–

Golan Ashton:
I would like to remind you that there was a man in Israel before 2000 years ago– you call him Jesus; his name is Yeshua. And he was a very, very, very, very unliked man, who say the truth. And let’s leave religions aside. He said the truth upon the people. And he collided something, created something that we must… renew. Love and freedom and peace to all nations. And that’s what we all deserve: to be happy; we all deserve to live a decent life. And our death and our life depends upon someone’s superior than us, and not upon those psycho and and crazy people.

And as you say, if we should establish local communities in our lands and nations and cities, we will become the light of the world. And we will win. And we will let this cancer be ceased.

Reiner Fuellmich: [01:19:50]
Thank you. Thank you, Golan. And I think I should thank all of you– Avital and Ilana and Shuleman– I’m sorry, I mispronounced your name– Shulamit, and Dr. Yaffa Shir-Raz. Thank you very, very much. This is very inspiring, Golan. Let’s go into battle together. We’ll win this.

Golan Ashton:
I’m taking my xxxxxx; my spear and my helmet is ready. Just call me, and I am in the battle.

Reiner Fuellmich:
Okay, great. Those– this is exactly what the Texans told me when I was there: “Just tell me where to go; I’m goin’ to wear my Stetson, my boots, and I have my when Winchester with me.” So I’m not worried. But we do have to– we do have to stay strong. We should, we shall not panic. But we have to stay poised, keep our… temper, don’t… try to cause, or to burst into violence, because that is what they want us to do. We have to keep– stay cool-headed, level-headed.

Golan Ashton:
Peace and love, that’s all.

Reiner Fuellmich:
Very good.

Golan Ashton:
Peace and love and communication. No violence, nothing. We will not be violented, because if there would be violence, they will arrest us and kill us.

Reiner Fuellmich:

Golan Ashton:
We will not be violent. No violence.

Reiner Fuellmich:

Viviane Fischer:
Yeah, no violence. So before we leave the Israelian section, I think we’ve come to an end of the Israelian section for now. Like Ilana and Yaffa, are you still there? Would you like to make one closing statement for this part? I don’ know, maybe they–

Avital Livny:
We lost them.

Viviane Fischer:
I think we lost them. Okay, so let’s xxxxx. They will be with us. So it’s going to start– the proper Committee here in Israel is going to start on Monday, twenty-ninth, I believe?

Avital Livny:
We hope so. It will be on Mondays, basically. Yes, we’re getting everything ready for that. Very excited.

Viviane Fischer: [01:21:45]
Very excited to see this is new “mushroom” or whatever, like this crystalation point come to fruition


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