Foundation Corona Committee, 104th session on May 13th, 2022

Lisa Fitz (German cabaret artist, actress and singer)

(Original language: German)

[Transcript from Team + Ed]

[Transcription is from the simultaneous translation.]

Lisa Fitz: [5:11:24]
The population has a right to the truth. And the truth is that the American are the bad ones, the Russians are the good ones, end of story. And… you know, it’s not that easy, is it. If you’re interested in finding out what’s going on here, then stay tuned. And if you like it, give me a thumbs-up, and maybe you can subscribe to the channel. And now enjoy my latest contribution.

Well, the population has a right to truth– would have a right to truth in theory, would have it, but actually as a matter of fact it never experiences the truth or gets to know the truth, let alone in the day and age of war, and not before and after, either. Just count who is successful in the battle of propaganda now. Everybody’s saying something about Ukraine and they take the moral high ground. Are you in favor of heavy weaponry for Ukraine? Now before you start hyperventilating, let me tell you I am a pacifist, ever since I was a 16-year-old girl. And this, well, Einstein is my role model. Ever since the film Johnny Got a Gun where 21-year-old Joe Bonham, in the First World War, becomes victim of a grenade attack. And then he is like a meatball, and mutilated until he can no longer be recognized. He doesn’t have any arms, any legs, no possibility of contacting the outside world. I’m a pacifist, no conditions, unconditionally pacifist. And war is a man-made scourge of mankind. And mostly male-made, not female-made.

But, I mean, if we look at the politician, both male and female, maybe– but that’s a different topic. Let’s talk about that another time. And okay, nature is even more brutal because, you know, eat or be eaten is essential. But lets keep the high side for the time being. Okay, war in Ukraine: Putin is the devil. And South High is supposed to be funny. But there’s nothing funny about that. Okay, so what, let’s not be funny today. Madeleine Albright, the former Secretary of the US, got– not bless her– responded when asked in 1996, responded when asked whether the sanctions against Iraq was worth the price of the lives of 500,000 children, said after a brief break, she said “We feel that the sanctions have been worth the price.”

That much on sanctions. Sanctions always affect the civilians and I do hope that Madeleine fries in hell. So long live oil, long live profits. And the reason for the invasion of the US into Iraq was weapons of mass destruction. You may recall the “coalition of the willing”. “Weapons of mass destruction” was such a brazen lie. There was no such thing, but so many people, so many people lost their lives. Gung-ho oil. and Kim Jung Un, Korea’s dictator with the nuclear weapons. So he’s crazy. Why does he do that?

Okay, let’s recollect. I mean, the US, especially the US Air Force in the Korean war between ’50 and ’53 dropped 450– 400,000 bombs, but more than 30,000 tons of napalm. And if you bear this in mind, then you understand Kim Jong Un’s paranoia better. 23 of the 28 biggest Korean cities were leveled to the ground, and most villages were just ruins or just snowy, empty spaces.

In ’99, you have the invasion of the Russians in Afghanistan. Brzezinski– I know that’s a difficult– Brzezinski. He was Jimmy Carter’s security adviser, and he was one of the cleverest geo-strategists. And he was the, you know, grey cloak behind five US presidents. And under Obama, I mean he could no longer make it; he died. But that’s a different topic.

Anyway, Brzezinski’s claim to fame was in an interview that he said he tricked the Russians into Afghanistan and made them go into a trap. And he said… he told President Carter, “Now we get Vietnam for the Russians.” And he said so maliciously. And American strategists said repeatedly that Germany and Russia would have to become engaged in a war in order to weaken the strength of Europe and in order to draw up the dominance of the US empire. Did you take in the full sense of this original soundtrack? The main interest of the US, for which we always went to war, both in the First and Second World War and also in the Cold War– were the relations between Germany and Russia.

And… I mean, this was what George Friedman said– who is the geo-strategist and the adviser to Stratfor, that’s what he said in 2015. Because united, they’re the only power that can in endanger us. Our main interest is to ensure that this case will never happen. Oh, um-hm. What a clever bastard!

Now Friedman suggested the best thing that could happen to us, the US, was if Russia and Germany were to weaken each other. And I recommend a trick that was used by Ronald Reagan with Iran and Iraq, because he supported both warring factions. This is where they fought against each other and not against us. Well, this was cynical and amoral. That’s what Friedman said. But it worked. And thanks to its supreme air force, the US empire can control the air space in many zones of the world. And with their ships, with their vessels, they control the world sea. And there’s no other power in the world that has ever done this, and this is why we in the other– we can invade other countries in the world and they can’t invade us. This is where Friedman rejoiced, the bloody asshole.

With the ground troops, however, in Asia and Europe, they’re completely inferior, because as soon as we put one boot on European ground, we– due to our demographic differences– are completely outnumbered, in terms of mere figures. This is why you had to fan the rivalries between the indigenous population and send weapons to Russia. So actually Russia thought that the US wants to thwart the Russian Federation. But actually we don’t want to kill them, we just want to hurt them a little bit. And this is– in the German parliament, warring plans of the US led to protests, because a couple of MPs understood that not just Russia but also Germany’s supposed to be weakened as a result of these plans.

The book by the Pew researcher Illegal Wars by Daniele Ganser, who’s based in Switzerland, gives you excellent insights. In 2001, Putin had a speech in front of German parliament. Standing ovations, everybody was all over the moon. In 2007, he had a speech in front of the Munich security conference, and this is where he already said that NATO enlargement would create major conflicts. The US empire had assured Russians that NATO would never increase its a sphere of influence one single inch towards the east. This is what US Secretary of State James Baker said on February 9th, 1990 in St. Catherine’s hall in Moscow. Anne Genshaw spoke in Tusing and said that there will not be an enlargement of the territory towards the Russian border of NATO, and unfortunately they didn’t sign the treaty, they just trusted it. Maybe there was too much Vodka in the plane for the Russians. But anyway, the US ignored or broke this promise on several occasions; to be precise: constantly, forgot constantly. And to be even more precise: they completely ignore these promises.

Okay, there you are. In the runup to the coup, 2014, the US pumped five billion US dollars into the Ukraine and there’s a popular talk, phone call between Jeffrey Pyle and the neoconservative Victoria Nuland– she’s the European deputy who was commissioned by Obama– and she literally said, “Oh, fuck the EU.” Literally. And that’s official, that’s on the record. You can read this up. And back then everything was, you know, fishy, that could possibly be fishy. Even in the Victoria Nuland’s office cooperated with the CIA, and also cooperated with NGOs that work for, bankrolled by, Washington and funded the Ukraine national coup. Wonderful, prima ballerina. Did you forget about that and did you ignore this or rationalize this, politicians? Such a world. But from that, I’m not against America. This is what many people say or parrot. I mean no, I’m not against the US; I’m against the US government, because most people think, many people think that the US is the biggest warmonger in the world because their hubris, their hegemonial power aspirations make it grab everything that they can get their hands on. So they just so disband destitution wherever they lay their hands on.

So 2014, in the wake of this coup, Putin shored up this marine base, the Crim. And the military was already on the ground. That was quite handy. And the referendum was in favor of Russia. Okay, it is controversial, but according to many experts in international law, it’s you know controversial whether it was in an action, a conquest or a secession– I use secession, that means it split off. And in terms of the western media, the NATO media, they just ignore this completely. They just paper over it. And the Nobel Prize winner Obama, with regard to Crimea and Donbas, lectured: you don’t invade, you know, foreign territory. National– so who invaded Iran, Vietnam, Iraq, Panama, Granada, and second time in Afghanistan, second time in Iraq? And who lied about the Tomkin event in Vietnam and the babies in Cuba? And the weapons of mass destruction? So who lied about this? So they lie through their teeth, whenever, and they send it out. And so when it comes to inventing reasons for entering the war, the US are world champions.

So the population has a right to the truth– well, fuck that. The US empire. And this is what the theologist Eugen Drewermann said at the peace rally in December, 2014, in Berlin. So he said the US empire lost any moral authority. And the US empire is utterly not fit for purpose when it comes to criticizing other countries, full stop, period. So, you know, they’ve got in mind– I mean that’s what George Fucking Friedman already said: there across the pond, nobody can get there. And the direct neighbors of the nuclear powers, the major nuclear powers– that’s us. We, next to Russia, we’ve got you know, the losing card. We’ve got “Loser” written on our foreheads. And we’ve got wars, fights going on in eastern Ukraine for years, and nobody knows what’s going on. No, we want to go to Russian, we want to go to Ukraine– no, too many Nazis and too much corruption.

So massive confusion here. Nobody’s got an idea of what’s going on, and nobody was interested and nobody wants to admit that. Okay in theory you could allow the eastern part to become Russian. Now you may turn around, “Well, Ukraine just wants its independence. It wants to become western. Just allow them to do that.” Okay, another step towards the east. It would become a NATO state the US are happy. Putin has an indirect– UK power directly in front of his back yard. So gradually, in terms of salami tactics, you are getting towards the east with broken promises and lies, et cetera. So Putin doesn’t need that much land. he’s got [4-second dropout] the country we need the land. Now I’m coming to the end. What would you think would happen, would the US do, the powers that be behind the government puppet masters?

So I would like to see their reaction– I don’t want to see it, actually, to be honest. So if the Russians invaded Cuba, or you know, xxxxxx et cetera. If the Russians stationed, deployed nuclear weapons because Cuba said it wants to accede to a new Warsaw Pact because this is what the Russians dissolved, because after reunification they were promised there won’t be any enlargement of NATO towards the east. That’s what our defense minister said back then. Now heavy weapons for Ukraine. Congratulations, Friedman. It works out, because politicians are [so] short-sighted it’s really terrible. They never think about the end. They keep thinking, “Okay Putin is going to play ball and say ‘Okay, I give up. You win.'”

All right, now the end is near. 2001 and– but the latest 2007 when the US had to be concerned that Putin perhaps becomes Germany’s darling and they rub shoulders too much. And maybe it could become an economic partner for us– “Oh Warsaw, he’s so big.” But then the Americans said “Oh no, this is bullshit!” And… specially in 2001– response to the parliament speech in 2001, standing ovations. But, I mean, when Putin announced cooperation from Vladivostok to Lisbon, Otto Schily and Joschka Fischer and Herta D\E4ubler Gmelin, famous politicians in Germany, were really downtrodden. And somebody wrote that they– it was visible that they were not happy with this peace campaign, because their American friends would– were prepping them for war. Were and are. And then the German NATO media is telling all– it goes off the Atlantic bridges, and, you know, the media’s becoming involved, too. Now in terms of the media, we need to turn Putin into the big villain. So, he monitors– oh, well, Snowden and… “No, forget about that. Nobody is going to think about that.” “Putin is poisoning people.” Now all evidence– “Well, we’ll present the evidence afterwards. But I mean, some time later. We just say for the time being, Putin is manipulating, yes, elections. Okay. Well, we couldn’t prove this either way. Anyway, we just wanted– anyway, nobody’s going to care for the evidence. It worked for the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. We just said it, and then we went in. Nobody was asking for evidence. Don’t you worry about evidence.”

Anyway, apart from the fact that the Hollywood machinery, together with Pentagon CIA and the military industrial and now digital complex has been doing everything within their power for decades, in order to denigrate the Russians per se, as the villain that’s very evil, and to give them a– they’re trying everything to give them a bad rap. So it works, so this is really… you know, working. So the Americans are good, the Russians are villains and now we’re finally provoking them long enough in order to provide– to make them respond in way: “Well, this proves our theory.” Now whether the developments in war in Ukraine could also be interpreted as the US and the west…. you know, provoking Russia for years and luring them into a trap for years– I don’t know.

Well, at least Putin– and this, you know, is something you never read in the media here– Putin was always making offers to the west for an economic and political peaceful cooperation, for years on end. And he was always kicked out. He always, you know, was told, “No, Russia, go home.” This is ours– what is the conclusion? Anyway, the Americans can take anything they want, and its hands off for the Russians. Nyet, no go. And the Americans can break their promise as much as they want and nyet for the Russians. And the Americans can come in with bombs and nuclear bombs and level things to the ground. Nobody’s going to do [anything] about that, after “The Americans saved us. They’re our big brother.” Okaaaay… kudos, brownie points. And if you question this narrative, then you’re Public Enemy number one. the US is our alliance partner. And this is where we’re opportunistic and ignore the truth altogether.

But this person is not my big brother. It’s not my friend. This is what my enemies are made of, and not “the” Americans. Let– don’t get me wrong, they’re wonderful. But the powers that be, the people who pull the strings behind the scenes. And if you want to say, think that I think now…. Putin’s invasion, by the way, it’s not Putin’s invasion. It’s the soldiers’ invasion. If I think that Putin’s invasion is super and cool? Of course I’m not on board with Putin’s invasion. But unless you take the full picture in, before war and after war and until the war. And before you are capable, allowed to listen to all the pages, then you just, you just get a knee-jerk response to the perfect propaganda, where you take the moral high ground and start hyperventilating and you never see the full picture.

So, you know… you really need to take preventive measures, and usually the root causes are usually located somewhere else. Now… the fallacy of a limited, few number, always is the demise of, the beginning of the demise of millions of people. Hopefully we will survive this. Klaus M\FCller, who is the head of the federal network agency, had a suggestion that was made in order to save energy because of the boycott of the Russian gas. And he said, “Well actually we don’t need to take seven showers a week.” Okaaay, guys, let’s just get smelly against war. Now everything is very is fishy and very smelly. So on this note, bye bye.


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